Sunday, August 29, 2010

I'm not going to lie but yes I was thinking of saying this:

"I'm  a grouchy girl who wants her mommy and a smoothie pop; leave me alone."
Yes honest to God I was prepared to say that to my dad. I'm just not in a very happy mood right now, it's probably because I'm being harangued about how my room is a mess which I honestly do not care about. I move back and forth from house to house, I don't have time to clean my stupid room.
Just letting you know, but yes. This is a rant. A sleep deprived teen aged girl who insists of ranting because I have nothing else to do. I hate cleaning my room. Heck, I hate bending over to pick up a flipping sock. I. Do. Not. Enjoy. Cleaning. I have better things to do with my life, cleaning is not on my list it's as simple as that.
I also get into quite a mood when being lectured about the religious events of the world while trying to get my homework done.
Obviously I'm quite irritable today too.
At this point in the day basically I would like everything to be quiet so I can blog/write in peace and have a bite to eat. I'm also ready to go my mom's read VOGUE/TeenVOGUE in peace while watching Harry Potter movies and eating a smoothie pop. If you're wondering what a smoothie pop is, it's just frozen smoothie that you make with these mold things, which just so happen, to be Mickey Mouse themed in my case :)
I call them Mickey Mouse pops.
Any who... I think I'm finally starting to calm down a little bit, but I am desperately craving a bite to eat, and now that I think of it I'm going to go raid my fridge so be right back.
Chips and Salsa... might not be lunch but it works.
Ugh I just realized that in a few hours I'm going to my mom's and as happy as I am to see her and everything, we still don't have Internet, so that means I have to say good-bye to Blogger and Polyvore for a week so that's a little... suckish, I guess in volatile words...
Well I think I'm going to check my email, finish watching Miss Congeniality Polyvore, and then return here for some hopeful fashion like viewing so...

Ohhh Geez...

Crap. It's nearly noon and I'm still sitting on the futon in my room in my PJ's, un-showered and still not finished, scratch that, I still haven't started my homework.
So that crap actually turns into OH CRAP.
I really should be doing that but let's face it, who wants to go do homework?
Yeah I didn't think you liked it either...
Well this day is basically turning into me procrastinating or being stuck inside all day working on my homework. It's actually not that much but I have to do it... so...
See this is what YouTube, Polyvore, Blogger, and Facebook (not really on that last one, but if I'm REALLY bored I'll go on...) do.
And I would really love to be watching Harry Potter right now. But of course that's just me.
Okay enough of this, I'm going to have to negotiate with myself right now and say that there will be no more Internet habits until I get my homework done.
And now I am just rambling to myself dear lord...
Okay I'll quit bothering you.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sara Bareilles - King Of Anything

Love. This. Song! Yeah I should be taking a shower right now but as you all may have realized by now, I'm addicted to the Internet.

I'm going to go find things I'm obsessed with, TA!

Devil Wears Prada and Tropic Thunder... wow that is quite the coming home movie marathon combination...

Aw, home sweet home, sweet sweet home :)
Well while you all were off at school and your jobs and living your hopefully un-hectic lives, I was off in the city playing softball... well not really, as a freshmen you sit in the dug-out, carry the gear, and get the upperclassmen what they want but anyway. I was sitting in the dug out in 90 degree weather wearing solid black sliding pants and socks with my polyester jersey, begging for little flimsy clouds to hide the sun. It was a pretty intense tournament though, I love watching the girls on my team play. My friend's mom describes it as Women's Major Leagues basically. It was a grand time though, staying in a very lavish hotel in groups of four to a room, and going out to lunch and dinner with one another, in all hilarity if I do say so myself.
Really quick though I would like to note the delicious strawberry lemonade at the Ruby Tuesday's  we went to... just thought I'd mention that. The steak was well done also.
In fewer words: It was SO MUCH FUN!
I also got to be a courtesy runner for the catcher on my team because her knee was acting up so I got to run the bases seven times and I scored six runs :) I'm very proud yes.
Now I'm home from a long day of riding on the mini bus, about to eat pizza and watching The Devil Wears Prada, such an amazing movie!
Miranda: You have no style, or sense of fashion.
Andy: Well I think,
Miranda: No, no. That wasn't a question.
Sorry I just had my mind blown by Tropic Thunder.
Shall I explain as to why I'm still very confused and dizzy?
Okay I will:
1. Robert Downey Jr. was black. It's a little crazy to see your favorite actor with a different color of eyes, skin and hair just saying. And an Austrailian accent, but that was really hot though so...
2. Asian kid wit a bazooka.
3. Grover from Percy Jackson was in an R movie.
4. Asian kid stabbing Ben Stiller.
5. Did the director actually die?!
6. Ben Stiller throwing the Asian kid who was stabbing him for stabbing him.
7. Tom Cruise was fat.
Blew my mind, I don't know if I will ever be the same again...
That's a lie, I will never be the same again.
But yeah it was crazy, I mean it took me like 10 minutes to realize that the awesome black guy was Robert Downey Jr. and it took me like 45 minutes, maybe more, to realize the mean, fat, cursing director was Tom Cruise.
Anyway: I'm tired, I feel all gross and gritty and my allergies are going off. Why I don't know. But I would like to go shower, get some sleep, and wake up tomorrow at like 10 so I can finish my homework and inform you all more about my random interests and day.
So long!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

September VOGUE pictures!!

Oh damn all the pictures I took side ways actually did turn sideways, it's never done that before... Well here you are, I'm not going to try and bother turning them in the right direction, just turning your heads would be take less time thank you.
So... where to begin? From the top I believe?
Okay so um...
1. Girl with Purse with Dog: I liked this picture, but pushing more towards love due to the loveley fact that pictures like these (waist down with an accessory) are some of my favorites. They are always so creative, and so naturally this one caught my eye.
2. Fashion's Night Out Model Line Up: I loved this picture too! (you're going to be reading that a lot, just a heads up. After all this is a post on pictures I loved  from VOGUE.
Okay so the first thing I noticed, and loved (told you) was how they were all smiling! Models never seem to smile any more, and it's kind of a pet peeve of mine I'm sorry. But this picture was just so perfect, it looks like they're a group of teen aged girls getting together for a party and they're having just an amazing time with all their friends. It's so amazingly lovely. P.S Sorry to Lara Stone, whose entire body was caught in the glare of my lamp and removed unintentionally from the picture. Also yes my nails are bright pink, they matched the shirt I wore the other day.
3. Beige and a bathtub: I don't know what it was, but something about this picture sparked my interest and wonderment. Her face, her wardrobe, her position, I'm curious as to why all of these things are tied into the picture.
4. Bench Group Photo: Okay from far left the people/models/amazing people are
Artist Ryan McNamara, Model Valerija Kelava, Musician Ell Jackson of LaRoux. Model? Daria. Actress Dakota Fanning. Actor Hayden Christensen. and Model Eliza Cummings. I loved this picture for three reasons: 1. Elly Jackson 2. Dakota Fanning. 3. It's just such a great photo!
5. Sweater Girl on the beach: This is like my summer vision here, minus her, how you say, La-la's hanging out just a bit. Sitting on a beach with a cute brown knit sweater, with a good ol' magazine (Like VOGUE!) and a soft serve ice cream cone on a beach in East Hampton would just be lovely.
 Absolutely lovely.
6. There's just something very capturing to the eye about this photo.
7. I completely hate the color bland of the pink sweater and the green skirt, yet at the same time I like it because it's just so 50/60's no? And with the old sunglasses perched on the open book, I think it's very stunning, but I must say that looking off into space without a smile on your face (cough COUGH) is a little odd to me.
8. Girl in a LBD: I loved the background of this photo! Also on the other side there was the same girl but wearing kind of a pant suit. I liked this side though it said "Young" and "Little Audrey Hepburn, partier under class man" to me. The light was a little hard to control though, sorry.
9. Looking out the Window: I love everything about this photo, God where do I even begin to describe how MUCH I. Love. This. Photo! Her hair, her dress, the blank stare that she sends off through the panels of glass. I mean if you could look closely, her eyes just look so in depth and hard in concentration. Not blank and forced which is how I find most models facial expressions. I also love her gown. It's not exactly Marie Antoinette (obviously) but it's not exactly 30's style either. I don't know how to explain it, but I truly love the general idea it is sending out.
10. Staring/ Big Hair: I love this photo just as much as the next one. I love her sweater, it looks awfully comfortable I think... I also love her lips. If you could look closely, they're this bright ruby red that blends just amazingly with the dress and really makes you notice the rest of the photograph I think. Also I feel like she's looking the photographer straight in the eye, through the lens, which is giving off the impression of looking at us, the reader's also very closely. It's not exactly intimidating, but it's not exactly friendly either. It's a very hard look I would say...
11 and 12. UGG shot: This is an UGG ad surprisingly. I'm kind of at a phase at  the moment where I don't think I can handle another winter wearing UGGs for sixth month's straight. I mean honestly if I don't add some character to my boots I might as well boycott by wearing flip flops or something. That would never actually happen but I think you see here I'm coming from. I liked her outfit though, and the light on her face. It's a very well photographed image, I'd say. I can't exactly spot a piece of UGG merchandise in here though, maybe it's just me.
13. Last but certainly not least! Blake Lively observing a Givenchy photograph at the Givenchy Hotel D'evreux in Paris:
Oh my GOD I LOVE this picture. I mean the way her body is angled towards the painting and her adorable dress! The way the light is hitting all the different shades of gold and crystal in the room. And of course the picture with all of the Givenchy models with their backs to the photographer, dressed in their amazing attire. I love this photo. I wish I had a version that was turned the right side up and better quality to share with all of you, but sadly I don't :(
I actually just realized that Ta'vi posted a picture of the Givenchy models, faces forward, and I think the dresses are beautiful, but certainly different
I'm pretty sure they're the same dresses and models in the picture Blake Lively is looking at. Hopefully so.
Anyway... THAT'S IT!
Not much more really I'm afraid, and it's getting late after all so it's best for me to retire to bed now, due to the fact that I do have school tomorrow. Luckily though on Friday I don't thanks to a softball tournament over near the big city airport.
Also I am quite tired of going to bed super late and waking up at 6:45, only getting about 6 hours and 45 minutes worth of sleep... That's kind of ironic 6:45, 6 hours and 45 minutes...
OH and also while I was searching The Style Rookie for the Givenchy pictures I stumbled over this:
I think you can guess why I adore these pieces.
The nebula patterns of course! Lately I've been quite obsessed with them and am thinking that some kind of skirt/shirt with the same pattern would be something I would love to buy. There were also these shoes on Polyvore that had a nebula pattern, and a pair of Doc Marten's and now I am in serious like with them both. I'm not saying love because if I get to attached and dreams don't come true the harder the blow to my esteem will be.
Which by the way, can any one give me some opinions on what they think of nebula Doc Marten's, and what they would go wonderfully with? I just might get a pair for my birthday if I'm lucky enough (and brave enough to ask my mother for a pair. $175 shoes aren't really her thing...)
Well I'll leave it at that. Night to you all!

Dakota Fanning is Cherie Currie painting a Bowie Bolt on her face (LOVE THIS PICTURE!)

Okay sorry that it's pixelated and all but I just love this picture of Dakota Fanning. It's from The Runaways, and Fanning is playing the lead singer Cherie Currie, and in this picture she's painting a bowie lightning bolt on her face for her school talent show, which happens to be a great single. I wish there was a still of her where it shows her back and so it's basically just her outline and she's on stage and she's flipping off the audience. God it is just such a great picture :)
So I snagged this off one of my Polyvore contacts profile's who snagged it off a blog about K-Stew and uh... yeah, so there you have it.
Going to take some pictures of pictures from VOGUE that I absolutely love and explain a few things here and there.
Although what do I know, I'm like hardly even a fashionista. I'm hardly fashionable and don't know much about the world I wish I belonged in. But hey at least I'm interested in it right? Well.... That's that.
Will post in like 15... 20 tops. Peace.

Aw lovely, yet another uneventful day of high school...

So today was pretty uneventful, due to the fact that it was a Gold day today (don't even bother asking, I'm not going to be able to tell you) and I don't really have ANY interesting classes on gold days... well besides Art but not much happened there today either so let's leave it the way I've been doing it.
Math: Was actually quite successful this morning. I completes my home work in class once again and got my P.O.W and my other problem-like-things which lead to me not having homework, which is always lovely no?
Art: we cut out things from magazines for our flip flop collages.
Study Hall: ...I really don't remember but it wasn't very eventful.
Lunch: Once again with hallway and nibbling on Milky Ways and Lays.
Science: resulted to doing the "Floating Bubbles" experiment.
English: I learned how to write a well organized paragraph for the...6th time probably in my life possibly 8th.
And now I am home waiting for 13 minutes to pass before I go to softball. We're having an early practice because of pictures, so practice is from 5-7 tonight, and that gives me more time for other things that I find important :)
Hahahaha I love this iCarly quote:
Sam (to Freddie): When did you become my wife?!
Well I'm going to go get ready and drink some cranberry juice.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

101 Posts :) Can I get some feedback on this genius-ary?

Not a valid title I know but hey if you read the read the real genius behind the post I do believe you will understand my happiness.
One hundred and one posts.
I've written One hundred and ONE posts
since April.
Can I get a hell yes here people??
Okay hold up to be completely honest right now the thought "Awesome Blossom Opossum" is going through my head.
Yes I am strange, thank you for noticing. Any who, let's get down to the real post then shall we?
At a predictable note, Day Two, High school: Freshmen Year, was today and today was excellent. Math of course I did not enjoy due to the fact that I am not a Math person.
There for Math went rather sluggishly, even with picture day.
Spanish, moy bueno! I actually understood some of it today. Prof`e told us the story of how Tim was very sad there was no sushi so we walked very quickly to Australia in the summer time to eat some.
Study Hall: Boring, thank God it's only 40 minutes though.
Lunch: Sat in the hallway again, and snacked off of Lays potato chips and a cosmic brownie while Naomi was consistently asking for a sip of my cranberry juice.
History: We talked about what we did over the summer and got into quite a heated yet short debate of soccer teams in the World Cup with the principal.
Chamber Choir... Oh Chamber Choir :)
Let me just say that ending my day with crazy people and singing is really the only reason why I enjoy high school.
Let's break down the day shall we:
First of all, our director/ AMAZING teacher informed us that she is 2 months pregnant and due in April :) EXCITEMENT!!
I also got fitted for my Choir attire (oh me and my rhyming) and after that we played quite an inappropriate version of.... THE QUESTION GAME! (cue cheering and scolding adults).
What do you expect, we're high schoolers. I did however learn though that quite the amount of people have a very "grungy" mind, as we have been saying all day. No matter though, because it was hilarious.
Now I am home from walking with Haley and Kasie from school, eating cold popcorn, wishing I had M&M's and thinking that now would be an EXCELLENT time for some one on one time with my September issue of VOGUE.
I'm also wishing it would just start raining suddenly so that way softball would be cancelled tonight, but judging on the blue skies and robins chirping angrily at my cat, I'm not thinking that's likely to happen.
Well I just might spend the next hour and fifteen minutes looking at
Lucky you with your sleeping in or not so busy schedule...
P.S just figured out I'm getting a laptop for my birthday! :D can you say:

Lookbook, *SNOW*, and yeah it's definitely time to go to bed.

Alright, the eye lids are coming down and I have no other choice but to give in in the next 10 minutes.
Oh snap I just yawned, make that five. Okay so out of complete curiosity while raiding Haley's blog I stumbled upon the Haunts thing and saw Lookbook, and Haley seems to be the only one who knows that I'm in a small want of one, so Haley if you are reading this, would you mind inviting me on to Lookbook pretty please with cherries on top?
I was inspired; some of the photographs on there were just amazing and really forced me to think about pushing the envelope without bursting the envelope (Oh crap, now I'm pulling Wizard's of Waverly Place quotes, some one stop me now.)
I was also looking at some of Haley's photos from March and saw snow in the background. Where we live, the snow stays until April. LATE April. Which sucks but sometimes it's nice. I was just thinking that even though it's August right now, September is next week which means the leaves will start to turn those beautiful shades of gold and red, then a chill will settle over down and POOF! A blanket of white will have us all three feet deep to our knees. I can't believe we're back to this phase of weather, it feels like just yesterday I was walking to middle school in a sun dress and UGGs in March :P Yes I did such a thing, you are not one to judge in this.
I just cannot believe that we're almost back to Autumn and Winter, I mean like, like skiing, and sledding, and Santa Claus with the jolly laugh and sweets I wish was still real...
No young readers I hope...
I'm with Ta'vi though, I don't care much for finding God but I miss the days where Santa Claus was my hero.
The thought of Winter taking over again for 6 months is something I am dreading slightly.
Some of you might be thinking "Oh my God! Six months of winter! Snow and skiing and playing in it everyday, and blah blah blah".
Yeah well I got news for you:
1. Try living with it for 7 plus years of your life.
2. On the mountain, the snow is pretty, and fluffy and white.
In town, it's slushy, and wet, and brown, and SO COLD.
3. Skiing usually SUCKS in November, March and April so you really only have three good months of skiing. And being a kid, you really only get to go on weekends.
4. Play in it all you want, but you get cold fast and bored just as quickly.
Like I said: 7 PLUS years.
Who knows though, maybe this year will be different...
I say that every year and nothing really ever does change, how's that for putting a downer on your own self esteem?
Alright I leave you now with your thoughts and also because I need some shut-eye (that sounds so Pirate-ish).

Monday, August 23, 2010

Alright I liked High School until I realized that it requires I go to bed before 11:30. That's seriously cutting into my Blogging Time...

Okay well as you can see, the whole "going to bed before 11:30" has failed by five minutes now so I think you can tell that I honestly don't care how late I'm up or not.
Honestly I'm fine. Waking up at 6:45 is not an issue, for now. I was waking up at 6:30 all least week while going to bed at like 1. Does anyone else find it odd that I can run on energy made up of only 5 and a half hours of sleep?
I've got to say: for a 14 year old who is usually very grumpy due to lack of sleep I'm surprised of my non-grumpiness (that sounds so grandma-ish). Okay well except for this time last Wednesday? when I got to sleep in until 11 and I was all pissy and lazy to my mom but other than that...
Alright so I've told you about my "good interesting" first day of high school. I don't know how many times I've said this but:
No where to go from here.
Or perhaps I've been saying that on the other blog...?
Oh well.
So see the thing is I was going to go to bed around 10:30 but if you knew me, you would know that
1. That is COMPLETELY impossible for me to do.
2. I have to take a shower after I play a sport (in this case softball) otherwise I will be up for God knows how long feeling all gross and sweaty while lying in my nice clean sheets.
Most of the time I just get fed up with the paranoia and end up taking a shower at like three in the morning and going back to bed. That's not going to be happening much this year though because I'd rather just take a shower before I get into bed.
So anyway, I took probably the world's slowest quick shower and then decided to paint my nails bright pink to match my flannel shirt I'm wearing tomorrow.
Which brings me to reason why I'm up 2 (unless you count Blogger as a reason, then I'm coming up on reason three).
I have no idea what I am going to wear tomorrow pants wise. I was going to wear my attempted boyfriend shorts, except right now they look like Bermuda shorts and let's face it: Bermuda shorts were never in. They never were, they never will be, and they aren't now. Unless of course you're going to a country club.
In this economy, I don't know how likely those chances are but if you're not going to a golf course within the next 30 plus years:
Just saying people: I hate my jean ones and soon enough I will be cutting them into a latest trend. If yours have patterns and are made out of like 75% cotton, 20% polyester, 5% spandex or something like that, then don't even bother.
Anyway it looks like jeans, or my short-shorts but lately I have just been so sick of those, and am kind of refusing to wear them now.
School's started, I think it's time to put the bootie shorts away, shall we?
Anyway I'm basically up because I am dying to read the September issue of VOGUE I got at Target on Sunday, and waiting to be inspired.
I'm also trying to figured out how to pay my class fees on time and raise money for my Choir Disney World trip.
Ohhhh money is a cruel thing.
So see the only reason I haven't started reason is a) Blogger and b) once I start reading I won't be able to stop and I'm not exactly sure if I want to be busting my neck and reading a 726 magazine for hours on end, especially when I have school tomorrow.
Drat, see if it was still summer I would not be having this issue. What happened to school starting after labour day huh?
Oh! Also I am writing you from my bedroom from my bed from my, not really mine but dad said I can use it like it was mine, lap top :) success, I have finally gained a piece of technology I can call my own that is not the size of a deck of cards.
Well it's coming up on midnight now, and I'm finally starting to get tired. I guess VOGUE and inspiration will have to wait until after practice tomorrow...
Well peace,
P.S Have you noticed by new logo/background??? I'm quite proud :)

Jeanie Bueller Bed Spread. That I just so happen to own :)

I have this bed spread :)

High School is Interesting. In a Good Way.

Alright let's get down to business.
I was so excited last night that I could hardly sleep, but some how I did.
Woke up at 6:45, jumped up brushed my hair and teeth and put on my make-up, yet I still had to scramble to make my pathetic lunch.
Haley and Arielle came over because they needed a ride, and then of course right as we're walking out the door my mother shows up to take pictures. We were a bit delayed but alas, not late.
We walked through the doors slowly, so slowly that I started shaking with excitement. It was the most intense feeling I think I have ever had.
Haley and I found our friends quickly, and we wandered aimlessly through the hall trying to figure out what to do.
Then the bell tolled and we all started running for the academic hallway that lead to our lockers. But we were herded back for a "short, 5 minute" assembly, those liars. For 20 minutes we were once again lectured for probably the fiftieth time in our lives about what lied ahead in the year, and what they expected out of us.
I'm sure that some promises will not be kept.
Math was... well Math.
Spanish was hilarious fun to watch due to the fact that my teacher was frantically talking to us in Spanish with rapid hand gestures and making funny commentary.
Art we were (no surprise here) informed of the fact that we need $35 for the class, and how we should not chop off any of our flanges in the paper cutter.
At lunch time we ate in the hallway away from everyone else, sitting on the floor looking like preps or some horrid label.
In history I guess we're studding for a test of every one's names... should I be concerned?
Physical Science my teacher told us how he traveled Europe and was mugged on the second story of the hotel he was staying at in France.
I was SO happy to get to Choir, I had been looking forward to that all day. We were informed about the trip we'd be taking to Disney World.
Then I walked, alone, into sophomore English. Luckily I was completely ignored by everyone around me and all we did was write on note cards about our information and answers to random questions for a game.
Leaving though, I have to say, was a relief. But I'm looking forward to softball in about half an hour :)
Anyway. That's that, and tomorrows another day.
I will write soon.
P.S I take it that you noticed the new background? I'm working on the logo, I'm definitely going to interpret a Hogwarts crest in there :)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

There's no need to panic; it's just vampires and high school. Calm down... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alright reader's I'm in a bit of a panic.
As you all are probably aware of (or maybe not... unless you're stalkers) I am destined to be a freshmen in less than 24 hours, taking sophomore English BY MYSELF! and apparently have not-so nice seniors according to quite an amount of people.
Also due to the fact that I'm missing Friday of the FIRST WEEK thanks to a softball tournament.
I'm not usually one to cuss (on here) but
I'm in a panic!!
I mean honestly, unless you've endured it, I am scared out of my mind right now about the fact that Sex, Drugs, and Homework levels are jumping to an extreme here as soon as I walk through those doors. Hey. At least I'm being honest.
I'm scared.
Alright let's focus away from the reason why I am going to scream sporadically at any second now shall we?
So... I'm back! Internet is once again mine to control and keeping you all updated about my new beginning is a definite positive, for you at least... unless you don't enjoy this...?
Any who: Today resulted to shopping and the most amazing comedic movie I have seen: Vampires Suck.
Yesterday was rafting and having no choice but to skip out on softball practice. Is this a negative or a positive...?
Anyway the day turned to me taking the bus down valley for a few quick things. My purchases resulted to:
*Puff paint (blue, red and black)
*Harry Potter Silly Bands (can I get a hell yes?)
(No such luck at Staples...)
*a cannoli and a garlic knot (I have to eat too)
*a journal because tonight I will be finishing mine :) (IT'S GOT MICKEY MOUSE ON IT!)
*flannel shirt.
Alright Time: yes. you can call me a hypocrite (Haley this includes you). I have never liked flannels. Back when middle school was still in, left and right I would see them and think what ugly shirts... but alas No. It has come down to the fact that I am now a proud owner of this:

I think it's pretty cute but if you're not a fan of flannels you don't have to agree.
I also got:
*September issue of VOGUE
*and of course a snack for the bus, a Milky Way :)
I managed to get on non-shaky picture of three/out of four of my Target purchase on the bus.

Wa-La! I'm quite proud of this. Also this is such an amazing issue, I haven't had a chance to read through it yet, but the pictures are great. I'm determined to take/post them on here.
When I got home I resulted to breaking out the puff paint and starting on my SAVE FERRIS shirt.

My sister took this picture. Anyway I started on this right before the three of us, my sister, dad, and I, went to see Vampires Suck. Funniest movie ever! I've got to say though that I do not recommend seeing it with your family, because it is so inappropriate. So. Funny though.
Edward: Say it...Out loud.
Becca (not Bella):... Jonas Brother.
Edward: Yes... no wait what?
There's many more where that came from but I'm afraid I don't have the memory, except for this one quote:
Billy: Well whatevers killing those people isn't an animal. Do you see those footprints?
Frank (not Charlie): Yep... Canadians. Damn border jumpers are taking all the shitty jobs from us Americans and killing our fishermen.
When I got home I went from blogging this, but stopping to go get my phone which resulted to me working on my shirt, and then going on a walk with Haley while she walked her dog. It was raining earlier though and so the clouds and the light turned into this:
Isn't it pretty?
Anyway I came home, finished my shirt which thus turned into this:

and now I am watching the craziest episode of Leverage  ever, and mourning for the end of my summer.
Thus concludes my summer and my day and now I don't know how to end this post.
OH! I'm starting my newest blog Life of A Bohemian High Schooler today/tomorrow depending on if I have enough time. I need to get to bed...right about now... but I need to shower and prepare and everything so most likely going to post tomorrow.
So long, wish me luck as a freshie! :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Mother Earth Set

OH! By the way, before I jump in the shower; I made this a few days ago on Polyvore for a 30 Day Challenge Group I joined. The task, topic, thing was:
10; Create a birthday set on any day you choose. Dedicate it to Earth.
And wa-la. This ^ was born. It took forever to make but it was worth it. What do you think??

Fantastic. Awesome. SUPER. Great... Who am I kidding....

Well I am actually quite happy about the fact that I'm done with two-a-days, because I have to admit; waking up at 6:45 every day on the last week of summer royally sucks. But I have to go back to the high school later for a freshmen/senior BBQ and I don't know if I should be excited about this or just a tad bit concerned.
I know for a fact that I'm not one you would probably target for a prank, but being a freshmen that's usually a label.
I really hate labels.
But as it turns out the new principal is kind of strict I guess and got rid of Senior Prank Day. I'm happy about that but then what on earth are we going to do about the principal?
I shouldn't judge just yet; after all I'm not even in high school yet.
I'm actually really excited for it though; nervous, but SUPER excited!
I'm mostly happy about 1. Chamber Choir. 2. Art. 3. English Two 4. Softball. 5. Dances, Homecoming, stuff like that. Also in Chamber Choir we get to go on a trip to Disney World this year.
Oh yes :)
So let's see here: On today's agenda it looks like
*Blogging. Polyvore, Facebook, YouTube etc. etc.
*make boyfriend shorts
*Softball practice (which will hopefully be cancelled due to a sudden change in weather PLEASE! is inconveniently sunny out right now ad yesterday it was dumping buckets and apparently out field was underwater. I'm hoping for a small miracle that it will change again.)
*My friend Annie's Going Away Party :( she got accepted into this theatrical academy in California for Ballet...
*SLEEP IN!!! Double OH YES

Tomorrow I'm going rafting though so I actually don't get to sleep in that much but at least I won't have to wake up at 6:45.
Because that sucks.
In reality though my day looks like this:
*BBQ, get bored after a while and leave
*Blogger/Polyvore , which leads to me being lazy and not riding my bike to my mom's
*Go to bed, but then can't sleep so I end up writing/drawing/reading
*Still get 9 hours of sleep :)
Although while I'm lacking inspiration in both Blogger and Polyvore, if it happens, then I'm going to check out like I keep promising (and failing) to do.
There you have it.
So here's to starting my day.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Forever21 Cardigan

This is basically the only thing I really want to get off line. I saw it at the Forever21 in Silverdale Washington (state) and I absolutely loved it but I a sweater instead because I didn't want to spend $60 (the actual cardigan is $20, but if I has bought it I would have spent 60 so I got a $7 top, that I'm wearing now actually, instead) .
I think it's adorable and really suits what I'm shooting for, Fall Fashion wise. Cardigans... where would the world be without cardigans?
Cold most likely.
I just love cardigans lately, so I'm tying to experiment more with them and tie them in with my new wardrobe. It's hopeful that I'll be allowed to buy this (hopefully in the next few days, like I said; school starts in FOUR DAYS).
I'm going to try as hard as I can to get my projects done and post pictures, but things are going awfully slow.
I'd better go eat before softball practice starts.
It really sucks, it's been rainy all day, which lead to the cancellation of this mornings practice, but unfortunately leads to this evening's practice being held in the gym. Ugh... hopefully I made the right choice by deciding to play softball...
Just gotta keep telling myself "every thing's gonna be alright" lately, over the most pointless, little things.
P.S Oh wow right as I posted this the wind outside started going crazy... Oh, and then there's the thunder... well on the bright side I don't have to clean the patio for my mom's party later :)

Blue/Ivory Cheetah Flats. $7 at Payless :)

VOILA! I got the picture to load!!! SO what do you think of my new shoes?

"Sorry. I get cranky when I'm lacking M&M's on top of my popcorn"

Well damn, as it turns out that even though I was ready to rush down to the 711 and get some M&M's for my popcorn I realized that my wallet wasn't in my backpack. So sadly the newly welcomed junk snack was nothing but popcorn. No M&M's :( I really enjoy eating them together now even though I've only had them twice. But never the less it is delicious, do not call me crazy for trying until you've had it yourself. The two compliment each other splendidly... splendidly, what curiously, wonderful word...
Any who I gave up trying to watch The Last Song again before the counter on rental runs out, due to the fact that I really am not that big of a fan of Miley Cyrus, and also I was completely bored and needed a quick writing escape. When I say quick I most likely mean 2 hours.
No big deal.
I'm coming up blank on my Fall Fashion Inspiration. I am seriously considering consulting the September issue of Vogue for help, but I can't be quite positive. For those of you fashion addicts like Ta'vi and Haley, you might worship the issue. I on the other hand have trouble finding MY personal inspiration in just regular Teen Vogue. Can you see my dilemma?
I'm in some what of a panic. School is in ... Oh God, four days and I am missing the key factors of 1. boyfriend shorts and 2. my SAVE FERRIS and The Runaways tees. I don't know if I can get them all done in four days, but it's certainly hopeful.
So real quick here: for making a graphic word tee, would you use spray paint or a fabric marker?
I honestly think spray pain but if you disagree and have a better solution would you mind commenting on this ASAP.
I think I might just check out thanks to a post of Haley's recommending that, but I think I have it down... I just down have any of the things I want.
Well I have some things but... that's besides the point!
Basically I'm shooting for:
1. boyfriend shorts (maybe with ripped tights underneath... maybe...just maybe)
2. cardigans
3. possibly Doc Marten's. (I am SO skeptical about buying a pair, or knock offs. I think I might take this advice from this girl on Polyvore and get a floral pair, and a bright colored pair to keep a girly edge/look to my outfit.
I have absolutely no idea about what I'm going to wear pants and shoe wise in the Winter time here because it snows SO much, to my disliking... I love skiing but if I'm not skiing...Ugh. Have I told you this... yeah I've told you this.
Look let's put it this way: Take the amount of rain Seattle gets... and turn that into snow. Maybe not as much but it might as well be because we get a lot of it.
OH! And I'm shooting for sweaters too... and quirky tees like the ones I'm trying to make. I'm also praying to get this sweatshirt I saw on Polyvore. It's this cute little long sleeve, beige sweatshirt that has the Hogwarts logo on it :) Can you imagine my enjoyment of such an item in my possession.
Of course you can't.
Because you've never seen my face when I am completely ecstatic.
So I'll be asking for that for my birthday...
and a Laptop.
Look at me, my birthday is in November and I'm already begging...
I'm so excited though my dad said I could use his old laptop like it was mine until I get my new one :)
...I've told you this too.
I'm at a complete blank today, so sorry.
OH and by the way, I happened to stumble upon these:
well double damn, stupid picture won't load.
I will post the picture as soon as I can, but I searched "payless shoes flats" on Polyvore, and my blue/ivory cheetah flats showed up on the front page! I was trying to post the picture to show you how cute they are, whoever you are...
Okay well I'm off to scavenge for cute clothes that I have to talk my parents into letting me buy offline.

Making this quick!

Awesome day yesterday shopping. I got a lot of things that were cheap and I will definetky be using them to my advantage. My purchases consist of:
*Miley Cyrus/Max Azria floral button down in Ivory. No I am not the biggest gan of Miley a cyrus but hey it was a cute shirt for ten dollars you can't beat that. Also my mom bought it for me so no money of mine was spent
*Two Plain V-neck tees. One gray and one white. I'm going to customize the gray one to say The Runaways on it, and the white one to say SAVE FERRIS. $7.39
*Maybelline Lipstain in Wild-berry $6.49 (ridiculous price)
*Watermelon Lipsmackers Lipgloss $2.06
*Harajuku Lovers binder 5 magnificent dollars!
*Payless scarf $5
* Payless blue and ivory cheetah flats $7
Sadly my hopeful pursuit of purchasing an Olsenboye LONDON ROCKS tee was not successful, so online shopping has to come into play there. I didn't find any faded denim jeans for under $10 either (I'm going to turn them into boyfriend shorts) but Mom says she has a pair that might fit me, except I guess they're indigo. Can anyone tell me: does sand paper distress and fade jeans, or should I just bleach them?
I also found these amazing gray skinny's while rummaging the sales racks of the JCPenney but Mom didn't have the patience to let me try them on and so they were left at the store on the hanger to my personal dislike. I will post pictures of my amazing purchases when I can.
Oh and I also got new sneakers and cleats for softball but that's not as amazing I think.
Better go, heading to Naomi's for a smoothie and I haven't seen her in two months so I feel bad for making her wait.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

iTunes Version - Bed Intruder Song

Catchy Tune, it's actually kind of funny. I mean rape isn't funny, but I think it's interesting that they turned the interview into the song. Bye!

At last, no longer will I have to suffer!!

Alright so as you all know I have been in a desperate need of a shopping trip for school clothes. Today's the day! I'm so excited, and I'm bringing quite a sum of money so that's pretty awesome compared to the fact that I usually only bring like $20 wit me which is quite tragic. I'm going to keep it limited though, store wise. I'm starting at the JCPenney in hope of finding some promising Olsenboye items. I'm going to give Target a shot too although it's very rare for me to find something I like there that's under $15 lately. I might try to Family Dollar too, beauty product wise and some faded jeans to turn into boyfriend shorts :) Alright I just took a quick break to write my bestie in New Hampshire an email, sorry. So yeah I'll post pics of what I get when I can alright?
Better go, my mom wants to leave ASAP!
So long my friends!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

OH! Just kidding about that other post

YAY! I don't have to ride my bike over, my mom's coming to get me instead. Thank God cause my thighs are sore from these lunge things we do, and it hurts like a mofo to bike. I went to the 711 and they hurt so bad after that, so imgine going amile up to my mom's and up hill. That would SUCK.
Alright so I just thought I'd say that cause I have nothing better to do.

Best Snack Ever with a Sad Movie

Well my trip to the 711 for M&M's was both successful and quick. And after a quick call to my dad, I ordered The Last Song On Demand. If you've seen it you'll know how sad it it, although I surprisingly didn't cry this time...
But anyway right as the movie starts I made some Orville Redinbacher's Movie Theatre Butter Popcorn AND (I saw this at a Safeway on a poster) I added my M&M's to my popcorn!
It may not look/sound appetizing to you, but don't know it until you try it because I think it's delicious! :) The chocolate and the butter/crunch of the popcorn is actually an excellent combo. Except you need like seven or eight pieces of popcorn and one M&M in one bite because the chocolate is very over powering.
Well... right now I'm writing this just until I have to bike super quick up to my mom's to get my cleats, eat a Micky Mouse pop, and then ride over to softball practice for the second time today. Can't say that I'm really looking forward to it; I'd rather be blogging/ on Polyvore for the evening like I usually do when I'm at my dad's house. Except I'm at my mom's this week, and she doesn't have cable or Internet, and even if she did I wouldn't be able to use it because our desk top is out in the living room and if she caught me out there at like midnight using the computer... things would become apocalyptic. On the bright side though my dad got a new work lap top and he says I can use the old one until I get my new one :) (I think that's his way off saying that I'm getting one for my birthday. I'm so happy because the computer lab at the high school has computers from the nineties, and I feel bad saving all of my stuff on his computers, so I'm pretty happy).
I should get going, I'd rather be stuck waiting for a while then being late, and having to run a lap with blisters on my feet. It really does suck. And I'm sore from hiking/jogging/ We hike up this path near the school for a while and when it gets close to the end of practice we jog back down to the bottom, and it kill your feet. I'm still adjusting to high school level softball... Anyway, talk to you all later. Hopefully I can get on when I get home from school shopping tomorrow :) that is IF I get to go tomorrow. My check from the music camp I work at hasn't come in the mail yet like it usually does. So that's a little aggravating.
Okay see ya.

If I had M&M's I wouldn't feel as guilty.

Well crap. It's a beautiful day outside, I'm sitting inside making sets on Polyvore, and listening to music viz YouTube. I've been here for... Oh God... okay I'm not going to tell you because it's going to sound so pathetic, I would basically be setting myself up for sounding like a lazy, Internet obsessed teen who is throwing her last days of summer away... wait what. Oh my GOD this is sad, Summer is going to end in 5 days. FIVE. FLIPPING. DAYS! Waahhhhhhh :( Oh this really sucks. But at least it was a great summer.
I honestly don't know where to go from here... just kidding I know for a fact that after this I'm going to the 711 to get some M&M's. I mean I've already been outside today for softball at 7:30-9, and I'll be going back at 6, but still it's a gorgeous day and I turned down going to the reservoir with my mom and my sister, so now I kind of feel bad but... yeah anyway. Today I was expecting to hang out with my friend Naomi cause she just got back from camp but her two-a-day practice times are different than mine so we're not going to be hanging out all week. I think tomorrow I'm going to Glenwood for school shopping. But today I'm choosing to go out into public looking...not like crap, but certainly not good, to go get M&M's and then ride my bike to my mom's to read for a while and then it's off to softball, then home for dinner... Gosh when I re-read this it really does sound like I'm throwing the rest of my summer away. Ugh. I feel bad now, so I'm going to go.
So long friends.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Weather get your priorities straight for crying out loud

Okay so while my sister is off getting me a slice of pizzza I just thought I would point out the fact that it was finally a rainy, down pour kind of day. A.k.a a perfect Harry Potter movie marathon day. And yet while I'm off at my dad's, all of the movies are over at my mom'and just as I'm thinking about walking about to my moms to get them, it starts to get sunny. And now it's cloudy again.
Weather: you bother me.
Just thought I'd let you all know how irked I am about then situation at hand.
Also I'm freezing and all of my flannels SLASH sweats are up at my moms too.
Life is so hard, I know.

Ugh. Yes that's my title.

Well my friends my day seems to a have been extended by the fact I had softball practice at 7:30 in the morning and have it again today at 6. I got to my dad's at 9 I'm guessing and attempted to make a set on Polyvore and write some but I was/am exhausted and gave up in like 40 minutes I bet. Then I turned Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince on yet amazingly I fell asleep during it. I thought I'd missed out on most of the movie but it turns out I was only asleep for twenty minutes. Now I'm craving a slice of pizza and wondering about the September issue VOGUE thanks to Haley's video post. I'm also begging my mind to suddenly realize that I'm actually a witch and should be attending Hogwarts instead of my high school. Oh my God school starts in a week. AH! Okay sorry...
"Sorry Horace, emergency Choir practice I'm afraid." -Prof. Flitwick, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I would definitely use an excuse like that. :)
Ugh, I have a splitting headache and I'm so tired/hungry; sorry to be whining about my issues to you.
I also want a butter-beer. Damn. It sucks when you can't get what you want right away, or ever in some cases that only my mind can scheme.
I'm off to raid the freezer in hope of finding a pizza.
Real quick: my FAVORITE Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince quote!
Ron: What do you suppose Dean sees in Ginny?
Harry:I don't know. She's smart, funny... Attractive.
Ron: attractive?
Harry: yeah she's got
Ron: skin. You saying Dean's dating my sister because of her skin?
Harry: what no I'm just saying that it could be a contributing factor.
Ron: (pops his lips)... Hermione's got nice skin... As, as skin goes I mean...
Harry: I've never really thought about it, but I suppose yeah. Very nice.
(awkward pause)
Harry: I think I'll be going to sleep now.
Ron: yeah...right. Yeah.
Harry and Ron from Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

So. Funny. Okay now I'm off to eat. So long.
(by the way, I wrote this on my sister's iPad. She caught me though and she gets really mad when I use it but I fixed it. Anyway bye!)

Taylor Swift - Mine (Julia Sheer ft. Tyler Ward Acoustic Cover) - Music ...

So this is Julia Sheer and Tyler Ward singing Taylor Swifts's Mine and I kind of just relaized that this is Julia actually singing. It's so amazing! Listen...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

20?! How in the HELL did Emma Watson become 20?!?!

 Okay how in the world did Emma Watson become 20?! I mean TWENTY. Really? I remember going to see Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone on my...6th birthday, in 2001. Woah I just realized that it was released the day before my birthday :) Cool. But yeah I remember her being so little, and every time I watch some of the first movies I always think how young they look; now all of a sudden she's twenty?! Question Mark times well twenty... this is crazy I don't know why I'm so blown away. I guess it has to do with the fact that earlier I was thinking how her new haircut makes her look so much older, because I was thinking that she was seventeen, eighteen. Instead she's jumped three/two years over my actual estimation. I'm also having trouble realizing that she's only five years older than me... five years. Until I turn twenty?...sheesh I'm losing my mind, time really does fly... and it sucks.
Speaking of time flying, this is my last week of summer, starting tomorrow. I'm losing my mind. One week until high school? Good God, I still have to prepare, I need to go supply shopping and clothes shopping, God knows I WANT to go clothes shopping pretty badly. City shopping isn't going to occur until mid-September my mom thinks though.
"Everyone wears all their summer things the first few weeks anyway" she says. Yeah well be that as it may, I'm sick of wearing my shorts and run-down flip flops just a little bit. I think I'm due for a few shirts, jeans I DEFINITELY need, and shoes... Lord where do I begin to stress the fact that I need shoes. My friend tells me that Vans are at the Famous Footwear for $10, and as for UGGS (Winter Shoe Wise)... I don't know. I'm kind of sick of them, sick of my knock off ones I got at the Target for $20 anyway, those shoes... I am so sick of the pair I have now. The cheap rubber souls wore out a few weeks after I got them, and rocks are now jammed up in the cracks of them, making my boots sound like maracas. Also they give me blisters because they're too big and they make my feet look huge. I don't even know if I want to bother asking for real ones this year. I might as well be begging for Doc Marten's, same price range, quality shoe... the only issue is that I don't know if I can pull them off. I doubt I can; they're like a Pixie Cut for my feet basically (if you read that one post earlier, about Emma Watson's hair, then you'd understand.)
I don't know what I'll shoe wise in the winter. It snows here like no tomorrow, four feet in one night kind of thing. It's pretty great for a while, but come March you get so sick of having to walk to school in snow pants, and freezing your a$$ off in the car. It really gets old, I'm only in it for the skiing, if it wasn't for skiing I would ship myself to Australlia or some place else where I wouldn't have to put up with it.
Oye... I think I might have to ask that on Polyvore: "I live in a place where the snow stays until April and about five feet high. I'm sick of UGGS and don't know if I can pull off Doc Marten's. What am I suppose to wear in the winter, shoe wise?"... Yeah that sounds about right.
Well real quick here, on top of summer coming to an en,d I'm going to have to wake up tomorrow at...lets call it 6:30 in the morning to go to softball practice at 7:30 until 9, and then in the same day 6pm to 8pm. Everyday. All week. Then when school starts it's only in the evenings 6 to 8, every single day until sometime in mid-October. Games are basically on every weekend until that day in October. That is going to take a huge chunk out of my personal time, weekend wise especially. It kind of sucks, but hey I get to play softball!
Well wish me luck, hopefully high school won't eat me alive before I even walk through the main entrance on the 23rd.
So long for now,
Oh yeah by the way: with fall and school coming up I want to change the color scheme of my blog. I don't know about the classic reds, oranges, golds, and browns but something Autumnal is certainly in order yeah?... oh my God I should get the Hogwarts/Gryffindor emblem for the background! Call me a nerd if you want I Harry Potter is the sh*t as I've said before. I'll leave you to your light reading and thoughts. So long.

Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson's foot/hand prints

Three of my favorite actor's/actress's hand/foot prints :)
Made this myself :) It was inspired by this other set but this is my own so...
By the way I love Twilight and all, but I think it's hilarious how everyone thinks how gay it is that Edward sparkles, and he's a vampire. Harry Potter will always be boss though in my mind. So there.

Kinetic Typography - Ferris Buellers Day Off

I wish I had the actual scene but this was all I could really find, and it's pretty cool. Atleast it has the dialouge; this is one of my favorite parts :)

Emma Watson's New, Unusual, Adorable "Do" (yes I said "Do". I'm worried*t now I'm rhyming. GAH) Plus: Ferris Bueller

As I'm sure you've noticed, Emma Watson (a.k.a, another one of my favorite actresses) has cut her hair into a most adorable pixie cut style. I'm a little surprised; I mean after 10 years of doing the Harry Potter Movies (oh God 10 years, where has the time gone?) I'm so used to her long curly hair, so it was a bit of a shocker to hear from my younger sister that she's chopped it as soon as she finished filming the seventh movie. I can't believe it; I mean it looks absolutely adorable on her, I'm just getting used to how cute it is. She's even said so herself that she's been wanting to try this for a long time now. I'm happy for her :) She seems to really enjoy her new look.

"Oh my God, it was the most liberating thing! The stylist just grabbed the back of my hair and took a whole ponytail of hair out. It felt amazing. I love it. I missed all that experimentation that most teenagers go through, I've wanted to do this since I was about 16, so as soon as I had the chance I was like, 'Right. This is it.'" -Emma Watson
"I've wanted to do this for years and years; it's the most liberating thing ever." -Emma Watson (
"I missed all that experimentation that most teenagers go through"... I wonder if I've hit that phase yet... maybe a little bit but not to the point where I'm cutting all of my hair off, I doubt I'd look cute with a pixie cut. The only two people who I think look cute with this haircut are 1. Emma Watson and 2. Mia Wasikowska. I mean look at her in this one photo from Teen Vogue in March... I think. I'm pretty sure.
But it's so cute. I personally like Emma's red highlights better than Mia's blond hair (it's cute though don't get me wrong).

I just kind of noticed that both Mia and Emma cut their hair really short after filming movies that required them having really short hair... I also just noticed that Natalie Portman did the same thing kind of in V for Vendetta. She had to play a bald character, and instead of using a bald cap she shaved her head, and was proud to be bald for a while I guess. Then her hair grew out into a pixie cut and that's that.

Well coming out of my sudden wonderment about pixie haircuts, I'm watching Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Such. A. Funny. Movie! I cannot even  begin to describe how revolutionary hilarious it is. My personal favorite parts are 1. Where Cameron prank calls Rooney, acting like Sloane's dad and 2. Where Jeanie kicks Rooney cause he's in her house, and the way she reacts/runs up the stairs.

I cannot believe what he did to that Ferrari though... that heartless, careless dumb...yeah.
But God I love this movie :) I might even make a SAVE FERRIS shirt if I get the chance. I was going to try to find a video of Jeanie kicking Rooney but it doesn't seem like a possibility. Well the movie is almost over and there's not much else for me to talk about...wait just kidding I went to a party last night but I won't talk about that hear, I don't even know if I will post about it at all. I'm kind of tired because of it and I have two-a-days starting tomorrow (I have softball practice two times a day all week... that reminds me, I need to figure out when my first game is, I need to get my stuff together period.) Well enough of my talking. Byeeeeeeeeeee

(was trying to add this on here but it fails so)


Friday, August 13, 2010

Harry Potter vs. Twilight, with a touch of Mean Girls :)

Harry cussed... BAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
Best One for Last :)

Oh my God, I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in my life (just kidding maybe I have)! I love these!!!!

Lacking Inspiration, 'cause I'm brain dead

Ignore the fact that it curses but let's just lay down the basic known fact here: I do not have any inspiration for the novel I'm trying to write and it SUCKS. I hate this feeling; it's like trying to bash your head up against a wall. I think I'm just going to have to rant to my journal about work, and other stuff besides Bohemian stuff that's WAY beyond my maturity level (don't ask). Keeping calm...
Oh yeah I finished my last music camp of the summer today! YAYYYY!!!!!! Tomorrow is our last performance at the local fair, and I'm pretty excited to go ride the fairest wheel :)
Not looking forward to 2-a-day softball practices though. 7:30 to 9 in the morning and 6 to 8 at night. By the time school starts I'm going to be sick of softball...
Oh aaaaaannnnndddddd I got my schedule!! Excitement :) I'm in English II (Sophomore English) and Chamber Choir, and Art... and Spanish? I know I signed up but I didn't think I'd actually be placed in that class. Oh well. I'd rather wait to do P.E and Computers, I have no idea how I'm going to do all of that but that's going to have to wait until next year, yeah?
Well I'm going to give a crack at writing before I rant to my journal. Unless of course I get addicted to something random on Blogger/Polyvore. That would not be a first. Alright well night (hopefully)

Steve Miller Band - True Fine Love

Oh golly gee DAMN I love this song!!! :)

on another Harry Potter fix, I'm due for a marathon

Well I'm home from pool day at work. I decided to pass on swimming due to the weather. Now home watching Neville Longbottom make elephant noises and Harry Potter's ears have smoke coming out of them (a.k.a Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban) hahaha the crazy divination lady (Emma Thomas) is making Neville think his grandmother is gong to die suddenly. I love these movies! Seriously if I was a witch I'd go to Hogwarts and be in Dumbledore's army and... I basically have my entire life as a witch planned out... okay that just led to a fan based story of the world of Harry Potter, I am suddenly very excited!! I also just remembered that Nicolas promised me a mini coke bottle darn it...
Anyway I'm seriously due for a Harry Potter movie marathon. Or reading one of the books or both...
gracious London, Harry Potter, boarding school, I've got them on the brain... come to think about it though, I would only want to go to London/boarding school thanks to Harry Potter. Ugh life just seems so dull compared to books, I really need to write another book. My imagination is gong crazy lately, I think I'll watch my movie now.
(Written August 11th)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Listening to Tay Swift begging for sleep and Inspiration

Well it's five past midnight and I'm writing you now just to keep in touch. This week is especially stressful, and I'm not going to share.
And to top it all off I'm lacking inspiration and if you knew me, that's basically setting myself up for a rant. I've already made a set thanks to Polyvore thinking it would help but my minds fuzzy and I think it's better to hit the sack in the next five to ten minutes instead of writing and rocking out to La Roux. A story has made itself present in my mind but I'm still working out the kinks in the story line. I really hate writing about some place I've never been to before and have no idea how to describe. I might contact Olivia from The Olive Martini, but that's only if I resolve to no other options.
Right now I'm listening to Taylor Swift's Picture to Burn and just transitioned into Forever and Always and I'm starting to think that Taylor Swift can relate just a little to well to my life, maybe all teen aged girl's lives. But who knows.
Alright well I'm off to bed, day dreaming of London and the carton of strawberry milk I've never had (story related). I would post the story I'm working on on here to give everyone a general idea for the story line and ideas but I'm concerned about Copyright issues and someone copying/ pasting it and making millions of dollars off of my work. Not saying that would happen but it could, you never know.
Well I was just checking in, no long post or debate taking place here tonight. Although I'd like to rant for a second here that the Queen shirt I found at Delia's for $10 is now $25 and I am officially pissed. Just saying. Okay good night one and all, I hope you're not having artists/writers/designer/songwriters block like I am.
Nighty night,
Countdown to High School:
Oh Golly Gee Damn! (In the words of THE Holly Golightly)
Keep in mind that on the 22nd I'll start posting on my other blog Life of a Bohemian High Schooler  so check it out then kay? Thanks :)