Friday, December 31, 2010


Live Every Day Like Your Glen CoCo

Live Every Day Like Your Glen CoCo
Live Every Day Like Your Glen CoCo by crazyuniqueKatieKate on

athazagoraphobia: the fear of being forgotten or ignored.

Tech Support Music is just elevator music that makes you want to shoot yourself in the head. It's like a secret form of torture. How I detest you, Tech Support Music, you will never even begin to fathom.
Guess what I'm doing today! >.< F**k it. Can't wait until I get to go to Haley's for a Spa-ish day, consisting of Snuggies, facial masks, and makeup :)

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sokka: I'm Wayne Fire and this is my wife, Saphire
Katara: Saphire Fire, nice to meet you.
Katara: Alright Sokka, you can take the mustache off now
Sokka: I can't, it's permanently glued to my skin
Bahaha, I love this show oh so very much :) Indeed indeed

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Avatar: The Last Airbender - Secret Tunnel Song Lyrics

This song..... XD God I love this series, call me a nerd all you want. 0:32 is my favorite part, it's the part that you scream every single time you hear it!!

Feathers on a Free Bird

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Avatar the Last Airbender quote

Zuko: Everyone in the Fire Nation hates me, I couldn't pull her (his Girlfriend) into it.
Sokka: ...My first girlfriend turned into the moon.
(Silence) Zuko: That's rough buddy.

God I love this show XD

An Epiphany of Sorts

"Human is beautiful; perfect is boring."

Mistakes are so human that it's hard to think people judge us without realizing they've made choices they regret too.
Love hurts. To look beyond the clouds and into the sun takes a great deal of strength.
We all have a story. Judging people before seeing beyond the likes of skin and mind is a horrid mistake we make as humans. Again though, this leads to the set of beauty and mind.
"Listen and hear me"- Maria West Side Story. Something to learn from and a passage to understanding the way of people.
Choice is a key to the future we take for granted.
Speaking out to the people you love is something we are unable to do for years and years. It takes courage to speak not only your word to others, but your word against your friends is the only heard when you find your own voice.
Being yourself is something difficult to realize and attempt each day. It takes great courage and understanding of the people around you to realize this is who you are.
I've learned this much, yet the courage to do so feels so impossible.
2011... I'm ready to be myself :)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Day After Christmas Lovelies :)

Well Santa was especially kind this year and brought me a camera (Nikon Coolpix) and Toy Story 3, which I think just might be my new favorite movie :) I haven't cried like that since I saw The Last Song in March. Of course I had a smile on my face the whole time though. It was good Christmas, we spent it driving my sister's new RC Helicopter around my Dad's bedroom and playing on our friends iPods. A short day that I long for every year :)
Not much to say really, but pictures are definitely going to come now that I have my new cammmmmerrrrraaaaaaaaaaa!!! :D
Haley if you're reading this: Photo shoot tomorrow????
I'm off to shower, eat rolls, play an NCIS mystery game with my friends, and then go see the new Narnia :D
By the way if you get the chance to see TRON: Legacy, I recommend it. And if you have seen it, don't you want one of those motorcycles?! Because I sure do :) I know what I'm asking for next Christmas. Just kidding. If they were real though I would.

Friday, December 24, 2010

The Christmas Eve Santa Got Me a Fuggie!!

So I went to my mom's for dinner tonight. And I started my Christmas off with a Cozee, a.k.a a fake Snuggie. A.K.A something I would like to call a Fuggie. Say it out loud, helps to understand why my mom was laughing for like 20 minutes hahahaha :) Also got "The Boorow" Harry Potter Legos which was completed in an hour and is sitting on my dinging room table, along with
*Harry Potter 7 Wii Game (CAN'T WAIT TO PLAY THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!)
*Dream Girls/ Ferris Bueller movies
*pens and journal
*and movie tickets and a bus pass. There's more little things but I'm blanking out.
Pretty excited for tomorrow even though our Christmas tree is, well... I'll post a pic tomorrow and you'll understand. and there's about 7 gifts under the tree. Yeah it's pretty exciting :P Still really excited though!!
Xo and Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! La de la de DAAAA!!!

Hello lovelies! I hope your all having a wonderful holiday!! Excited for Christmas? Because I am!!!!!
So I realize that I haven't said much in the past week or so. This is because I've been on all kinds of adventures and trips that there simply isn't enough time in the day. So here you are, pictures soon to come (clothes are involved of course).
So Saturday-Sunday, I went on a Hut Trip with my family and my friend and it was really quite fun up to the point where I woke up from my nap feeling like sh*t. In more a more self explanatory way that doesn't involve me actually saying it: I jumped up and ran outside, feeling my stomach lurch. That was oh-so fun. Sunday though we go tot ski down and that was pretty fun :)
Monday-Tuesday, we (my fam) went to Denver and had ourselves an early Christmas!! Shoes and clothes galore!!
Wednesday- Slept in and then hung out with Haley. That was a fun day up until my brand new computer, that's over a month old, was threatened with viruses, stopped working and now I'm pissed.
Thursday- went shopping again, with my friend Shay who I see twice a year. That was QUITE fun :D
Friday- IT'S CHRISTMAS EVE!!!!!!!!!! So so so so so so so so so so excited for tomorrow :) My Christmas list is short but rather expensive. Alas I can't help but hope that Docs and a camera are under my tree this year.
I'm off to get ready to go see a movie (TRON Legacy)
Toodle loddle loddle loo.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Friday, December 17, 2010

Hello everyone.
So according to Haley, my blog hasn't been working so I switched the URL back because I feel like that might be the reason. So... yeah.
Is it working now?

How To Be Alone

Halelujiah... I know I didn't spell that right.

Awesome. I'm up at midnight and a half, listening to Steve Miller's True Fine Love right before I go to bed, then get to wake up in 7.5 hours for my last day of school before winter break! :D I'm going on a Hut Trip Saturday/Sunday then off to Denver Monday with Haley!!!!! :D :D :D SOOO EXCITED!
I finished finals... well okay I have a page left on my math final but other than that, WOOT! Darn that History final though should have studied my amendements >.< I passed though, thank goodness!
Shucks, my song is done (shucks, ahahahahahaha).
Off to bed, sorry if this wasn't what you were expecting but I just thought I would let you all know that I want be posting much... I haven't been posting much lately anyway but these next two weeks are sure to be beneficial :)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

"Saucy Quotes" that make my day :)

Dad: He just stomped the apple!
Me: OOH Saucy!

Dad: Katie look your new backpack has a rain poncho
Me: For me?
Dad: No for it, when it's snowing... and raining.
....These back packs have everything these days but they're becoming awfully greedy O.o

Colbert: Why can't you just say holy f*ck?!
Julie Taymor: Well actually f*ck is an Elizabethan word...
Colbert: ...Really?

XD oh how I love Shakespeare and greedy backpacks

Monday, December 13, 2010

Oh by the way, I think some of you who have a keen eye for detail will notice that I've changed the URL for the blog. Instead of

It is now

This is because the first one was a mouth full.
The second is because I got frustrated every time I forgot to add the "fashionista" part, and let's face it no one likes to retype anything, especially if it's a long thing to type >.<
So that's that.

Oh and also, anyone can comment now even if you don't have Blogger accounts (I think) but I just changed the setting so yep

Pip Pip Da Doodly Doo!!


Lovely morning today, minus the fact of school and not having anything to wear :P I'm wearing my awesome softball shirt that I got from states (it has all of our names on the back in a form of a softball :D)
...that smiley face up there looks like it's so happy that it has a double chin hahaha.
So this morning I'm off to school to learn some stuff and relearn some more stuff because Finals are this week DX I have three on Thursday and I think two on either Wednesday or Friday. I'm begging for Friday just so I can have more time to study.
You may be wondering as to why I am still here (at my house, writing to you all) this early on a Monday, but that it's late start Monday, and I was attempting to work on my Science homework but I don't have the Chemistry book with me :/ So I've decided to take a little time to fill you all in.
I've been working on a lot of things lately, and getting ready for tests and Christmas... which reminds me:
12 Days Until Christmas!! :D
"On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, a partridge in a pear tree." (Let's picture that in key with green velvet robes in on, those giant furry things you put your hands into, and a little bonnet wrapped around my head... like a Dicken's Caroler!)
Any way, I've been awfully busy and disconnected thus I have been planning and thinking and schemeing, oh my!
Has anyone else noticed that I'm in a really good mood? For a 15 year old? On a Monday? I just realized how unnaturally peppy I am...
But here's what is to come, is what I'm getting at!:
*New Novel :D
It's titled Bohemia: The Beginning of the Bird
QUITE proud with that title. NO STEALING IF YOU DON'T MIND! I've been writing it on Once I write more of it, I'll put up the access code so that you all may read it. On there I'm half way through chapter two but on my computer I have up until chapter four written out.
This one is really more of a note to Haley:
Let's try to make it as professional as we possibly can, and be REALLY elaborate on the detail of clothing. We can do it during break, but I'm waiting to see if I get the camera fixed or just get a new one so maybe we could wait until after Christmas. And have I mesaged you on Facebook about the ideas?? I remember two of them, but I had three, I will consult my little Girl's to Women book later...

And as of right now because I have nothing better to do and enjoy writing rather random facts and such,
allw me to present you with my Christmas List for 2010 :)

*Doc Marten's because both pairs of shoes I have are depressing and falling apart
*Get the camera fixed, or get a new one.
*Harry Potter 7 Wii Game :D :D :D
*Gift Cards. Oh the lovely giftcards
*Clothes haha

...That's all really.
I'm off to eat a toaster strudel. (HAHAHA to Haley if she's reading that.)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

It's Beginning to look a lot like Christmas

First of all some of you may have noticed in the Blog Views box down yonder
--->that way you'll see it, but it has the numbers 3,083 in it and so I just want to thank all you watching for taking your time to read my blog :) Secondly, this is really more of an update post because I haven't been able to write anything extravagant if you will in about a month because I've been at my mom's buuuuuttttt
*I'm sick :P as of now which sucks because
*Finals Week starts as of tomorrow D:
*this isn't going to matter to you all as much but recently I had a HUGE History essay AND a To Kill a Mockingbird essay in English, both of which are large contributors to my semester grades and on the history one I got an A- and on my TKM one I got an A+ :D Things are looking good for report cards!
*Christmas in 13 days! Pretty Excited!
*Might go to Denver soon with Haley, getting there by train which is always an adventure :) I'm not sure if that's for sure but if so, sounds amazing!
*Haley and I are slowly coming up with the details for the few photo shoot ideas I had. I'm excited for that to happen
*Thrifing possibilities next weekend :D
*I'm eating fudge. That's always awesome
*My sis and dad just got back from their Christmas shopping in Denver and got me two shirts from American Eagle :)
*My Vogue literally JUST showed up
*I watched Twilight with Spanish subtitles on earlier and understood some of it. I'm rather proud.

All of that ^ may not matter to you but to me its kind of significant.
That's all really.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Audrey Tautou Chanel No 5 Commercial (2'20'' version)

This wasn't the one I saw but I like it :)

Coco Mademoiselle with Keira Knightley

I just saw this and I thought it was, how you say, lovely :)

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Oh the weather outside has Christmas written all over it

Well today my family is getting into the Holiday Cheer. We started off going to Yule Fest, which is a holiday bazaar that takes place up at the high school every year. It was okay but everything was over priced so we went to the market to buy supplies for fudge!! :D It turned out delicious, and while we were at the market I picked up a little movie called Eclipse. I don't know if you've heard of it but although I am not as big of a Twilight fan as I used to be, I do enjoy that movie :)
Anyway I watched that for an hour and eight minutes until I drove down to the Tree Lighting to sing with Choir. It went okay I guess; we were standing in the cold wearing polyester Santa hats that were two big for my head. When all was sang and done, my friends and I left for my neighbors house. We just talked really and then went to Naomi's to watch Eclipse.
Tomorrow I get to go skiing :D That's always fun!
Other than that though, nothing special. Just thought I would fill you all in.
Happy Almost-Christmas!

1:08, someone's going to be tired tomorrow...

Okay well I meant to do a 2 minute thinking session at 12:58 but it's now 1 so that kind of defeats the purpose but oh well!
*Photoshoot Ideas (Don't copy please! This is really only for Haley's eyes!!)
a. Heartbroken princess
b. hand messages.
c. Tea Parties

*Writing ideas
*My apartment when I'm older
*Lace Dresses
*Knitted Sweaters
*New Shoes
*Sweet Dreams
*Bree :( I miss her so much (she's one of my bestest friends)
*Christmas soon!
*Finals >.<
*Peter Pan/ Tinker Bell's Fairy World
* Sleep
*rocking horse

1:03 STOP!!

Oh yeah so today... well yesterday, was Friday. Luckily it went by quickly. I went driving at night for the first time after we dropped my friend Naomi off at her house (Her and my friend Lucy came over, we got Chinese and then watched Vampires Suck :D) It was scary though! There was ice, and animals, even though we didn't see any, and I kept seeing all these cops and I was freaking out. Oh and 1. There's this one house that has A LOT of Christmas lights and it was burning the crap out of my peripheals, I can't believe I managed to stay on the road. 2. While we driving to drop Naomi off (I wasn't driving, but I was in the passenger) this little girl and her mom were out walking and the girl shines her flash light RIGHT in me and my dad's eyes. He didnn't seem to notice it much, but it really bothered me. I mean seriously that's like saying "Hey look! I'm going to blind you and you can come hit me!!" Honestly, people these days.
Okay it is 1:08 I'm barely awake. Time to go!

Friday, December 03, 2010

Shopping sounds excellent right now.
Or wondering town and taking pictures.
Whatever works.
Even though it's 9:20....

Never Grow Up - Taylor Swift [Full with Lyrics]

Ahhhhhhhh I love this song. It is so cute, but it makes me sad cuz my mom keeps telling me "Oh you're growing up so fast!" It makes sad :(

Delaney Quiz!


1st Grade Teachers Name: Mrs. McDonald
Last Word You said: Either God or Up, as in Oh my God/ Shut up. Something with an irritable tone to it
Last Song you Sang: Silent Night in German :D


Whats in your cd player: ...who owns those these days?
What color socks are you wearing: Black with purple stripes
Whats under your bed: slippers, bin with clothes... yeah
What time did you wake up today: 6:55


Where do you want to go: Paris
What is your career going to be: Novelist
Where are you going to live: Where I live now, or maybe New York, but East Hamptons, idk bout the city. However the Hamptons aren't very Bohemian according to Manifesto but I just might be Bohemian towards Bohemians and live there anyway.
How many kids do you want: 1 or 2

What kind of car will you have: I would adore a purple Audi :)
-At the Moment- (Isn't that still the present?)

Current Mood: Sarcastic, Irritable, annoyed that my good mood is absent.

Current Music: Taylor Swift
Current Hair: Braids or buns with my bangs twisted and back in a clip
Current Taste: Purple Gatorade

Current Clothes: Jeans, brown cami, Miley Cyrus Floral Button Down :P
Current Annoyance: Annoying people!
Current Smell: My friend's shampoo
Current Longing: Camera. Docs. Vintage Clutch. Candles. This school day to be over.
Current Desktop Picture: My hands in a hipster triangle in the snow
Current Favorite Artist: Paramore, Tay Swift, Queen
Current Book: Bohemian Manifesto by Laren Stover
Current Toenail Polish: None.
Current Crush: No Say!!
Current Time Wasting Wish: Blogging, Writing, Photoshoot
Current Hate: Stupid People. Science. Mean People. Not being invited to things by friends who I hope are my friends. Not having everything I would like to have in order to maintain creativity throughout my general life. The usual...
My God, I love stupid people who say funny things to teachers. It's hilarious to see their reactions :P

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Haley and I putting Haley's Idea to Use

We be the British Profs with our little one eyed glasses.


Spirit fingerssss

Why is Sam singing?

You be speaking to me?/ "This is my angry face" "You're angry face makes me angry"

Haley is frustrated with my insanity.
"He wasn't bald he shaved his head. Shaved is a haircut."

The Breakfast Club

Bitchhhh you did not just go there.


We gon' find ju.

Fishy fishy.

We don't need to see that.

It's all good.
Haley disagrees.

Good times. Good times.

Haley takes over. You might not be ready for this.

So this girl her name is Katie- she's cool and she says her name is Katie.

But I'm sure her name is Jane.

Even if she doesn't know it yet.

My name is Haley.

But I'm sure the wolves wouldn't like it.

I was raised by wolves if you didn't already know it.

This isn't spam- but actually a term of endearment.

Terms of endearment is a movie I would like to see.

But more on topic, I don't like Jane's new keyboard.

It's silly.

Backspace and me have never gotten so up close and personal.

New best friend I think yes. Don't tell Jane. This has nothing to do with fashion or bohemianism or hipsterdom. But sometimes in life things just get weird, and the keyboards are too square.

This rant-like-post-is-almost-over.

In the words of Naruto, "BELIEVE IT!"


You can see more things like this www dot hopscotchinheels dot blogspot dot com

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Little Birdy with a Gray Cardigan :)

I like my hair this way :)

I wasn't planning on my hair looking like this today, I was thinking more really loose pony with the actual hair tie right before the end of my hair, do you know what I'm talking about? But I couldn't stand having my hair touching my face being on my neck so a crappy side pony for me.

Turquoise Bird and Cage shirt- $5 at Pacsun. Earrings- Hot Mama's, Birthday Present from last year.
Gray Sweater- Pacsun $20 (I'm guessing). It's Arielle's but I want one very badly.
Bohemian Manifesto by Laren Stover, lent to me by Haley. I'm freaking in love with this book :)

So the past few days I've been in bliss clothes wise, catching up on TeenVogue and Polyvore and all the lovely little things I've been lacking in inspiration lately. It's hard to explain but oh well. I kind of have to give credit to Bohemian Manifesto, it's eye opening to see all the different kinds of Bohemians and styles they have. I think I'm a Zen Bohemian but I don't know... All these little ideas and images of Bohemian styles flashing through my head basically, it's sparked ideas for novels, fashion, and surprisingly interior design which I usually never give any thought to.
OH! I've also had the idea of
*a Breakfast at Tiffany's party, consisting of the ladies dressing up as Audrey Hepburn and party favors: little blue boxes with fake rings in them.
*a dressy, tea party that just might turn into a murder mystery...
I also have all these winter articles of clothing I'm searching for with lower prices and preparing for Christmas. So...
I've got to go, it's hopeful that photo shoots and what not will make themselves present eventually here.

Monday, November 29, 2010

2 Minute Thinking Session GO!!!
Funniest display of comedy I think I've seen in years.
Bohemian Moments.
Doc Martens.
Petti Coats.
My new obsession: AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL!
Ski Season!
Driving is a no go 'til the rents get their snow tires... Grrrrrrrr.
I think I've gained like 3 pounds this week. Time to hit the gym!
Dog Days Are Over Florence+The Machine
Never Grow Up Taylor Swift
Brick By Boring Brick Paramore
Love. Don't get me started.
Tea Parties.
Lace Dresses.
Pixie Hair cuts (I seriously might get on freshmen year of college...)
Chanel Lipstick.
Damn, my two minutes are up, it's midnight, I have school tomorrow.... Oh well :P
Bohemian Manifesto!
New Shirt(s) [If you count cardigans]. Will post pics soon!
Harry Potter!
Book hunting.
My list for Santa!
*Doc Martens!
*My own copy of Bohemian Manifesto, and Women's Hat's. *Haley I may need to borrow that too, I was fascinated with it...
*Harry Potter 7 Wii Game :)
I reak of the Hot Springs Pool and my shampoo. Blek.
My nose itches!
Buddha and the Chocolate Box (not the CD just the title)
My Bohemian Lifestyle story idea,  but I'm worried it's got a Rent feel to it...
If I could draw "tattoos" on my hands with Sharpee without mom freaking out, I would.
Photoshoot ideas. <--------*HALEY*
Room needs a clean. Too bad I'm leaving tomorrow XP
fire place
Japan/China. Mostly Japan.
diner, juke box, strawbeery milkshakes, poodle skirts, greased back hair, drive-in movies, OH YEAH!
Drive In Movies/ sheet+projector set up
^Well okay more like... smokey... ivory... sparkley... Okay basically Edward Cullen's skin for an eye shadow but more on the ivory side... Ew imagine Edward Cullen being on the powder like on your eyes.... >:P
Kitty :(

Holy crap, okay this turned into a 10 minute thinking session but oh well. I seriously need to go to bed though.
Will post tomorrow (hopefully).

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Oh my God, okay so not to sound like a nerd or anything but I just got back from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part One and HOLY CRIMADASMCAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's evil how they leave you on the brink of suspense! I left the theatre shaking and on the verge of tears.
I would say more but I don't want to be a spoiler.
So ummm yeah.
OH! And last night was the opening of the fall play! :D It went SO well, during our play everyone was laughing and everyone was really into it but booing at the bad guy and clapping and cheering :) It was so convenient of my mom to sit at the table where my friend Tory and I would yell at someone for not laughing hahahahahahahaha!
I also got my permit, and I drove to my friend's house and to the school for my call before the show. It's been a pretty good week I suppose haha.
Well that's all really.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Birthday Cake

Flash forward to November, days of skinny dipping at 2 am and a cold Coke in a bottle under the maple tree long gone to the days of August.

Sitting alone in Math, car back at home, permits burning in your back pocket, dying to get on the road and go.
Birthday crown on top of your head, cupcakes getting warm with the junk and papers in your locker.
Look around, breath deep let go.
Bell rings, hallways zoom. You see him, flash a smile, color blooms like a summer rose on your cheeks, chilled by Autumn frost... and his attitude. He'll never know...
iPod in one ear, reality out the other, Vogue's burning a hole in your school bag.
Tay Swift comes on with 15, and your heart starts to melt.... a melancholy mix of irony, happiness, and love sickness.
Claps on the back and off key singing, you devour your mini cake and go home to an ant hill of presents, its not much but it'll do.
Sleep is a blessing. You pull the covers to your chin and you mind wanders.
Princess dresses, teddy bears, and crayons before the days of sex, drugs, and rock and roll.
Eyes snap open you jump to the closet pulling Teddy Bear out of the mess. He's the only man besides Daddy that you can you really love...
You snuggle close to your lost friend while singing love songs you never liked under your breath.
Nearly 15 years young and I can still remember lying in the grass with my princess dress on too :')
Sooooo the 17th was my birthday I'm a little late by about 5 minutes hahaha :) It was good day; we ate brownies and my friends made me the sweetest/funniest cards (Thanks guys!) and I got a laptop which I have been exploing for the past three (?) hours and uhhhhh yeah!
Harry Potter: TWO DAYS!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY!!
Fall Play: Two Days.
Poor Planning.
Permit: TWO DAYS >:D
whatever else that's important and so on...
Well thats all for now so long!
*story is like fakeish... BUT ITS MINE!

Monday, November 15, 2010

November Baby! :)

Well I haven't really written in a while, course I didn't really see why I needed to report about nothing, but I think obliged to tell you that:
Life is good.
My birthday's in two days, and I have successfully finished driver's ed. in a week so I'll be getting by permit on Wednesday, and I have some gift suspicions that I am all too excited for :) Still figuring out what to do about a party but I'll figure that out later...
Halloween was good, I was a pig... The play is going lovely, opening on the 19th which is Harry Potter Friday so I'll be missing out on the movie until Saturday or Sunday :(
So... there you have it. Not much else really. I'll try writing more over the next few days...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Friday, November 05, 2010

Ukulele weeps by Jake Shimabukuro

My friend in Seattle showed me this, and it is SO PRETTY oh my lord :D


15 (nearly! 12 days!!)

"Flash forward to November, days of skinny dipping at 2 am and a cold Coke in a bottle under the maple tree long gone to the days of August.
Sitting alone in Math, car back at home, permits burning in your back pocket, dying to get on the road and go.
Birthday crown on top of your head, cupcakes getting warm with the junk and papers in your locker.
Look around, breath deep let go.
Bell rings, hallways zoom. You see him, flash a smile, color blooms like a summer rose on your cheeks, chilled by Autumn frost... and his attitude. He'll never know...
iPod in one ear, reality out the other, Vogue's burning a whole in your school bag.
Tay Swift comes on with 15, and your heart starts to melt.... a melancholy mix of irony, happiness, and love sickness.
Claps on the back and off key singing, you devour your mini cake and go home to an ant hill of presents, its not much but it'll do.
Sleep is a blessing. You pull the covers to your chin and you mind wanders.
Princess dresses, teddy bears, and crayons before the days of sex, drugs, and rock and roll.
Eyes snap open you jump to the closet pulling Teddy Bear out of the mess. He's the only man besides Daddy that you can you really love...
You snuggle close to your lost friend while singing love songs you never liked under your breath.
Nearly 15 years young and I can still remember lying in the grass with my princess dress on too :')
Almost my b'day pretty excited but can't help but think..."

Saturday, October 23, 2010

i was born to love you lyrics- Queen

:) Freddie Mercury

SNOW! In October!

Snow!!! On the way back from States! I saw Snow!!!!!!!!!
Oh my goodness gracious I am so excited! :D I took this from the bus; I woke up, looked out the window, and there you have it. I went ecstatic with excitement because hopefully it will snow here very soon :) It rained a lot last night and now it's all foggy and rainy and such but hopefully things'll cool down and we'll get a few inches :)
I'm gonna go eat some breakfast and deliver all of those cookies taking up my freezer today. Tomorrow hopefully I'll go to Glenwood for possible Halloween ideas.
I don't even know what I'm doing for Halloween, isn't that just crappy planning.
K well... Bye.

Queen - Save Me (Lyrics)

LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

08. Bon Iver & St. Vincent - Rosyln + Download link

this song is really good too

12. OK Go - Shooting the Moon + Download link

Okay yeah. It's Twilight. I've read, watched, and own all the books and movies that are out (so far) but I'm not as obsessed anymore because now that everyone's into it and the fact that Edward sparkles is just making it lose it's touch...


and that's that.

Friday, October 22, 2010


Well I am home from States :) but the only down side is that we lost and it was a single elimination thing so we went home after watching parts of a few games. It was kind of sad going down there to only play one game, and it was our LAST game but hey it was fun; and we scored the first run ever for our team at States, if that makes sense.
But I was so excited because I woke up from my nap and I looked out the window and saw SNOW!! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited! Also my birthday is in 26(?) days.
I got a tee shirt too.
So that's just a little update, I'm going to go to bed now so Byyyeeeee

Monday, October 18, 2010

Giddy... does that supply as a word??

I am in a exceptionally wonderful mood tonight :) I managed to make a bag made of left over jeans and sew on a button. We kicked out part of an amazing idea turned into a reality [photo shoot I've been gushing about for God knows how long]. Home work's done, along with the watching of Hitch (Boys: this is a must see. Take notes, might do you some good) and I filled up on a three scoops of ice cream and a molten chocolate lava cake. Call me a fatty if you want but I'm a growing, softball playing, skinny girl; fatty is not in my job description :P
Also it might be because the colors are lovely, the temperature is hanging in there, giving the valley a nice chill but not to the point where I need to break out my Peacoat, and maybe because my birthday is in a month....
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D 15!!!!!!!!!!! I. Am. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shall I create the little lists that have been floating throughout my mind lately???

Birthday Wishes
*Black Doc Marten's
*Camera (that's all mine!)
*Runaway Movie Soundtrack and Paramore's Brand New Eyes

In that order of importance/ need.

Music- Four Day Break of Sitting At My Mom's Reading To Kill A Mockingbird for English in the sun on the floor eating smoothie pops hoping for love and my cat (yeah that's a nice play list name)
*Secrets- OneRepublic
*Only Girl- Rhianna
*Pump It- Black Eyed Peas
*All I Wanted- Paramore
*She's Got Her Ticket- Tracy Chapman
*Dumb Love- Sean Kingston
*Teenage Dream- Katy Perry
*Clumsy- Fergie
*Harry Potter themes and such

*ALL of the Harry Potter movies times like 3
*Breakfast Club
*Nick and Norah's Infinite Play list

*Denver Shopping Spree
*Writing Ideas
*Lace Dresses
*Saddle Shoes/ Poodle skirts/ Greased back hair, you get the idea
*Jane Austen days
*ivory tea sets with pink roses, sipping tea under a golden tree wearing floor length baby-colored petticoats, holding thin umbrellas and gossiping (very Jane Austen)
*skiing/ mittens
*My poor Kitty :(
*chocolate chip cookies
*Doc Marten's
*roller coasters
*tattoos- whimsical ones, not drunken acts or your first love's name.

And then there's things like Halloween and my birthday and Thanksgiving and Winter and day to day thoughts but alas it is 12:15, tomorrow's Monday and I have lacked to brush my teeth!!
Night everyone!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

OneRepublic - Secrets

FREAKING LOVE THIS SONG!! The chello piece in the beginning... GAH I love it. Listen :)

a few more Accessory Shoot photos- ALL TAKEN BY HALEY!!

This be my eye :) I never knew how green it was!!... it looks like a little firework...

Moi with no glasses... gosh it was blurry, I think I'm slowly going blind >.<
Contacts are sounding better by the day...!!!!

Haley's amazingly lovely clutches that I am dying to have... GAHHH I want one :( Thrifting anyone??

Hands Off. I'm loaded with a water gun... an empty water gun...
Top: Forever21 from Seattle Trip that I got for $7, a lovely selection if I do say so myself.
Pants: Rue21 (what's up with 21 at the end of everything???) size 0 skinny jeans I have worn out to faded knees and drawn my personal sign on time and time again on. My friends say that I should get my DREAMER sign tattooed on my ankle. This I am sketchy about (Mom please don't go ballistic, not making any final decisions!)
Shoes: Target flip flops I have worn down over the summer. I've had them since seventh grade, wearing them for Easter cause they matched my dress but sad to say it was snowy and rainy that entire holiday of chocolate eggs :[

Hair flip!

Hipster Triangle, even though I'm Bohemian :) we had a few great ones like this today that I am SO excited to see!!

thank you :)
P.S visit, or I shall be disappointed with all of you. thank you.

Accessory Shoot ANNNNDDDDD 200 posts 2,000 VIEWS!!! Oh my goodness gracious! :D

That last one is so funny, especially with Umbridge's face lol. Sooooo AT LAST Haley and I have pondered up the time to finally do a fraction of our Accessory Shoot! I only have a few of the pictures because I am still lacking a camera and Haley has that sort of resource soooo yes; shall I go in order?
Photographer: Haley.... Haley.... Me.... Me.... okay basically all the rest are me. But as soon as Haley puts the other's up, I will also and then we shall explore the wonderment of fall accessories :)
Also today: I made my own denim over the shoulder bag with a button! (and lots of help from mom) and I'm so excited to post pics of the final product because I still have to sew on the buttons :)
Also: 200 posts and 2,000 Views!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOT WOOT!!
okay well that's it, I'm here this week but I'm busy busy busy until softball ends on Saturday :( but then I have the fall play sooooo yeah.