Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Delaney's Quiz :)

Kay so I was reading this blog called Diary of Delaney, one that I follow, and she had this quiz up and I read it, and in the middle of it I was like: OOOOOHHH I wanna take this! So here we are, with nothing to do with my time.
Let's not judge shall we???
1. Where were you 3 hours ago?
2. Who are you in love with?
No one
Jk Taylor Lautner, but that's only cuz of his abs!
3. Have you ever eaten a crayon?
4. Is there anything pink within 10 feet of you?
Yes. This sheet of paper that has a number of an animal shelter/kennel place that I wish would call back saying that they found my cat already!

5. When is the last time you went to the mall?
Oh damn, has it really been two months? That's okay I'm going on a spree in about a month! :)

6. Are you wearing socks right now?
7. Do you have a car worth over $2,000?
I don't, dad does. But when I start to drive... No... :'(
8. When was the last time you drove out of town?
Last weekend for softball

9. Have you been to the movies in the last 5 days?
HARRY POTTER 7 in about a month!!!!!!! :D :D
10. Are you hot?
I don't think so but lately I've been hearing things that I'm questioning...

11. What was the last thing you had to drink?
Cherry Capri Sun
12. What are you wearing right now?
Hollister Tee, and jeans. and undergarments, of course.

13. Do you wash your car or let the car wash do it?
i don't own a car (YET) but car wash. I'm lazy :P

14. Last food that you ate?
...frozen cookie dough.
Teehee :)
15. Where were you last week at this time?
probably sitting on my ass on the comp, because I have no life. OH WAIT I'm doing that now!
16. Have you bought any clothing items in the last week?
Nope. Cuz I broke.

17. When is the last time you ran?
Yesterday. And I'm going to have to today. And tomorrow. And ALOT the next day. And the day after that, and after that... Then I take a break on Sunday and then I do it all over again. Sounds fun huh?!

18. What's the last sporting event you watched?
Watched??? Pfft, I play! :) (softball)

19. What is your favorite animal?
penguins, fox, and panthers

20. Your dream vacation?

21. Last person's house you were in?

22. Worst injury you've ever had?
Sprained ankle. That still hurts when ever it's low pressure out

23. Have you been in love?
No. Infatuation is a pretty powerful thing though
24. Do you miss anyone right now?
Katie A., Shay, Bree, Daddy, Kitty and my aunt
25. Last play you saw?
26. What is your secret weapon to lure in the opposite sex?
witty humour :) Idk I'm not all that experienced in that area of work lol. I think you can tell be how much I blog and complain about how my life is full of school and softball.
I have other ways but I don't think they need to be listed ;)
27. What are your plans for tonight?
Softball. Read. Write. Draw. Sleep.
28. Who is the last person you sent a MySpace message or comment?
MySpace??? Ummm don't have one of those.
29. Next trip you are going to take?
FLORIDA!!!!!! :D
30. Ever go to camp?
besides the one I work at five minutes away? No.
31. Were you an honor roll student in school?
Yep and still am!
32. What do you want to know about the future?
...Oh geez. Uh: boyfriend, Paris, college/F.I.T/ wedding dress/ career/ best selling novelist??
..wait do I only get one question??
33. Are you wearing any perfume or cologne?
No. That sh*t burns my eyes!!!! but I would wear Pink with the purple cap if I had that money...
34. Are you due sometime this year for a doctor's visit?
I hope not! I've been to the Doc's twice this year! That's good enough for me!
35. Where is your best friend(s)?
Seattle, Utah, New Hampshire, and here
36. How is your best friend?
idk about the first two, sad, and idk good i guess

37. Do you have a tan?
Ha! honey please I was pale before Twilight made it cool :P although I have a Sophie's tan!
38. What are you listening to right now?
Pump It
39. Do you collect anything?
B.A Pens
40. Who is the biggest gossiper you know?
I'm afraid I cannot say that otherwise I will become the gossiper.
41. Last time you got stopped by a cop or pulled over?
Not me, but Washington State in August
42. Have you ever drank your soda from a straw?
Not in a LONG time.
43. What does your last text message say?
probably K. my phone is dead at my mom's
44. Do you like hot sauce?
Not really
45. Last time you took a shower?
Yesterday/ tonight
46. Do you need to do laundry?
Ha no thank god
47. What is your heritage?
Scottish Irish German English Welsh, and that's only on my dad's side...
48. Are you someone's best friend?
Yep! :)
49. Are you rich?
...in life... and... stuff...
just not money:P
50. What were you doing at 12AM last night?
Sleeping, which is unusual

Well there you have it. Nothing else comes to mind I'm afraid, seeing how I don't have pictures or material handy, but more tomorro.... whenever I can :) Byeeeeeeeeee

Monday, September 27, 2010

Body Art: Clothes and Ink.

Saw this on lookbook.nu:
I restore your mother's faith in women
...? Idk, it was both feminine and questionable. But whatever.
So today was boring and epically frustrating seeing how math just ALWAYS puts me in a bad mood.
Yet I made it through the day with ease, I'm planning on designing and writing some tonight, posting is most likely in the future.
I'm just wondering something though, due to an idea I have for a story and a conversation that we had at lunch that lead on into science:
I'm just like curious. I'm not talking grimy, gritty ones you get when your drunk or just for the sake of getting one. I mean BEAUTIFUL tattoos that our symbolic and spiritual and like, out of my curiosity, are they necessary?
I'm just curious... Mom don't go freaking out, I'm just wondering, not saying I would get one... Well okay maybe, but small and inconspicuous, or at least small... Don't go judging!!
I do not know where I'm going with this, but I do know that I need to quit writing and go to my mom's work to get my softball gear and then off to practice...
Then Math homework.
Okay well let me know if you come up with any amazing tattoo designs that are warrior-like and spiritual and elemental really. I need ideas for my story.
Got to go!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Paramore - All I wanted studio version

and then I bounce back to Paramore :) Dear Heaven above how I love this song!! When will I ever scrounge up enough money to finally get this not-so-new CD????????????????????????

Black Eyed Peas - Pump It

Usually I rebel against listening to commonly heard groups that use the same old pop sound, but the Black Eyed Peas have always been an exception...

Black Eyed Peas - Make Them Hear You

Just sort of stumbled upon this. At first I thought my computer was acting up and putting Make Them Hear You underneath a Black Eyed Peas photo but as it turns at they actaully have a song called Make Them Hear You. The lyrics are pretty powerful, but over all a good song. I'm off to go do some driving, that is of course if we can find a spot wher I can't hurt anyone or their car accidentally. Wish me luck! Katie

Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Epic Cookies... I tried.

So we got this giant tub of cookie dough, and I spent like 10 minutes scooping it out into a tray. And then it looked like they weren't done, so I kept adding more time, but as it turns at
They're golden brown, on the more...brown side.
So there you have it.
My day started early, drove three hours to play a double header (softball) we won both, I came home and that was that.
I've said it before, and I'll say it again:
My life is SO exciting....

Friday, September 24, 2010

Dear Heaven Above, Carey Mulligan... Gorgeous pictures!!!!

By far my favorite photo of her! I'm not going to lie, tears welled just a little bit when I saw this, why I don't know. I absolutely LOVE, times like a million, these photos. I got them off of vogue.com because naturally, they have these kind of resources available that does not require using my crummy camera phone.

Also: has anyone else noticed that Blogger let's you upload multiple pictures at once now!? My GOD that is just too convenient; picture uploading will be much more shorter for me from here on out.
I don't think I need to explain why I love these photos; they're so stunning that they explain them selves really; however my favorites consist of the last three, on the bottom here. They're all literally heart stuttering pieces of work... Ohh I quite like that, heart-stuttering... just a thought.
Okay for real this time, I have to go to bed. Night to you all!
“Something clicks into gear when you look into someone’s eyes.” Carey Mulligan

New Tinker Bell Movie is Out!! ... Yeah I'm almost 15 and I'm excited, are you surprised???

I'm not going to lie readers.
I'm almost 15
and I love the Tinker Bell movies.
And the books.
You know? Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg??
That's like, the great American novel right there ;)
Not kidding though I actually LOVE the Tinker Bell series, call me a nerd if you want I don't care, because I totally am. My dad looked at me like I was crazy when I told him that earlier. I suspect that he finds it rather odd that I still have an interest in children's movies consisting of faith, luck, and pixie dust... oh well.
Well today resulted to me still not finding my cat :( which royally sucks cause tomorrow is day four and it's seriously breaking my heart at this point, I just want her to be home SO badly.... but here's the thing:
While I was out selling cookies today, which bye the way, I sold $309.82 of cookies today, thus paying the 2nd payment for my trip to Florida!!!!!!! SOOOO STOKED!!!!
But while I was out selling a family friend of ours said that last year, they lost their deaf, 19-year-old cat, and they found him at the market 6 miles away in February because he had gotten into the back of someones car and had been roaming that area for all of those months; can you believe that?! I'm not saying that a miracle like that would happen to me if it does turn into a long term thing, but that gives me some hope... hope that is much needed really. Every time I think about her wandering the neighborhood with other mean cats and bears and such, my heart drops, I take a deep breath and feel a sob lunge into my throat. This pain REALLY sucks, I can hardly stand it any more :(
Well... T.G.I.F! Tomorrow I wake up at 7, despite that it's Saturday, to drive two hours to play two softball games, and then come home to my sister and her friend having a sleepover and home work.
Ode to frickin' joy... pardon my harsh tone. I'm not exactly thrilled. Hoping to start driver's ed here soon though FINALLY! Not getting my permit on my birthday is NOT apart of the option here!!! So this weekend looks like:
*a possible (GOD I HOPE SO) photo shoot with Haley and Rachel. *Haley did you catch that???*
*trying to find my cat
*selling cookies to everyone in my neighborhood
This may be a tad bit difficult to do with only one spot left on my spread sheet....
I will make this work!
Also on the agenda, taking pictures from the October VOGUE that I find simply marvelous of course :) I might do that now, but odds are that it'll happen tomorrow. This is due to the fact that I really should be going to bed right now... Darn you Blogger, I'm becoming a blogging addict, grrrrrr.
Well I have lots of stories running through my mind right now, and yet my eye lids are dropping slightly.
And I haven't even brushed my teeth yet!!
I digress; a possible good night to you all.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

October Vogue Ladies (and Gentlemen). Oh me oh my I'm excited to break into this bad boy :)

Well first of all:
My cat is still missing. I think I've cried five times today, at the least. I miss her so much that it's not even a matter to put off anymore.
Secondly school went fast today, and that's all that really matters here.
Looookkk whatttt IIIIIIIII gottttttttttttt :D I've been looking over the pictures of her photo shoot in the magazine, through a quick little skim here and there and
Oh. Me. Oh. MY!!
The excitement of course is helping me draw attention from the fact that it's day two and my kitty has still yet to come home.
I miss her so much that it's slowly breaking my heart; this is turning horribly painful.
Tomorrow: Friday. Oh yes! :) Hopefully it'll go quickly and then I'll continue with my search for the baby of the family and selling frozen foods for my choir trip.
Quite fun.
It's just like insane, trying to find your cat and going door to door asking "wanna buy some egg less cookies?????"
My life is SO interesting...
Haley I know what you're going to say so don't say it.
Thank you.
Alright well I want dessert... Sam took the last molten chocolate cake....
>.< Ice cream, that's where I'm going with this. Night to you all.

Colbert Report :D

Colbert: This recession is so bad that I actually know people who are now summer homeless.
I...um...no...wait, I....

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Titanic Piano Theme The Portrait (James Horner).flv

Such. A. Pretty. Song.


Okay so as most of you know, I am DYING to get my hands on a pair of Doc Marten's for the 15th birthday coming up in November (IT'S 2 DAYS BEFORE HARRY POTTER 7!!! EEEEEPPPPP!!!!!!).
And although I haven't quite figured out how I'm going to convince the rents to pay for a pair, I have been thinking myself, practically driving myself crazy.
What color do I get?!
I've decided black, thanks to Gavin really, pointing out that black goes with everything. But there was something unsettling about getting black boots. I mean they seem so... negative, so unhappy, colorless, really.
And then today
It hit me.
I could spray paint or hopefully even custom order them to have The Runaways Cherry Bomb on the back!!
Ingenious, I know right? I think they would look awesome that I would be so freaking excited to have a pair of shoes like that!!
Fingers crossed that I can hopefully come up with a solution as to how I would get that logo on there.
That's all for tonight, I retire now to my chamber, filled with clothes and papers that really need to be put away or at least tidied...
I am such a procrastinator...
that doesn't do much good....
So long!

Simple Secrets: Little kids have it easy

Do you remember when you were little?
And everything was just so easy, and the world didn't have to make any sense?
You could be a pirate, or a princess, without having to go to school for most of your life.
The only drama you ever saw was someone else taking your crayons.
And Teddy was your best friend, helping out Blanky, making sure you were safe.
Those days will surely be missed...
(just for the record those gray words that are impossible to read say: I remember the days when drama was someone stealing your crayos. just a heads up.)

Rain Storms, Lost Cats, and Molten Chocolate Cakes... today is just not my day :(

Well aside from the chocolate cake, which tastes AMAZING by the way!, it has been gloomy, rainy, thundering all day, which is only lovely if softball gets cancelled, which didn't happen, and my poor little putty tat has been out in this weather all day, lost and alone :( I had a bit of a nervous break down today at lunch, crying a little bit in front of my friends, trying to explain to them in between sobs that she was missing.
My dad puts it like this: "Now you know how parents feel when they can't find their kids, only what you feel is only a fraction of what we feel.
Deep breath, refocus the topic before I have the horrible urge to cry again.

Chocolate Molten Cake:
I HIGHLY recommend!! especially with the ice cream, it is a guaranteed road to happiness. I took this picture quickly before I relaxed on the couch and tried my best to not scarf this down in thirty seconds.
Yes readers, they're just that good.
Also: before softball practice I had play auditions for the Fall Play (takes place on November 19th, presented as a dinner theatre :)) I am QUITE excited! The play is melo-dramatic comedies that I believe were written by the director's. A loud, fun time was had by all. I actually received quite a few compliments about my facial expressions and comedic timing; I'm pleased with my self really, not to brag, seeing how I haven't performed in a real play since I was seven and did Children's Theatre in Seattle.
Well... it's amazing I'm still sane 'cause I've been turning into a whiny five year old at the most random times begging her dad to bring the cat home already, and it's just not been going very well.
I rest my case I leave you so I can think of ways to distract myself further. Sleep would help but I'm ina very creative mood right now so let's see if I can find something to do, shall we?
I should say "shall I?"...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Make Them Hear You (Ragtime)

Singing this in Choir! :) I absolutely adore it of course, however in this piece, the beginning is a little shaky, but ends beautifully!

God. I hate to admit it but I LOVE choir songs, call me a nerd if you want.

Or a Gleek, however I don't watch Glee so that would be counter productive, sorry to say.

Oh well good night, and remember! Send my cat home with your minds pretty please with whipped cream, rainbow sprinkles, and a cherry on top! I love her oh so very much, losing her would be like punching a whole through my chest, like Bella losing Edward, only times ten!

Oh gracious, Twilight references...


I wish you all the best of a good night sleep, ta-ta!

All I want is my Putty-Tat back :'(

My pretty kitty, Midnight Bagheera, has gone astray, and her curfew is 8. It's 11 o'clock as of... now. :( I just want her home safely and sadly her, and the concept of sleep, have prevented me from writing the post I had planned. I'm just not in a writing mood sadly, and how odd...
Keep her in your thoughts my reader's, send her home with your minds pretty please! She's just a little baby after all :(
Wish me the best of luck, hope fully something more cheery tomorrow. I apologize again, my nerves are a little tense due to the thought of my lil' kitty running around in the big bad world...
Love always,
Kitty!!!!!! Get your butt home NOW! :'(

Oh Girl...

The school day is done, bring on the softball and then 10 hours of sleep
Now I don't really have much to tell you about how my day in the world beyond my door step but I can however tell you that this morning was rough seeing how I managed to misplace my Toaster Strudel.
Not the actual pastry the box.
Need I explain?
I was exhausted and right as I pull the box out of the freezer my dad starts talking to me, so with the box, I walk to the living room to talk to him and set the box down on the coffee table.
Only problem is: I forgot.
Of course I forgot...
well thus leading to five minutes of searching and getting annoyed at how my stomach was growling.
I just thought I would inform you, is all.
Any who I'm off to search the Internet and eat a snack before softball in an hour and a half.

Monday, September 20, 2010

A Bohemian Life Choice

Well I was thinking of shaping the images into more of a house shape, but that's for another day. I LOVE how this set turned out though! I need to go to bed, tomorrow is Tuesday, a.k.a a school day, so good night to you all.

You know while I was making this I was listening to A Whole New World from Aladdin. The irony...

My Life in 10 years :)

Yeah, this. Right here? This is my Bohemian life as a 25 year old I do believe.
Or perhaps it's just images that I love that have something to do with being an adult.... I do not know really. You may have noticed paper cranes and cats.
Yeah I don't know where I was going with that.
But no I'm not planning on becoming a cat lady. I will own a cat but I not to the point where it's obsessive and lonely. There images have officially sparked inspiration for a Polyvore set.
To be continued...
Darn you weather.
Darn you.

Is it quite possible that today is the day the weather will finally listen?! I hope So!!!!!!!

Oh my oh my, oh me oh my, Oh me oh my!!!!!
The weather! She is dark, and cloudy, and wonderfully beautiful! But best of all: today just might be the day where my hopes of it raining suddenly so that way softball will be cancelled, will hopefully come true today. Today! On a Monday! Oh the possibilities are wonderfully likely that I'm having trouble not screaming "Please Dear God let it rain!" out my front door.
Fingers crossed, knock on wood, cross your heart and kiss your elbow (My God I love Audrey Hepburn in that movie!) PLEASE LET IT RAIN!
Rain... gorgeous, wonderful, rain, come down from the heavens and wash away the world for just this one night... my friend, my unknown love, please turn the sky dark(er) and let the sweet music of booming thunder and the rain be heard on my metal roof.
This is all I ask of you Mother Earth, RAIN!!

I digress with my prayer to the rain, the earth, and my lacking of having a ride to softball... hee :)
Well today was surprisingly... I JUST SAW LIGHTNING!! COME ON, RAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kay sorry, so today was surprisingly calm, dull, boring what have you (like always). Math: I passed my quiz with having only missed 3 problems, I am so stoked! (yes my vocabulary just dropped like... three I.Q points... JK).
Spanish: Mini quiz, that I also passed. I also had to be a teacher to this girl who I've heard does not seem to enjoy my company, if you will, although she's actually really nice... I had to translate our story to her through gestures while she translated. I got a sticker!! :) Lunch: I was once again lacked a lunch, I refuse to do this again. History: We presented our projects, my group didn't go, I bet you anything we'll go tomorrow. Chamber Choir:
...that was a very educational class lol, of course I enjoy it but I'm still slightly surprised about hearing words of a specific topic come out of my teacher's mouth that I don't even hear out of my fellow choir members. Never the less:
SO FREAKING HILARIOUS. I'm afraid I can't go into details, but I bet that whatever you're thinking is like way worse than what actually happened so don't freak out.
Oh yay I have a ride, lovely. Let's hope though that it won't be necessary and I can just stay home, make dinner, and watch the TLC channel in peace.
Are you reading that, whoever controls the weather?
Oooohhhh double lovely, my mama is home from New York :) She went to my cousin's wedding that I wished I could have gone to sadly, I hear it was beautiful :( dang I'm really regretting not pushing her into letting me go now.
Oh well.
So I have fashion matters that I think should be discussed for your general entertainment, but this is just an informant post you see. Which by the way, I'm watching Fabulous Cakes on TLC and I seriously have been considering becoming a baker for QUITE some time now. You'll understand what I mean if I write a post about it.
Oh me oh my, BIG thunder boom... Yay :)
Okay well awesome blossom opossum (my blog, my post, my vocabulary...) Byeee!
P.S I just realized that this post is basically pointless but I am absolutely bored. 

"Those Days Were So Simple"

Oh lovely lovely lovely school starts at 9 today that means sleeping in and some extra time to inform you people about life in general. Now before I discuss the last day of my weekend (that passed by acceptably too fast) here we have pictures, thanks to Haley, from our mini shoot, as I've been calling it, the other day.
(Haley: Accessory Tree)

(Katie: Crab Apple Tree Outside my house_

(Haley: Me watering me mom's plants)

(Haley: Those Days were so Simple: MY NEW FAVORITE PICTURE!)
(Katie: Over the ledge)

I listed the photographer under the photo and what I believe are appropriate titles.
So here we go: My Sunday consisted of a tribute to the outdoors really and getting outside before I'm cooped up for 40+ hours all week, not including softball.
We (my dad, my sister, and I,) hiked up the Hunter Creek trail in Aspen and the colors were amazingly beautiful (although this might have to do with the fact that my sunglasses enhanced the colors). It was a pretty simple hike although we didn't get out of the house until 2 and we only stayed up there for about an hour because my friend Naomi invited us to Strawberry Rock. So we drove back down valley, threw on our swim suits, got Naomi from her house, got my bathing suit from my mom's (I kind of spazzed and grabbed two tops and I didn't realize this until I had locked the door. Luckily no one saw hahaha). The water was cold of course but again; the colors were beautiful and it was actually pretty warm out so we weren't opposed to jumping in. Naomi and I decided to not hold back and just jumped in as soon as we got there. It was a pretty enjoyable, some-what short, trip.
However: my weekend has come to a close, and now it's Monday.
Monday?! Oh no it can't be Monday, it's just to gruesome! (spin on Audrey Hepburn Breakfast at Tiffany's quote).
I'm no pleased. Hell who is pleased, it's Monday for crying out loud! Do you think I enjoy being trapped inside for eight hours, five days a week cursed to relearn everything from my eighth grade year, with math in the morning and softball for two hours afterward.
It's gruesome. Really. Really quite gruesome.
This would be where I would say "But that's okay! 'cuz I had a Toaster Strudel this morning!"
No people.
Not even a Raspberry Toaster Strudel is going to cut it today.
Mondays, despite late start, are always GRUESOME.
I digress. Time for school.
I'm not happy about this at all...

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Autumnal Pre-Photoshoot: Behind the Scenes.... I'm so excited for the actual shoot! :D

Yay for a productive weekend! :) Haley and I have accomplished the observation that Autumnal Photo shoots are exceptionally more beautiful than Summer shoots. I believe it's the colors...
It was really more of a pre-shoot, ideas were hatched mostly out of a few images we took of accessories. You'll understand what I'm talking about when I post pictures from the shoot. I'm so unbelievably excited though for the outcome of the photos ahead, why I don't know but I'm prone to becoming exceptionally excited when a simply lovely idea comes to mind.
Here we have pictures I shot from behind while Haley was shooting pictures. We call them "The Pictures we took of the pictures from behind" not really I just came up with that.
It's more like Behind the Scenes Pictures; so here we are:

Yes yes very lovely I know. I'm absolutely thrilled about where this lead to. You'll have to wait and see though, for the pictures I mean.
Because they have not yet been photographed.
There's also the matter of the fact that the outer part of the fence at my dad's house looks this amazing:
Is that not the most colorfully, lovely, "warm on the eyes" vine that you have ever seen?! I am so epically happy that it turned out so well considering the fact that I took this with my phone camera. Pretty, no?
Well let's see here:
Right now, I'm watching the ending of the third installment of Back to the Future. It's surprisingly good considering the fact I don't usually like movies like this. I realized earlier though that the guy who plays Marty (Micheal J. Fox) also does the voice to Milo in Disney's Atlantis: The Lost Empire (a.k.a. one of my favorite movies as a kid).
I'm also under the strange sensation... well craving really, that it's Winter Break, snow is falling and I'm in Vail staying at this really sweet hotel I've been to before for a skit weekend, sipping hot coco and wearing some ridiculously stereotypical outfit you would only see in a Christmas, romance, self-realization movie... I'm only in it for the skiing...
Something tells me that anyone reading that last sentence (especially people who know me well) are reading that with skepticism...
Teehee :)
Well continuing the with fashion part of this post; as much as I want to tell you the theme of the shoot, I don't find that logical so like I've said "you'll just have to wait and see".
Also today, I discovered the earlier ages of Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel due to the movie Haley and I watched called Coco Before Chanel. It really is a lovely movie...
Well for know I wonder about what is to come and the ideas that have been floating in and out of my mind for a week now.
A shower would be most lovely as well.
Until then,
P.S It just might be possible to squeeze in a book list before I retire for the night. No promises but I'll see.

Back to the Future III Quote

Doc: So it may not be my name on that tombstone, it may be yours.
Marty:... Great Scott.
Doc: I know. This is heavy.


Friday, September 17, 2010

Oh Paris.
My lost, unknown love, when this insanity ends we'll meet at last...
Dear God someone get me out of here?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

All they care about is school. I care about moving on with my life.... Sigh.

"There is only one road to true human greatness... Through the school of hard knocks." -Einstein
....Well damn, is that not the most antagonizing quote you've ever heard? Every time I read in Science I instantly feel like punching a wall or lighting a match under the poster that bears that quote.
I'm getting more and more pissed off at the concept of four more years of school, sorry...
No I'm not emotionally stressed or slowly going insane (okay that last one is a lie), it's just that I am in a horribly annoyed mood that it slowly turning into madness because of the fact that my expectations of high school consisted of learning something new, not going over the same sh*t that we've been learning since fifth grade. Do they honestly expect me to put up with waisting like another two months of my life figuring out the scientific method and adding fractions?
Don't answer that.
My point is: I'm slowly turning anti-learning and not wanting to wake up every day at 6:45 sharp just to go to feel like I'm waisting eight hours of my life every single freaking day for the next four years when I could be off doing better things with my life.
You know it's funny, I don't usually get this attitude until after Spring Break, high school really brings you down when you feel like you have nothing to look forward too...
I'm insanely BORED, and don't say "well maybe you should talk to someone about it and maybe you can work something out or switch classes"
My options are slim, but do you seriously think I haven't tried that yet?
I honestly and truly have that crying for the sake of crying feeling for like the 30 bajillionth time this week, is it seriously going to be like this for the rest of the year?
Look let's put it this way: I am questioning so many things about my life right now, that's it's becoming ridiculous. I bet you $5 (I'm being hypothetical, I don't even have five bucks to my name) that if I tried to explain this to my parents I would end up even more frustrated and crying and they would be saying "I don't understand what you're saying" over and over to the point where I get even more annoyed, or they'll tell me there's really nothing I can do.
That certainly does not help the subject at hand.
ah... you know.... ugh...... hmmm...
I hate this...
I still have this feeling, in my lungs mostly, that screaming or more writing would be most helpful, but I know from experience it's not going to be.
I really should just go to bed.
After all
I have Math tomorrow morning...

Where the hell is my Hogwarts letter.

September Outfits I would Love to Own

Top to Bottom, Left to Right:
1.Chic Wool Clothe- Forever21, $14
2. Lace Overlay Dress- Forver21, $26
3. Black Doc Marten's- Doc Martens $115
4. Loose Knit Crochet Barret- $4.50 Forever21
5. Antique Rose  Boyfriend Tee- musthaves.com, $42
6. Indigo Teo Front Shorts- $210 farfetch.com
7. Skinny Satin Bow Headband- $16 anntaylor.com
8. Black Boyfriend Tee- $86 my-wardrobe.com
9. Black Milk Galaxy Leggings- $60 blackmilkclothing.com

Possibilities right here :) Going to go get a brownie, be right back.

Something to Think About...

Today I walked into Study Hall and saw this written on the board:
I think people are afriad of dying because...
...that just got me thinking. I don't think I've ever had such a confusing, self realization before, but anyway fill in the blank, I'm curious. I'll fill mine in when I can.

Can't it just br Friday already? Also: Hair Cuts and Suede Saddle Shoes. Awwww Yeaahhhhhh

Where do I even begin my unsatisfaction with Wednesdays?
I may seem over dramatic but Wednesday just feels like the absolute worst day to me, especially in a week where all you want to do is sleep in, watch movies, and not do anything for two days before you have to go right back to the same thing all over again. I honestly wonder: is there anything else to look forward to in the year, that's worth looking forward to?
Just an observation...
Naturally though I think you can sense my distaste of school at the particular moment. Pardon my rant; I'm just horribly frustrated with the fact that I'm relearning everything I learned last year this year and that is just really bothersome to me, especially seeing how I have like hours of work that I luckily just finished because of it. Seriously though: can't we just learn it once and move on?
Look there are a lot of things I could question about the educational system but let's moves on to a happier note shall we?
Right, so; Haircut last Sunday. See here!

Yes, yes I know they're side ways and my face is breaking out making me look horribly shabby and disgrumbled (Haley Vocabulary) and very well... teenager. Other than that interesting observation though, I love my new haircut. It's straightened right now of course (well not right now, right now it's wet and curly, but in the picture...) Markee (family friend) calls it "adorably modern". I take this as an excellent sign. It's nice to know that I made a nice choice with my hair for once it feels like, however I'm going to have to straighten it every day if I want to keep it looking this way, which is going to be a huge hassle, but it's worth it...
Moving right along.

I always love it when they come in the mail, they just spark so much creativity and love in my eyes, brain, heart, kidney, what have you. However: I was NOT so pleased with seeing this:
on the cover of my magazine!
Can you not sense my detest-ment of seeing him on the cover of my FASHION, GIRL, I've-hit puberty-and-my-voice-is lower-than-yours, magazine?! (What a horrible argument)
I can't stand him.
Just thought I would let you all know.
However the contents were ever so enjoyable. I haven't gone into details really yet which obviously doesn't help the fact that I left it at my mom's... but I did find THIS!:

VANS ad.
Lord sometimes when I'm really lacking the inspiration and can't seem to find anything in Teen Vogue, I just crack it open to a VANS ad and I feel like my problems are solved. Call me completely un-hipster if you want (is that even the proper way to phrase that?) but quite honestly my favorite ads in the entire magazine are the VANS and UGGs ones. The VANS aren't so much a crime towards my opinions but the UGGs... oh if you only knew how much I've been despising UGGs lately.
The fact that my knock-off ones have rocks jammed up into the crappy rubber heals, and yellow paint on the fake suede is the least of my annoyance really... I'm just sick of them period. The suede saddle shoes though just kind of made my day when I saw this ad. I looked at the girl first, then I kind of squinted my eyes and instantly thought "Oh my God, what is on that girls feet?!" and then of course I looked to the image next to it (or was it under it) and just instantly fell in love. I don't know what it was, but tying them in with the gray long sleeved boyfriend tee, leggings, messy hair, and black horn rimmed glasses, was like an instant realization of how I wished I could have days like that sometimes, and every day with shoes like that.
Saddle shoes... Hmmm, where has that trend gone hiding?
I digress. In fewer words I would say that I think I'm finally realizing the true affection that we woman have for shoes. It's never struck me until now.
Yeah call me crazy, but better late than never right?
Back to a matter that I think I am officially almost dying for:
The Black Milk Galaxy Leggings.
Yeah I haven't really wanted them for long but in case you haven't noticed the word want IS in there. I think that I just might have to start saving for them. They are just so beautifully attractive to me and I feel as though having them would open up so many windows of inspiration and creativity that it makes me dizzy really to think about it.
Notice how sympathetic I'm getting over a pair of leggings.
You should see me about the Doc Marten's...
Just to be frank here, real quick: I love clothes and want to expand my knowledge of just how much fashion means in this world but for now I'm broke and don't even know where to begin. Leggings are just some place for me to start...
Does this make sense to you?... Who ever you are...
I just feel like a total gusher over the most random things and I think that's making me sound like an idiot. Don't go judging, you don't know how confused I am and how much I want out of life. It's tragic almost...

Well now it's Thursday, which only adds to my annoyance, seeing how it can't just be Friday...
It's 12:39 am, and I'm feeling kind of exhausted. Lucky for you I have lots of things I'd like to share though.
Night to you all... Morning?
Que Ridicolo, morning...