Saturday, April 23, 2011

Charlene Kaye ft. Darren Criss - Skin and Bones (Official Music Video!)

I need to go iTunes shopping, all of her songs are so amazing!
Painting my new room this color :) Isn't it simply marvelous??

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Interior design for my new room I'll be moving into as of May 30th :) and just some Boho fashions that make me sad with my wardrobe. Web cam is not working, still can't find camera OR phone charger. What the holy hell. Found my $5 sunglasses though- freaking stoked! Dress and Tie my current musical love, and Darren Criss the center to an entirely new world of "holy sugar coated chicks with yellow dye." He's far to amazing to not have his own album yet. I digress, and go to write my real world issues in my journal. My heart is thudding against my ribs in annoyance, due to:
*hyperventilation at Darren Criss's voice.
*lack of action in the art of creativity
*general frustration
*my sitting position in my papasan chair.

XO Internet Fiends

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Charlene Kaye - Magnolia Wine (Official Music Video!)

pretty good song I just so happened to stumble upon

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Glee Cast - Teenage Dream (Glee Cast Version)

Okay- so I don't watch Glee. But Darren Criss's voice is just so angelic it needs to be shared with the world.
*sigh* New celebrity crush, yes yes

Dress and Tie - Charlene Kaye ft. Darren Criss

Love this song!! :D

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"In the 1980s, the movie "Back To The Future 2" was filmed, and set in 2010. They had flying skateboards, flying cars, and shoes that tie themselves. Now, it's 2011, and last year we got Bendaroos, Pillow Pets, and Snuggies."

Taken by Haley and her Magic Cameras :) a quick little thoughts.

Cardigan- Maurice's, $10
Owl Necklace- Rue21, $1
Turquoise Tank, cotton- $5
Amazing Floral Bag that is the love of my life- Target, $14
Camera- Haley's.... Sigh.

Freaking Amazing picture Haley took.

Smizing. NBD.
I think....

I'm floating O.o
My God I love this photo.

Yeah so I've just been catching up on my Spring Fever with some snazzy photos and picture sessions with Haley.
Alas- my camera charger is still no where to be found.
This is torture, completely antagonizing and unfair.

Aside from my bubbling ramble, just coming up with some sketches, photo schemes, and studying Say Yes to the Dress- why I don't know, just am. Trying to come up with a slightly new style that's a little more tomboyish with that girlish flicker to it that makes it extravagant. Summer preferred. Polyvore sets are sure to sneak on over here...
Reading Secret Life of Bees, once again loving it.
Very Potter Musical/Sequel songs soaring in and out of my mind like air, Darren Criss's shmazing voice making my heart pound X100 Potter Fans- Go there for humorous entertainment. Go. Now. Don't even finish this post, just GO.
39 Days until MOVING! :D :D
43 days to Summer!!
51 Days til Greece!!!

Oh yeah so I just figured out I'm moving into my new house May 30th, two days after a major shopping spree.
I am so excited I might scream butterflies.

Well my friends, keep it classy :)

Not in much of a mood to talk, pulling a leaf out of Haley's book with facial expressions

Makin' random faces, not carin' who looks.

Being studious.


HOLD UP- Say Yes to the Dress Crisis going on!!!

Sister critisizing ma faces

*quietly judging people*


What to do...

Watchin' more Say Yes to the Dress

Camera randomly taking photos

Who did this

Oh hold on....


Rockin' bag I haven't showed you all yet
Damn you WebCam, making this detail shot lookin like shiiiiiiiiittttt.

Keeper of my camera, that has all of my new amazing photos on it
Except I can't find my charger.

Hold up.

Hold up? Who does this biotch think she is, holdin us up?????

This magestical musical montage that is completley pointless and irrelevent was brought to you by Katie.
(The music is secretly in your head.)
((Don't Deny that sh*t. It's REAL.)