Saturday, October 23, 2010

i was born to love you lyrics- Queen

:) Freddie Mercury

SNOW! In October!

Snow!!! On the way back from States! I saw Snow!!!!!!!!!
Oh my goodness gracious I am so excited! :D I took this from the bus; I woke up, looked out the window, and there you have it. I went ecstatic with excitement because hopefully it will snow here very soon :) It rained a lot last night and now it's all foggy and rainy and such but hopefully things'll cool down and we'll get a few inches :)
I'm gonna go eat some breakfast and deliver all of those cookies taking up my freezer today. Tomorrow hopefully I'll go to Glenwood for possible Halloween ideas.
I don't even know what I'm doing for Halloween, isn't that just crappy planning.
K well... Bye.

Queen - Save Me (Lyrics)

LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

08. Bon Iver & St. Vincent - Rosyln + Download link

this song is really good too

12. OK Go - Shooting the Moon + Download link

Okay yeah. It's Twilight. I've read, watched, and own all the books and movies that are out (so far) but I'm not as obsessed anymore because now that everyone's into it and the fact that Edward sparkles is just making it lose it's touch...


and that's that.

Friday, October 22, 2010


Well I am home from States :) but the only down side is that we lost and it was a single elimination thing so we went home after watching parts of a few games. It was kind of sad going down there to only play one game, and it was our LAST game but hey it was fun; and we scored the first run ever for our team at States, if that makes sense.
But I was so excited because I woke up from my nap and I looked out the window and saw SNOW!! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited! Also my birthday is in 26(?) days.
I got a tee shirt too.
So that's just a little update, I'm going to go to bed now so Byyyeeeee

Monday, October 18, 2010

Giddy... does that supply as a word??

I am in a exceptionally wonderful mood tonight :) I managed to make a bag made of left over jeans and sew on a button. We kicked out part of an amazing idea turned into a reality [photo shoot I've been gushing about for God knows how long]. Home work's done, along with the watching of Hitch (Boys: this is a must see. Take notes, might do you some good) and I filled up on a three scoops of ice cream and a molten chocolate lava cake. Call me a fatty if you want but I'm a growing, softball playing, skinny girl; fatty is not in my job description :P
Also it might be because the colors are lovely, the temperature is hanging in there, giving the valley a nice chill but not to the point where I need to break out my Peacoat, and maybe because my birthday is in a month....
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D 15!!!!!!!!!!! I. Am. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shall I create the little lists that have been floating throughout my mind lately???

Birthday Wishes
*Black Doc Marten's
*Camera (that's all mine!)
*Runaway Movie Soundtrack and Paramore's Brand New Eyes

In that order of importance/ need.

Music- Four Day Break of Sitting At My Mom's Reading To Kill A Mockingbird for English in the sun on the floor eating smoothie pops hoping for love and my cat (yeah that's a nice play list name)
*Secrets- OneRepublic
*Only Girl- Rhianna
*Pump It- Black Eyed Peas
*All I Wanted- Paramore
*She's Got Her Ticket- Tracy Chapman
*Dumb Love- Sean Kingston
*Teenage Dream- Katy Perry
*Clumsy- Fergie
*Harry Potter themes and such

*ALL of the Harry Potter movies times like 3
*Breakfast Club
*Nick and Norah's Infinite Play list

*Denver Shopping Spree
*Writing Ideas
*Lace Dresses
*Saddle Shoes/ Poodle skirts/ Greased back hair, you get the idea
*Jane Austen days
*ivory tea sets with pink roses, sipping tea under a golden tree wearing floor length baby-colored petticoats, holding thin umbrellas and gossiping (very Jane Austen)
*skiing/ mittens
*My poor Kitty :(
*chocolate chip cookies
*Doc Marten's
*roller coasters
*tattoos- whimsical ones, not drunken acts or your first love's name.

And then there's things like Halloween and my birthday and Thanksgiving and Winter and day to day thoughts but alas it is 12:15, tomorrow's Monday and I have lacked to brush my teeth!!
Night everyone!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

OneRepublic - Secrets

FREAKING LOVE THIS SONG!! The chello piece in the beginning... GAH I love it. Listen :)

a few more Accessory Shoot photos- ALL TAKEN BY HALEY!!

This be my eye :) I never knew how green it was!!... it looks like a little firework...

Moi with no glasses... gosh it was blurry, I think I'm slowly going blind >.<
Contacts are sounding better by the day...!!!!

Haley's amazingly lovely clutches that I am dying to have... GAHHH I want one :( Thrifting anyone??

Hands Off. I'm loaded with a water gun... an empty water gun...
Top: Forever21 from Seattle Trip that I got for $7, a lovely selection if I do say so myself.
Pants: Rue21 (what's up with 21 at the end of everything???) size 0 skinny jeans I have worn out to faded knees and drawn my personal sign on time and time again on. My friends say that I should get my DREAMER sign tattooed on my ankle. This I am sketchy about (Mom please don't go ballistic, not making any final decisions!)
Shoes: Target flip flops I have worn down over the summer. I've had them since seventh grade, wearing them for Easter cause they matched my dress but sad to say it was snowy and rainy that entire holiday of chocolate eggs :[

Hair flip!

Hipster Triangle, even though I'm Bohemian :) we had a few great ones like this today that I am SO excited to see!!

thank you :)
P.S visit, or I shall be disappointed with all of you. thank you.

Accessory Shoot ANNNNDDDDD 200 posts 2,000 VIEWS!!! Oh my goodness gracious! :D

That last one is so funny, especially with Umbridge's face lol. Sooooo AT LAST Haley and I have pondered up the time to finally do a fraction of our Accessory Shoot! I only have a few of the pictures because I am still lacking a camera and Haley has that sort of resource soooo yes; shall I go in order?
Photographer: Haley.... Haley.... Me.... Me.... okay basically all the rest are me. But as soon as Haley puts the other's up, I will also and then we shall explore the wonderment of fall accessories :)
Also today: I made my own denim over the shoulder bag with a button! (and lots of help from mom) and I'm so excited to post pics of the final product because I still have to sew on the buttons :)
Also: 200 posts and 2,000 Views!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOT WOOT!!
okay well that's it, I'm here this week but I'm busy busy busy until softball ends on Saturday :( but then I have the fall play sooooo yeah.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Lazy Autumn Days that you all have been missing out on AND 10:10 on 10/10/10 :D

Pretty in Pink for October I take it

I was excited to witness this moment :) 10:10 on 10/10/10
cue Angels singing pretty please. Brownies+Milk= LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!


This is the view from my porch. You're jealous.

Making pizza in the kitchen with Mama :) wearing my BA Softball Sweatshirt (IT'S SO SOFT!!)

I had just caught it, and Sammy missed it. Waita go Sis.


After! Sorry I was hungry so I ate two.
So no school today or yesterday which is absolutely LOVELY! I've been off doing school and playing softball, you know, the usual, BUT: GUESS WHAT?!
You're guessing.
Begging me to tell you.
You're getting closer.... JK you're not.
Should I tell you?
Okay I will, stop begging!
I know it's exciting and if you don't think so...
Party Pooper *COUGHYOU*
I am SOOO excited!! because if we won State, I would probably go crazy with excitement.
Sooooo without further ado: my break.
Yesterday I hung out with Rachel and Haley at Rachel's, watching movies (The Breakfast Club, Juno, and two episodes of The Office) *The Breakfast Club was an amazingly good movie. Yesterday was the first time I had ever seen it :)
Then softball practice then team dinner at our pitcher's house. It was delicious and full of laughter; and curious wonderment because our right fielder showed us this freaky cool levitation thing she learned in Costa Rica. (IT WAS SO FREAKY!!!!!! I would show you, but I lack a web cam and 4 people who I need to help me. But any way...
And today... so far... Nothing.
my outfit though is simply this:
It's a little dark so you can't see my shoes but: rue21 brown scrunch boots. Although I must say that I think black Doc Marten's would be suitable here.
*which I just might be getting for my birthday*
And that's that. I've caught you up and now we see how the weeks of Autumn continue.
So long!

P.S On the same night we made pizza, my mom made Sliders (mini Hamburgers) and I tried my first hamburger ever with home made dough. And it was delicious. I just wanted to share this life changing moment with you.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Baby giraffe up close

Well that was 1:51 I'll never get back of my life...
I was trying to figure out: Do giraffes make a noise?????


"Today, on, I saw a post that said "It's hilarious when school textbooks try too hard at being racially diverse. "Brad, Latisha, Pablo and Kwan were doing a math problem..." I laughed so hard I nearly fell out of my chair. MLIA "

Sunday Perks

Blueberry muffin, NYLON, and the Karate Kid. These are my Sunday perks :)
Thank you Jesus for this lovely muffin... dear me, I look awful and the glint off my glasses is so bothersome.

Woke up this morning feeling like I've finally slept after a month of insomnia... (well what do you know it was only a week.) Took a hot shower, ate a muffin and am watching this odd comedic war movie because Dad won't change the channel. It's odd though; the Navy has a pink submarine, sunk a truck, and keeps getting scowled by the Army. Yet it's weird cuz my dad was a Marine.... It's rather odd how these things work. It's also weird how I connect these things.
Well today looks like a scrambeld mess I can't figure out. I have multiple scenarios. I realize now that I haven't really written all week. Not to worry; wait for Thursday, we have the day off and I don't have anything happening really until 3:30 that day :)
So Today:
*drive for a while
*hang out with Haley
*do home work

What I want to do:
Hang out with Haley and then write, draw, and read before I head off to my mom's
What I should be doing:
All this damn homework my teacher's have assigned on the weekend. Do these people have no shame??
Well... we'll just see how that goes then. Ta-ta for now.

Chanel Could Sue You.

Chanel Could Sue You For Using The Word ‘Chanel’ As An Adjective To Describe Someone Else’s Designs
-Cheryl Wischhover

I clicked a link on Haley's blog and I read that and I thought, "Well that is just brilliant!"
Haley: I must ask, where do you find all of these lovely little things???

10:10 at 10/10/10

I just ran up stairs looked at the clock and scrambled back down to get the laptop to let you all know:
10:10 at 10/10/10!!!!!!! :D

The Dance - By Ellen Stapenhorst.wmv

I actually know the singer/writer :) She lives here locally and she comes to teach some of her songs at the music camp I work at in the summer to the kids. They're so beautiful, I wish the ones I knew were on YouTube to listen to when I pleased. I've helped teach a few too :)

Saturday, October 09, 2010

the karate kid- violin.flv

So my daddy bought this [Karate Kid] today at Wal-Mart, and this is the scene where Mei Ying performs her audition piece, Chopin's Nocturne No. 6 (i think) for violin, and it just melts my heart every time it is so beautiful. I want this song on my iPod but alas I am having trouble finding it :( LISTEN THOUGH!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Trailer 2 [HD]

HOLY GOD I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thoughts... On Hold...

The cat's gone, my camera is broken and all I'm left with is school work and partaking in things that will only benefit me with something to do during high school.
When is this amazing life everyone keeps talking about going to show up?
I'm bored.... I've said this to people before, "Yes I like it much better than middle school but I'm afraid I find it absolutely dull."
They don't understand according to their facial expressions.
I am alone. Inspiration is on hold. And yet I still manage to find happiness in little things such as ideas that I can find, or an event of dresses and dancing that won't partake for another month. There's just something reassuring about having things to look forward to...
I leave you now.
Good luck with your own lives, hopefully it's eventful.

Life of a Bohemian High Schooler

Friday, October 08, 2010

Rent - Last Year's Rent


Bring it Winter. As you can see: I am prepared... sort of.

I am in love with that green poncho and gray sweater on the right. Can I please abduct it from the page and keep it as mine forever????

Read. Follow. Love.

Beatrice Goodale :)

I got the leading part in the fall play!! :D There's two plays in one and I got one out of two leads. And as a freshmen! :) so excited. I'm a "young, beautiful business woman, but tends to be long winded" My outfit as you see above, is a light yet extremely close idea of what I have in mind for my outfit throughout the play. I have two outfits: this and a wedding dress (the scene is not what you'd expect) I'M SO EXCITED!!! :D and it takes place two days after my b'day and on the same day as Harry Potter. It's going to be an amazing November!!!!!!
Colbert: Who is f**king our koalas?!

First the oysters, now the koalas.
People... there's something wrong with people.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

"Lord, what fools these mortals be!"
-Shakespeare, William :)

Monday, October 04, 2010

A thought that just slipped my tongue:

Oh sh*t, is it really only Monday???
Gah, that's going to ruin my whole week >.< Darn it... Oh well I can suck it up. I think I can make it a few more days. That is, if I get my beauty sleep.
Nothing exciting from today, as you can tell from the post entitled A Fit of Exploding Brains. go on. Go read. I'll tell you all of the things to come in Life that I find some what enjoyable For now I plot and scheme and wonder of the ideas that have yet to come to mind.
TTFN, Ta ta for now.

Bow Tie: Very Coco

Someone Like You

LOVE this song: Use Sombody by Kings Of Leon, sung by Hayley Williams of Paramore. I think I;'m on a cloud when I hear this song :)

Haley Inspired :)

saw Haley wearing something like this while she was walking her dog and we passed by on the way home from softball. (her haircut is amazingly cute, just to let you all know my opinion(.

SOO EXCITED! She gets to come with me on my big spree to Denver in a few weeks! :)

A Fit of Exploding Brains- Tray EW

Nothing. Is. Happening.

My mind feels like it's going to blow up any second of how massively crowded my brain feels from all of the ideas floating in and out of my mind yet at the same time I am trapped in this hopeless little state of mind, not choice but to hide and relearn the basic of things that I have come to know in my life.
This is completely antagonizing, I won't have it. When will life finally decide to treat me kindly, huh?
I digress.
My heart has shattered, from undeniable pain and loss of nothing related to your average teenage girl sadness, and as I mentioned, my brain is on the brink of exploding and spraying several bystanders in the process (ummm... Ew).
This whole post-homecoming feeling with nothing to look forward to (that I know of) and trapped to do pointless work that will not benefit me in the future for eight hours is making me want to pull my hair out.
Can anyone say "help?"
From my other blog, Life of a Bohemian High Schooler
check it out! :)

Tony Stark Babayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!! :D

Iron Man 2 Quote! :D

(Tony and Pepper kissing, Pepper stops)
Tony: what is it weird? it was weird wasn't it?
Pepper: no it's not weird, it's not weird at all.
Rhodey: (who is there all of a sudden) I think it was weird.
You look like two seals fighting over a grape...
Oh my god I love this movie :)
This is like THE outfit of a hard-working first class photographer :) I would buy it in a minute, if I had the money.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

If I may be so inclined to say the following listed in the picture below?

God I love that Navy, robe romper. $545 though, oye... God I want a beret. Not my crappy little $2 Claire's one, but a wool original beret! I think my mom has a black on hiding somewhere in our house, maybe I'll get lucky and use it to my personal advantage 3:)> (that's an impish, devil, sort of smiley face in case you're wondering). I get go to Denver soon hopefully for my spree! Haley I hope you can come :) I digress, off to bed into my nice clean sheets for me!
Night everyone!!

20 secrets

Made this myself back in August on Polyvore. Some are my secrets, some are friend's but not many and some are just made up random things that I know some's endured. it's a little iffy here and there for those adult like people who can't handle a teenager cursing but you know as a writer and American citizen I have this great power like thing called Freedom of Speech, not to get all sassy. Here you are.
Word of the Day:
whimsical [hwim-zi-kuhl]:

1. given to whimsy or fanciful notions; capricious: a pixyish, whimsical fellow.
2. of the nature of or proceeding from whimsy, as thoughts or actions: Her writing showed whimsical notions of human behavior.
3. erratic; unpredictable: He was too whimsical with regard to his work.

Kiss The Rain - SUNG WITH LYRICS!!! by Hienie

This video is really cute, and the voice: SUUUUUUPPPPEERRRRR pretty.

About 1:50 though, I didn't make the video so uh let's not go judging alright??

[Lyrics] Tears In Heaven - Eric Clapton

This song instantly makes me tear up a little bit; I don't know if I've ever heard anything so sad (his son's story) :( I love singing along to this when I'm sad, it helps me cheer up just a little bit, I don't know why.
Love this song.

Paramore - Careful (Online Video)

Follow please!... but not in a stalker way...

The Perks to Being a Lit. Nerd....... That sounds like one nice book title :)

Today I roamed town on my bicycle accomplishing little errands that sounded like huge goals when I told my mom. This might have to do with the fact that I haven't gone out and sold cookies, which happen to be my MAIN goal for today but... that's okay!
Books/DVDs: Twilight Graphic Novel Volume One, The Office: Seasons 1-2, although I only watched two episodes, they were due today. The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, Burned: A House of Night Novel, The Looking Glass Wars, Ink Exchange, and Five A.M, Fifth Avenue. All have been amazing books so far, well except for Burned and Ink Exchange. I've been trying to read those for months now and I just can't do it. I returned Burned today along with The Office and Twilight Graphic Novel, I finished that book first. I got these right after my driving lesson and trying to find my cat last week... :(
My driving skills are coming along though!!!!! :D

Ralph Lauren ad in October VOGUE. This picture sucks in quality though...

Idea Journal, Eclair, and NYLON. Gotta love it :)

Same thing here, minus my journal.
I was wondering town in a sloppy pony tail, black fleece that's my dad's so it's giant on me, dark wash Mossimo Supply jeans I got from Wal-Mart back in October, Target canvas bag, and sunglasses that I hardly used despite the glare of the sun. I was quite the vision :P
I'm going to see if I can make use of that title: The Perks of Being a Lit. Nerd to use. Later! 

Calligraphy/ Chi is in the Universe, and within us :)

Kay so on Friday everyone at school got assigned to these classes that we picked before hand and so we got to go do that. My class was calligraphy :) At first I was like "Oh goodie I get to go write all fancy like all day, whoopee" but I stand corrected; it was SO COOL! We were learning how to write three characters... well okay two and those two made up another sign but whatever, and we got to grind ink, listen to ancient Chinese music and had tea that sprouted into flowers! Also I discovered my inner chi (qui).
It's blue; trust me. I know. But we did these energizing movements that reminded me of Avatar The Last Airbender :) I wasn't the only one who thought that and I was so stoked to realize I wasn't the only one :D It was... just so unique!!!!!!! I've been doing my energizing movements to help center my balance lately :) Also because I feel like a total B.A when I feel like I'm harnessing the energy of the world, like an Avatar.
Yes I am SUCH a nerd! It's a little embarrassing at times but lately I've been embracing it. So thumbs up to that.
Now of course I have pictures so: I shall begin.
Just for the record there's like so much I have to say but I can't say it cuz it was just so empowering that it takes the words out of your mouth. I can't explain it, but just take my word for it I suppose!

My practice sheet!

Tea flowers!

My final piece!

My tea cup and Cutie Flower

I got bored with doing Happy dots, and I was sad... :(

Lovely set up!

I want this tea pot

So there you have it. I can't even begin to describe what it was like to hear and experience all of these amazing things about the traditional Chinese culture. 
Not saying this is definite but I would SO become a Buddhist after this! Except I would keep my hair... and wear pants, not a robe, cuz you know, pants are nice. :)