Saturday, July 31, 2010

I'm in Seattle!!

Holy crap, after seven years I cannot believe that I am finally here! This is so surreal you have no idea! The drive here was insanely long, 17 hours of dozing off in the car, eating Reese's and Milky Ways, and playing the endless game of Bonkers in the car. Waking up at three in the morning was definitely worth it though, this is amazing to be back in the town I lived in when I was five, with my childhood and still best friend, Katie.
I was bouncing in my seat most of the time because I was so excited, but let me tell you something:
Don't go to Idaho. It's boring for like 327 miles or something like that and then Oregon looks exactly the same. Washington is worth going to because it's pretty.
Well today is looking sketchy because we were planning on going dock jumping except the weather is: COLD. I'm wearing a sweatshirt and sweat pants (I do not look presentable for anything, lets put it that way) yet I'm still cold; so are Audrey and Katie, my two best friends. We have no idea what we're going to do today if it ends up being freezing all day (please weather, don't lie to me and say that it's going to be sunny) and we can't find a ride to the mall (we were thinking of switching shopping from tomorrow to today but) UGH. I only have three days here, I don't want to be stuck with a do-nothing day!!
Okay well I feel like I'm being rude not talking to Katie and all so I'll write later byeee!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Near- oneword

Near and far to the beginning and the end, and I am so excited, scared, and overwhelmed that I don't even know what to think. Just wishing, hoping, praying, crying, and begging for something to make of my life. I want to breath and live, be free. I want to love and be loved, sing and be sung too, hug and be hugged back. I just want to look up at that big blue sky that's as big and blue as the sea, breath deep, and maybe float on a cloud. Maybe lie down in a field of daisies, or on the sand of a beach. I'd dance in the rain every chance I'd get.

I don't know where to go or what to do. Just flying on a slow breeze.

Runaways Quote

"If it wasn't for Rock 'N Roll I'd probably be dead or in jail." -Kristen Stewart as Joan Jett in The Runaways

Pre-Seattle=Cleaning... Ughhhhh

Well today is the day before Seattle, so that means cleaning is in order due to the fact that coming home to a mess is not an option. So far I haven't really done anything to help with the cause except empty the dishwasher. I need to go do the laundry and start packing but I feel obligated to tell you all the scheme of events unfolding to the almost definite best summer ever. I'm just not looking forward to the 14 hour car ride there. Even though I'll most likely  be asleep for nine hours of the ride, I'll still be awake for five hours, and odds are I'm going to be bouncing my seat the entire time waiting to see my best friend after seven years. I'm so excited I feel like jumping up and down, screaming every time.
Right now I'm watching The Runaways again before the rental timer OnDemand runs out. This movie is pretty inspiring, feminism wise. Also it's giving me a lot of ideas fashion wise, I'm kind of getting annoyed though that I don't know how to sew, because I'm telling you if I had the know-how and some fabric I would not be at a total loss of pop-culture clothing and money. All I;'m really asking for is a closet-blow out and some skills I would actually use in my life time. I'm starting to lose my mind, I think I need a personality check and an update of everything I own basically.
I wouldn't mind some inspiration either...
Just waiting for school to start basically, go major shopping and just make this summer the best before I have to go to the supposed best four years of my life minus all the homework. I'm ancy about lacking inspiration. Ancy: dear God that's what it's come to; words my mom would use to describe my mood when I was three.
Ugh I don't know how to explain it: I wish there was something worth writing about, but for now I'll write what I'm thinking and I'm thinking that I'm comletley bored out of my mind due to lack of inspiration. I won't make you suffer with me, bye.

Paper Fashion: Penelope and Coco

I was looking at Paper Fashion and I saw this skecth and I thought it was pretty cool so I thought I would share.

Okay so once again Paper Fashion Sketches are illustrated by Kathyrn Elyse, and if you go to the website you could also get a custom illustration. So yeah check it out :) 

This sounds like a bad advertisement but whatever haha.

"Cherry Bomb" Dakota Fanning feat. Kristen Stewart

Yeah Dakota Fanning is dressed like a sl*t. So what? I think this song is awesome, and the movie is amazing!
Definitely going to have to draw this up one day.

Dubbing this the Rebellion Era, what does this mean???

Well after watching The Runaways I came to realize that this pretty much the beginning of the Rebellion Era of my teenage life, that most likely started when I was 13, but now that I'm going into high school and just basically fed up with everyone giving me crap for the most random things that might mean something to me, I think this is my way of a self realization that I need to step up and say "If you don't like it" well the rest of that phrase is pretty self explanatory if you've seen the movie, but I prefer to not use coarse language on my blog, I have family and friends viewing it. Although for my fam and friends reading this, odds are they might be concerned about this sudden rebellion and it's nothing like that. I guess I just kind of realized that this another phase of "I'm turning into my own person" thing. Wear what I want with my own personal edge, change of music, change of scenery, change of attitude. It's more of a kick a$$, still myself attitude. I'm not going Goth or junkie or anything crazy like that, that would be just WAYYY over my head, so. I am however going to have a more definite image in my mind of what I have a say in. I mean sh*t who knows, maybe The Runaways had it right by going off and basically flipping off the world and doing the impossible. Minus their sketchy wardrobe and language, and everything else that went on (watch the movie you'll understand) I like the attitude their setting. "Tell me I can't do this or if you don't like something that I do, I'm going to say screw you and walk away." Not exactly friendly, but it's an attitude I think I'm taking up pretty quickly. You might see this as a negative way but I see this as a quote I saw on Haley's blog.
"I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life’s a bitch. You’ve got to go out and kick ass."

-Maya Angelou
Alright so I'm revolutionizing my mentality. All Teens do. I see this as artistic, you might see this as "oh crap another teenager who thinks she owns the place."
Not necessarily like that but yeah close enough.
Hope this all makes sense, I'm just buzzed about this revolutionary beginning.
Still the same Katie, only with an edge :)
Oh yeah this is all basically due to the fact that RENT was cut off 2 hours in due to dinner and my sister telling me my outfit today was outdated. She doesn't even know about Coco Chanel's pant revolution or who Vera Wang is; I don't want to hear it. Especially from my stringy haired, hippie NOT Hipster dressed 11 year old sister. I'm not taking this crap, nuh-uh.
I figured out a two new hair styles I like on me too by the way, the one in the pictures I posted earlier today was not my favorite, most lifely my least favorite actually. But anyway.

P.S In The Runaways Dakota Fanning performs Cherry Bomb and I love it!! here's the YouTube video (yes her outfit is sketchy I've mentioned this!)
I'm going to add it to a different post because I don't know how to add it to this one.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Runaways

Today after light "thrifting" with Madie and getting M&M's at the local 711 to put on my popcorn (it actually tastes really good!), we went back to my dad's house to watch The Runaways. I must say that watching Dakota Fanning in all her teenage rebellion is both frightening and amazing. Seeing one of your favorite actresses doing drugs and kissing Kristen Stewart is a little out there for me but it was still an amazing movie. And not to down on Kristen but let's face it, in past movies she hasn't exactly been the greatest, most vocal actress out there. So watching her cuss out and pee on a jacka$$'s guitar is pretty awesome to behold. I loved this movie. It showed all the rebellion and almost-innocent youth of 15, 16, maybe 17 year olds wanting form a girl power, rock 'n roll band. And it was totally feminine! This movie was just amazing I can see why it got four stars. Great music, and also an eye opener of things I should not do once I get into high school. I also felt like a bada$$ because 1. Joan Jett (Stewart) and Cherie Currie (Fanning) were both wearing denim shirts that looked pretty identical to mine. (I also liked Joan's Sex Pistol shirt that she made with spray paint and cut outs of the words, a pretty handy use of hair clips...
and 2. It's rated R, so naturally Madie and I felt like rebels hahaha :) It was an awesome movie although I don't recommend watching with your parents, it's more of a watch with your friends kind of thing. It's just the language, that's all... okay, well, and Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning basically made out and possibly more, that part was really unclear, but I gotta tell you it was a little gross watching.
Anyway: awesome movie, awesome music, awesome actors, and I might have to look into downloading some Runaways music on to my iPod before I leave for Seattle in... 2 Days!!! In the words of my best friend Katie who lives in the area (I'm going to visit her) "Holy Freaking Freak!!!!"
Oh my God I am just so excited to see her! It's been SEVEN years!!
Well a storm is moving in, and I'm on to my next movie: RENT. Seasons of Love is blasting at me telling me to play the movie already so I'm going to listen.
Will write some more later, maybe once I figure out a quote from the Runaways I like...

Denim Shirt and Batman


Well today I decided to model off my possible first- day-of-high-school outfit, minus my hair back in a pony and more in a straightened style that I've done before. Also my sister decided to take a black blanket and draw a Batman logo to stick on the back with tape. I managed to have a mini shoot before my friend Madie came over. More on that later I guess, pretty interesting 'cause we watched The Runaways. It's interesting watching teenager's endure the mentality of a rebellion.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Adventures are the Best when they're so Out There

The do-nothing day turned into a hilarious almost epic fail.
Rachel, Haley and I decided to go to a bakery a few minutes from the library, where we hatched an idea for a silent, black and white, horror film. The murder mystery is titled The Futon, and although we spent three hours shooting bloopers, behind-the scenes, photos for the credits, and the actual film, we have a possible three minutes of live footage, that is both incredibly cheesy and funny. We're doing final edits on Thursday I believe and I might post it here, but no promises. The photos though are likely.
After Rachel left, Haley, my sister, my sister's friend and I raced each other down to the mini grocery store. Obviously, Haley and I won. Then we resulted to interesting conversation over a flank steak dinner and watching movie trailers on the laptop. I've got to say that Vampires Suck is definitely a parody on Twilight, and although I am a fan of both the movies and books, I might have to see it because it looks like the same people who made the Scary Movies and unless you don't have a sick sense of humour then I might recommend it (I don't know if that makes sense so let's put it this way: if you do have a sick sense of humour then I might recommend it... just thought I'd clear that up).
And with Haley sleeping over, naturally that means that we're going to have to do something completely random and genuinely out of public character for us. So instead of preparing the futon for Haley to sleep on, we decide to use the blue sheets like that parachute you'd run under when you were five, and then put it on our heads screaming "RAWR!" and that's how we became the Blue Chinese Under the Sheet Club Fort ("You're not allowed in!!") my 11 year old sister and her friend were screaming at us for being ourselves. Heehee :)
Then we moved on to the secrets and wonders of the world and our views on the matter, and some promises were made that will hopefully be kept throughout our lives... oh dear God, I'm spacing on what the promises were!!!!!!!! AH!!
...I'll worry about that later. Then as for today, we woke up to my cell phone screaming "ARE YOU READY?!" at us, telling me that it was time to get ready to go shopping with my friend Shay. Unfortunately, having a major shopping spree is set for Seattle and the big city I live three hours away from in the not too distant future, so I only brought fifteen dollars with me thus leading to the three dollar shirt bargaining technique. I was shooting for Lip stain and an assortment of colored Sharpies for my and Haley's case (is that even proper, my and Haley?) for the future, but some how neither one came into my possession. Sadly.
Seven dollars for lip stain my a$$.
The Sharpies on the other hand were $20 for like... 20 pens? Maybe 30. I also saw this Harajuku Lover's binder that I really wanted to get, but at that point of the spree I had two dollars left so...
But! I got possibly the greatest bargain of my lifetime!

Do you see this shirt here? Yes, it is both adorable and for a few weeks now I have come to realize that I've been just dying to get my hands on one. The issue? The Polyvore starting price is: $295. The price just makes your heart bash against your ribs and you get a short of breath. You might even get that thought in your head:
"$295?! Are you freaking kidding me?!?!?!"
No voice in my head I am not lying to you, but read further for the possible steal of a lifetime!
I show up at PacSun, walk right up to the girl at the counter and say "Do you have any cotton denim shirts?" Expecting a no, I am surprised to hear "Yeah actually there's two of theme on sale for five dollars. FIVE. DOLLARS.
I'm thinking in my head holy sh*t, they actually have them! but I'm holding my breath, waiting to see the sight of this (see above) glorious shirt. (see how much more dramatic I'm making this than it has to be?)
And then: she hands them to me.
One is a darker shade of blue and longer as far as I can tell. The other is a light color, soft on the eyes, and looks like it would be a dream to have on your skin.
I tried the darker one on first and immediately hated the contrast of the navy and my pale, Irish skin together. Also because the roll up cuffs are squishing the hell out of my elbows, and I feel like I'm losing feeling in my arm. (I'm not over exaggerating on this one funny enough.)
Then I pull on the faded one. It takes a while to re-roll the undone cuffs, but eventually I succeed. And instantly I'm in love with this shirt; this innocent five dollar that I feel like was made for me, just waiting for me.
I just realized now that the shirt I have and the shirt in the picture are exactly the same, minus $290. I am still buzzed about finding this shirt! I also realized that the original price of the shirt went from $40 to $20 to $15 then down to five. Let's pause for a quick hell yes here.
Then we moved on to other stores that were over priced and no interest to me, then off to lunch. Best pizza in the valley with a cannoli (me and Shay's tradition).
Then I was on my home via bus. Writing was attempted but quickly dropped. Shaking bus plus pen in hand on paper equals a No-no.
For dinner we decided to have a movie night. We ordered The Runaways featuring Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning (one of my favorite actresses. Quick note: there was a girl at the music camp I work at who looks just like Dakota as a little girl! Blew. My. Mind.) but it took my dad two minutes into the movies to realize it was rated R so we quit watching but luckily I get to watch it before the rent timer goes up because I really want to see it but my sister is allowed so.
We ended up watching The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. So. Confusing. I'm not sure if it's a movie I'd recommend; Heath Ledger turns into Johnny Depp, Jude Law, and Collin Ferrel (or is it Firth...?) Also the plot is really unclear and I still haven't figured it out. The end especially is hard to follow because you have no idea what the hell is going on.
Well that's it for 26th and 27th, all in all pretty exciting for though do-nothing days. I really should be journaling now but I love blogging it's just so entertaining :)
Listening to The Girl Next Door by Saving Jane and thinking about a vignette I came up with earlier. Definetly going to shoot some pictures of my new shirt and sunglasses that I found hiding on the bookcase in my living room at my dad's. They're a little big seeing how they're my dad's, and they kind of seem big for my face, but they're aviators and they're pretty B.A so what the heck. Kind of bumming about the Lip stain, Sharpies, and binder still though... me and my wants/needs gah...
Basically 2 days and a wake-up until Seattle!! :D The excitement is over whelming!!
Well I'm off to get a glass of water, and some sleep. Night all....

P.S Oh yeah I said this to my dad yesterday as I was leaving the house to go hang out with Haley.
"Well I'm off to destroy the world, don't worry I'll be back by dinner." (the look on his face is puzzled) "Don't worry I'll miss the house." (the look on his face was priceless.) Lol well that's it. If you don't think it's funny, well you had to be there, I think I've said that before... there's this weird rhythmic tapping noise (almost musical) and I don''t know where it's coming from but it sounds like it's from outside and it's freaking me out!...Night!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Well Today We Did...

Well lovelies, today has been pretty uneventful so far, that it's almost sad. Rachel, Haley and I have voted for a do-nothing day it seems and while Haley's off volunteering, Rachel and I are left to occupy ourselves with Internet habits of our own. Exciting. I know.
So far today: pizza, and weird videos on YouTube of a kid who does not need to get high. He's hyper enough, hilarious and all but still, hyper.
Lacking inspiration lately. Sure I have ideas that I could easily put into good use but my mind capacity has been failing and glitching lately if you ask me so remembering is off the agenda it seems. Also a lack of materials and sewing-know-how seem to come into play. Why oh why was I cursed with this do-nothing summer syndrome?!
Sorry, rant, rant, rant, that's all we teenagers seem to do huh?
Well it looks like there's 24 minutes on the clock until the computer boots me off and the movie RENT is an extreme possibility that I've been dying to see now for month's. Knowing the songs but not knowing the story is a possible crime readers. And it's impossible to not go bat sh*t crazy when you have nothing to do when you really really really want something to do already!!!
Again with the ranting.
Possible items that are very likely to be made soon out of clothes that no one wants:
Beige Boyfriend Shorts with Haley's help, expertise, and sewing-know-how (no thanks to you mom... just kidding love you.)
Cotton Denim Shirt, the only problem is the color and the feel! and the length, and everything I love dearly about that other shirt I showed you in my wish list. I don't think you understand; I am in a desperate need of a closet blow out and clothing-self-expression therapy.
Lip stain and colored Sharpies might also come into my possession tomorrow, but I'm just not sure anymore due to the fact that I am not one to house money in my wallet for long... Cannolis however will definitely be housed in my stomach (YUMMY!)
Well reader's all I'm asking for is an art lesson, sewing know-how, and an entire new wardrobe nothing big.
Favorite Quote of the day so far:
"I need to get a job to help support my wardrobe." -Haley A.

*sigh* If dreams are supposed to come true, don't you think they should hurry the hell up every once in a while instead of leaving you waiting and driving you (my favorite phrase of the day) bat sh*t crazy?
Yeah that's what I wish.
Unfortunately life isn't fair.
Has anyone noticed that that saying alone was what caused that one sister in The Secret Life of Bees to kill herself? Got to be careful about that...
Odds are I'm going to make a list later about stuff I want and all that, maybe a Polyvore set with inspiration or something I don't know, just something to do would be nice.
From your loving ranting teenager with nothing to do and who is going bat sh*t crazy (you must be getting tired of that saying now)

Ta'vi Illustration
Ta'vi illustration

So I got these off of Paper Fashion, which I recently discovered thanks to accidentally clicking on a Polyvore link. You might recognize the top image from a set I clipped to a post I made yesterday. Well that was my first discovery. I think they're pretty awesome illustrations; I especially like the two I added here of Ta'vi. The artists name is Kathryn Elyse, I don't know much about her yet because my family doesn't enjoy hearing YouTube chatter while they're watching TV. Anyway, check out her other drawings they're awesome. She also has an ad that offers to do custom illustrations. I might get one but I don't know what to get. I have an idea, but... yeah.
Well I got to go I'm hanging out with Haley in five minutes and I'm not even remotely close to ready.
P.S has anyone else noticed that my pictures are not all angled off to the left? I am truly proud of myself for such a layout :)
Okay so this is pretty random for 9:50 in the morning at my house, and keep in mind that Sam, my sister, just walks in and says this to me. I think it's pretty funny, but if you don't think so well you had t be there kind of things.

Sam: Katie we should spray paint the cat pink for halloween, then she could be the pink panther.
Katie: ...Alright you do that then. (thinking in my mind: her face will never be the same...)
Sam: no dont worry it comes off.
Katie: its getting it on that's a little bit tricky don't you think?
Sam: ...sooooo?
Katie: ...Wow. Just, just WOW

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cinderella in Converse.

She's listened to every love song there is and hates them all. CD's scattered everywhere, and her Converse are in shambles in the corner, gathering dust. Out the window she looks, and there he is, the boy she's willing to spend eternity with. He's got that girl with the blond hair that flies back in the wind and pink manicured nails on the front of his bike, and she thinks about the days when they were five, wandering the block on cruiser bikes, living the life, before this tragic mess.
They ride away and she sits up to look herself straight in the eye in the mirror.
Stringy dull brown hair, with a nose she can't decide is cute or weird, and eyes that hide behind her glasses and her fear.
He'll never know how many tears she's cried, and the thousand of times she's lied when she said "I'm fine" when all she wanted to do was run into her room and rip her heart out, keep it from ever breaking or hurting like this again. The problem was that it wasn't hers to break; it was his. And he's broken it so many times before, that she's lost count.
She was no Cinderella, or Little Miss Perfect flirting him up on his handle bars.
She was the girl next door. Falling Hard. With no one to catch her, or replace the little glass slipper.
All she had was some old fading memories and a pair of dusty Converse. He'd never lace that shoe up on her foot and sweep her off her feet into a fairy tale.
But Lord knows that was all she asked for out of life...
It was endless.
Her heart was his.
And he would never know.

Wrote this because of this set I made on Polyvore. Getting some pretty cool ideas now, but it's midnight so love you all.

A lot more pictures here than I thought. It was a little hard to take this because the sun was right behind my fence and so it was blurring out behind me quite a bit. Then the thunder/rain clouds moved in, blocking my light out almost completely so I called it quits and went back inside. Now the sun is coming out but despite the gorgeous light, its wet outside so possibilities went down.
Outfit consists of white Mossimo tank, Circo jeans that my mom helped me cut a while ago, back when school was in session. Brown scrunch boots folded down to ankle booties from Rue21, navy headband from Target, and earrings I got for my14th from Arielle. The green bracelet I got is from Health Week at school that's against suicide. Anyway...
Well tomorrow is likely to be an MLIA day with pictures, ice cream, and Bohemia frenzy. Possibly Hipster, that's more Haley though.
Well I'm off to Polyvore Rant.

Tye-Dye, Hipsters, and Boots. There's No Going Wrong.

Well reader's it's been a long work filled week with a softball tournament in between. Hectic is probably the best word to describe it. We started our tournament pretty well, winning our first two games, but then on Friday we lost by one point, which meant that we had to wake up at six to drive two hours and play at nine in the morning. We ended up losing that game too, which got us eliminated from the tournament; we've won the tournament four years in a row now, so it was pretty disappointing... actually I was pissed.
Today was my last day of having to wake up before nine. The music camp I work at performed at the local fair going on. It was fun I guess. Afterwards though we wandered in and out of the tents selling knick-knacks and things you'll regret buying later. It's basically three days of mega-hippie fair, but it's actually pretty fun. I'm not going to lie though, from what I've heard about the late night scene, druggies, drunks, and well, hippies must hang around.
But it's still pretty fun; it's the only place where you can wear Tye-dye shirts and not be a total fashion disaster. (Don't get me wrong, Tye-dye is pretty awesome, but some shirts/skirts/dresses should not be seen by other human eyes. It's also pretty hipster/bohemian; people dress pretty out there sometimes and the entertainment is pretty cool although I missed it this year and I heard it wasn't that good but what do I know?
I decided to be hipster (even though I'm basically Bohemian) and wear tall brown scrunch boots in late July. I folded them over to ankle booties though, yet I still got crap from my one guy friend and my sister that my fashion sense was way off today, and that's wearing boots was out in summer time. That's where being hipster comes in, although I don't know why people are so against wearing anything other than flip-flops in the summer; my feet were not as hot as everyone thought. I also forgot to shave my legs but that added onto my hippie/ hipster/ bohemian character today.But on a more important note I came home and relaxed for what feels like the first time all week. I'm back to sleeping in until 10 and do-nothing days. It's a great feeling.
Also while watching TV today I realized that:
Everybody Hates Chris is funny, but it's also pretty racist. And I'm starting to wonder if Chris Rock has been exaggerating all this time...
Also iCarly is one big MLIA moment.
I took some pictures of my outfit today but this is already a pretty long post it seems like so I'm going to write up another post for that.
5 days until Seattle :) will try to blog and upload as much as I can while on the road. For now I'll write what happens on a day to day basis.
Peace and Love,
P.S what drawing/ henna would you get? Might borrow some from my friend and I don't know what to draw on my ankle/hand.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Summer Nights at the Park Dancing like Lunatics

Well tonight after getting back from Hair we ate ravioli and watched Leverage. I even thought to myself "oh goodie this is how I'm going to spend the rest of my evening."
Then I realize that Slightly White, a band my sister likes is playing down at the park after the show so we rush on our scooters there with two hours left in the show. It was a total blast; we got there right after they performed I want you (She's So Heavy) by the Beatles (a.k.a one of my three favorite bands of all time). I saw my friends there and we were screaming the lyrics and jumping up and down and dancing like a bunch of crazy people. But then again, so was everyone else so it was okay :)
It was a really great summer night. Jeans and a tank top jumping up and down with your besties while screaming and laughing and nothing in the world could take this moment away from you. I hope they have another concert soon because that was just... wow. I loved it.
Of course now I should be taking a shower and going to sleep due to the fact that I have to wake up at 6:30am tomorrow so I can help at this music camp. Then I have my first tournament game for softball. GASP. So the war begins.
Now I'm listening to Droplets by Colbie Caillat featuring Jason Reeves, and procrastinating from my shower by going on Blogger, Polyvore, Facebook etc. etc.
Alright I seriously have to go, I'm pushing my luck. Peace and Love!

Rafting, Bruce, and Hair

Holy crap today was so much fun, I'm still smiling about all the funny things that happened. It took us a while to get to the put in because mom kept forgetting where she was going and it was driving us nuts but we finally got there and soon enough we were in the water just floating along. Eventually I got bored and Haley and I jumped in the water and we just floated for a while, spazzing every now and then and freaking out whenever a rock was suddenly scraping against out butts. When we had to get back in the boat (even though I was perfectly fine!) my paranoid mother started screaming at me and pushed me away from the bow of the boat and I got hit by a rock in the hip. I'm still kind of mad.
Then we stopped for lunch and us kids decided that while we were waiting we would go upstream a ways and then float down. The only thing we didn't really take into account was that the bottom of the river was right there, cover by bumpy rocks that were covered in moss (hair). The first one we discovered was one the size of a dog that we started to pet and we have so named him Bruce. Yes. BRUCE.
Lots of laughs and we even got into a giant water battle with passing boats. When we finally got to the take-out, all the kids were exhausted and couldn't wait to leave. I was smart enough to recommend the idea of going to get a quick ice cream. Haley and I each got a giant cone of this bright blue ice cream that was called something like "monster cookie madness" or something like that but I just call it the Cookie Monster ice cream. True story.
Well now I guess I'm staying at my dad's another night and can hear the local "young adults" play at the park I live near. They're performing the musical Hair and my friend Bella is in it, but to be completely honest the plot was all scrambled up and they weren't using the original sound track. I went down there about 20 minutes ago. Also Berger was named Clyde. How confusing can they make the play. I didn't stay long, it really was not that good to be honest. I was going to try out but we don't have the money and I realized that they weren't using the soundtrack. The maturity level went down and I was really annoyed that they were messing up the songs. My friend did well though as far as I could tell.
Sorry for the harsh criticism but it's true...
Well that's all I really have to tell. I might not be writing for the next week due to the fact that I don't have Internet at my mom's and I'll be working at the music camp again. I'm kind of excited; the money I'm earning is going towards the money I'm bringing to the big city for school shopping before it starts. I have this all planned out. I'm trying to get clothes like this while I'm there but the only problem is that some of the shirts or pants are way out of my price range so knock offs for a cheaper price would be great too. Here's the outfits:

minus the thong sandals in the last one and the platter paint pink Vans in the second, I would buy all of these. Haley says that the denim shirt is out of style ("too eighties. everything from the eighties out") but I don't care; I want one. She said the same thing about the hat but that's just there. Also I already have a hat like that but it's at my friend's house. I'm not really sure if I'm ever going to get it back to be honest. And my bike is still at Naomi's. My stuff is all over town...
Haley said today that she likes all of these outfits though so I guess that's basically her blessing for me to be out of style and buy these clothes for school. I've got to say that it makes me feel kind of Hipster. Only I'm not Hipster, I'm Bohemian. Two different things...
The kid from Two and a Half Men is on Hannah Montana... poor guy. His career has been demoted to one of the worst shows of all shows. I used to like Hannah Montana... now she's 17, charade about her double life is up, and ever since she did the music video for Can't Be Tamed, I've had to seriously question her authority in the eyes of little girls.
Also this show is really loud and squeaky.
I like Selena Gomez. She's stylish, funny, and I think she's a much better role model. No offense to Miley. I mean odds are that they're both going to go really far in their careers, but I can see Selena Gomez going for the more humanitarian side of her career. I may be wrong but I don't know that for a fact so.
Well I think I'm going to move onto either Polyvore, Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson, or September Issue or Vanity Fair I rented from the library. Bye for the rest of the week and maybe longer I think... :(

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Icy Water and Cookie Dough Ice Cream

I would have posted yesterday the second I got home from my river adventurer but my Internet was down, so my apologies. Better later than never of course so: IT WAS AN AMAZING FUN DAY! It was nothing like I had imagined but it was better. At noon eight of us went down to a local Chinese place and even though we thought we were pigging out, we honestly weren't. Two plates of chicken Lo-mein and Sesame Chicken, one thing of this chicken that my friend Gavin got that was delicious. You'd think this was all super expensive but thank God we all brought money so we could pay the full $54.69 plus tip so $62.80... I think. I don't have the exact numbers.
After that six of us went to Gavin's house, Cira, Isa, Hunter, Madie, and me, waiting for Leanna and Mackenzie to come from Mackenzie's house. When they finally got there, we piled into two cars and drove three miles past my mom's to Strawberry Rock. There's basically three places on this rock where you can jump from. The lowest one is about five, six feet from the river. The second one is probably eight feet up, and then the highest one has to be eleven or twelve feet up. I think everyone except Isa and I went off that one. I only went off the lowest one because I'm scared of jumping off high things into icy water. The first time I jumped in, I screamed the second both my feet were off the rock and when I hit the water it was freezing cold! I swam as fast as I could to the edge of the rock to get out of the water, I was shaking and my breath was stuttered and quick, I was so cold. Isa had trouble jumping off, I think it took her half an hour to final jump and do the same thing as me. After that though we went off a whole bunch of times. At one point all of jumped off and then swam under the current to the other side. You would not believe how hard it is swimming under frigid water trying to hold your shaky breath. Then we all jumped back into the current and floated down about ten or twenty feet back to the same side as the rock. The weather was gorgeous and we eventually warmed up to the water. When I got home I was so tired I just watched Say Yes to the Dress and DC Cupcakes until dinner. I also watched Speak with Kristen Stewart which was pretty surprising, but it was really quite sad and not exactly the best scenario for me before entering high school.
Then today I hung out with Haley. We bought some cookie dough ice cream and talked by the river. After that we went to the library and I got the book Speak, Lady Antebellum CD, and Vanity Fair Reese Witherspoon. Might watch that tonight with Haley if she sleeps over. We ended up staying longer than I thought because we saw this girl from our school who talks a lot. Now I'm sitting at home writing this. The Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood just ended and now Where the Heart Is is on; two movies I watched with my friend last summer until two in the morning at her house. We were laughing and crying so hard...
Tomorrow I'm going rafting with my family for the first time all summer so that should be pretty fun. I was suppose to go today but me and my sister didn't really feel like it. Going to work on Monday, music camp for little kids all week and then off to Seattle! 13 days... After Seattle I have to work at the camp again but the one that's near my house. Then I'm going to the city for school shopping and then a possible party and then school itself. It's crazy I cannot believe summer is basically half over...
I know this must seem boring to you but I just want to keep my blog updated seeing how I might not have a chance to write for a while. Ugh this movie is so sad at the beginning...
Lacking Inspiration and something to do at the moment...

Friday, July 16, 2010

Jennette McCurdy and Nathan Kress: Comedy :)

Hahaha so my sister and I are watching iCarly and as it goes to commercial it shows Jennette McCurdy and Nathan Kress riding in a Convertible and I guess some dared Jennette to call her mom and tell her that she got a tattoo. Listen to what Jennette says:
Jennette: Hi Momma, guess what? I got a tattoo
Mom: A tattoo?!
Jennette: Yeah it's a man eating a worm.
Mom: What?
Jennette: The worm turned out a little more frightening than I had anticipated though.
Nathan: It looks awesome!
Mom: How could you get a tattoo?
Jennette: Mom I'm kidding.
Mom:...You little stinker.

Lmao I love Jennette McCurdy, she's hilarious.
Well that's all I wanted to share, got to go get ready for my day up at the river :)

A Tiffany's Necklace for a Thank You Gift?!

My last REC league softball game before the tournament was today. We beat the opposing team 26 to 6, can you say HECK YES! Not much action for me tonight though. Caught a grounder by sliding on my knees (we wear pants) and launching it over to my relay. First time at bat I hit it with the count of 3 balls, one strike. It was a pop fly and the pitcher who also happens to be a friend I've known since I was three caught it, but then dropped it so I hauled it over to first. An amazing recovery if I do say so myself :) Then the second time I had the same count, but when I hit it as a perfect zip-line going right off the left side of center field, when the stinking short stop throws her glove up at the last second and gets me out and also the third out. I screamed halfway to first "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!"
I was most displeased, that kind of accidental negative result towards me especially makes me want to hit that short stop with another zip liner. UGHHH.
During pre-game though I came to realize while discussing the topic of a Tiffany's necklace, that my friend has one! You don't understand: the friend I'm describing is a sophomore who goes a little heavy on the make up, black hair, not exactly lively at times but a total crack- up once you get to know her and still watches Pokemon. Not saying that's a bad thing but I'm just surprised she still likes it seeing how she's been watching it since she was... seven? Anyway, but the way she got it is just unbelievable. I know you didn't ask to tell me but this is my post so I'm going to tell you anyway. She got it through her mom's boss's wife as a thank you gift for watching their dogs! I mean what the heck?! That's a pretty elaborate thank-you gift if you ask me...
I'm just dying to have one of those necklaces when I go school shopping the week before it starts. Ever since I saw Breakfast at Tiffany's having one has been a dream of mine that I'm hoping will come true once I get my chance.
Tomorrow... or well today (I should really quit writing these posts at midnight/one o' clock at night. Not only am I losing sleep but I fell like I'm confusing you, and me.) A group of friends and I are going up to jump off rocks and into the river. I've never been there before but it's suppose to be really fun :)
I'm waking up at 9 so I'd better go. Talk to you all tomorrow about my big adventure up river.

Debates! At Last!


Are cardigans still in fashion? Do they have a future for 2010 fall fashion? I think so, but only because I want this particular cardigan, but what do YOU think?



Ta'vi is going to hate me for this one. And like I said, quite possibly Haley too. But I'm curious, what does everyone have to say about Miu Miu's new style of clog?


 What would you pick? The Peacocks or the Sparrows? Comment Please.


 What do you think about the flannel shirt rave? Are they actually fashionable for both genders, just one, or just not fashionable at all?


Are nerd glasses still in? First we were debating over guys in bow ties or a pair of these now I'm wondering if girls are working them right out the window...

Are denim shirts coming into style for 2010 fall? I'm honestly wondering, but not really caring what anyone says, I want one!