Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kid Cudi - Erase Me ft. Kanye West


1000 Things - Jason Mraz

Love this song very very much :)
I litterally just watched this movie. It was really cute :) I like how uexpected it was and how the guy was more involved, he didn't just show up (COUGH Snow White!) I likes the plot and how unexpected it was, and the animation: the animation was amazing.
Home from Moab, came home to some sad news though :'(
XO -Katie

Monday, March 21, 2011

Driving Lessons trailer

Watched this movie last night, and am now officially in love with it :) Julie Walters litterally made my day and Rupert Grint is just so awkwardly cute hahah. The movies on YouTube, I recommend you watch it. Now... Go on.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

I found this very entertaining :D
"What the hell are these places are they restrauants?"
"Twilight Blows."
"Justin Bieber is the Man... BOO YAH!"
Lmfao :)

A Flower Head Dress, and Bare Feet to Match

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I forget.

I forget.
I forget. by crazyuniqueKatieKate on
I forget what it's like to be in a family that feels real.
 I forget what it's like to feel like I'm home.
 I forget what it feels like to have a sister
and to be one.
 I forget what it's like to love.
I forget what it's like hold your hand.
 I forgot how my heart felt before everything happened
I wonder if it will ever feel that way again...
I forget how it feels to have sand between my toes and the ocean on my skin.
I forgot the feeling of wind through my hair
 and your arms around me...
I forget how it feels to be a little kid and to get in a decent amount of sleep.
I forget sometimes to be me.
I wonder what it's like to love to have your hand in mine.
 I wonder what would have happened if we were still home
 and how it would feel if we were still a family.
 I wonder what it's like to touch the sky
what it's like to fly
How it feels to really breath
 I wonder if I'll ever get that urge to sing instead of speak,
and dance instead of walk,
and not care who watches.
 I wonder how it would feel to lie on the grass and watch the clouds
with you.
I wonder what it's like to finally feel like myself...

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

*Que balling my eyes out and tissues everywhere*

I watched The Last Song this weekend because I'm reading it for the fourth (?) time. This was the part where I started to sob uncontrollabley. I deny nothing.


This amused me. Oh yeah: I got a tumblr :)
cool pic from "Already Gone" music video (Kelly Clarkson)

Imagine- John Lennon(Lyrics)

Song of the night for sure...

Monday, March 07, 2011

Summer on the Mind

Summer on the Mind
Summer on the Mind by crazyuniqueKatieKate on

I want sand on my toes up my legs, on my stomach, sprinkled over my arms and then: I dive. The waters blue, everythings clear. My skins unleashed and exposed to the ocean. Sun strikes 6 , I bicycle home. Wind through my hair, sun kissed skin. These are the days I'm looking for.


Adventure by crazyuniqueKatieKate on

Bare the feathers of a warrior on the wind. Embrace the dirt under your feet as you run through the trees the leaves against my skin a chant filling my lungs. Then it stops. A light rustle a wave on the shore of a lake a guitar picks at chords quietly. I close my eyes Breath Open Clouds like sheep the crinkled page turns like characters in a book: Everyday is an adventure.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Let's Run Away Together

Let's Run Away Together
Let's Run Away Together by crazyuniqueKatieKate on

I take a gasping breath that burns my lungs and slip out the side of my house, out the window and into the night. I hit the ground and grass slipped between my toes. Faint whispers that came out as hisses pierced the air, making me jump. "Run!" I smiled and ran to the bushes, slipping through them, the slightest rustle of leaves the only sound. Skirts and hair were flying in the wind in front of me, along with cheerful howls of laughter that were hushed in secrecy. Summer <3

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Thank you :)

I admire her understanding in the art of telling people to watch their mouths.
Rant: I totally agree with this, people should not be using such wretched (hold up is that how you spell it?) slurs to describe how "stupid" or "sucky" something might be. I'm also sick of the whole "No Homo" thing, I mean seriously it's not like you're going to switch sexualities all of a sudden... who the hell came up with that expression anyway????
You might as well say "That's so Straight". I mean no disrespect, I'm straight, but the people who are pulling the "You're Gay" "He's Gay" thing like no tomorrow, makes me think we should use straight as a word for "dumb" because that's what I'm getting out of this. How about I point this out: FIVE kids were bullied to DEATH over their sexualities. In 2010.
Think about THAT. *sigh* Kay sorry but just knock it off. This is basically the one thing of sheer ignorance I hear every day and I'm sick of it. I almost stood up in class when I heard a kid say it, and was going to say "Hold on let's the bigotry of that ignorant statement linger through the air." but it had already been breezed off because no one seems to care...
Just knock it off.

Friday, March 04, 2011

Until the Very End...

I can Only Be Me.

Boho maddness to Disney Princess, my life is upside down. Recreate the unique, explore the mind all you've got to do is imagine a time. Imagine a time with love as a drug and Harry Potter the bible to my world. 20 dollar perfume rising up to the sky like my feet when I sit on that swing. I'm lost in the world, and lost in my mind, only look forward and leave no one behind. Wanna rock those hipster glasses and kiss ice cream everywhere. Sun so sweet it blossoms on my cheeks, and a hug is all I ask for. We are the rebellion, the youth, the who-gives-a-shit. We're the foundation for tomorrow who lives in the past. I want the skirts that twirl and I want some love. Creation is my power, and I don't need it all. 15 years young and stll growing strong. What have you done to become your own?

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

I just wanted to point out that I'm one of the 23% of people who has some humor.