Friday, January 28, 2011
HOLY Sh*t Torin Yater-Wallace (Kid who lives in the Valley) REPRESENT!!!!
So pissed about this sore throat, otherwise I could have watched this! Grumble grumble grumble >.<

Anxiety Attack Over

PHEW! Made it into the play as a Jet Girl named Clarice :) and I also got contacts! It's been a good day... that's all I really wanted to tell all of you. I'm going to go crochet and draw up some sketches.
So there you have it...

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Joe Jonas Dances to Single Ladies

My friend sent this to me.
I think I just spent four minutes
burning my eyes out.
I'm scarred.
It's official.

The Anxiety Might Kill Me.

Okay so I had the first part of my audition for West Side Story on Tuesday. I just had to sing "A Whole New World" from Aladdin and that went really well. Then on Wednesday we were challenged with singing the songs for the women, dancing to America (I did well minus reversing left and right -_-) and doing lines. But the simple fact that has me up at night is that 8 girls are going to be cut because 20 I believe auditioned and the maximum needed in 12. The mere fact that I might not make it in has my heart bashing against my ribs. It's not pleasant.
ANYWAY: right now I'm in Chamber Choir right now. We've started the day amazingly well with hearty laughter :) Watching our director's face while she laughed had to make my day, it was SO funny. Now every one's working for our pieces for Choir Coffee House and 1. I'm at the bottom of the list and 2. my partner isn't here. SIGH. But I've decided to entertain myself by entertaining you people with writing material that lacks in divine elegance I believe...
I've got to tell you listening to the Junior and Senior boys sing Josh Groban's "You Raise Me Up" is giving me that smiley feeling hahaha.
Oh yeah I'm thinking of posting//writing some vignettes because Haley is looking to stick some in her zine... *Haley you still haven't explained to me what it is... And anyway just writing up some lovely little pieces is what I need right now.
X-Games this weekend :D I'm missing school tomorrow for it, that is if I don't become bed-ridden of this damn sore throat >.<
We shall see......................

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"Pants are an illusion. And so is death."
Guy from Avatar the Last Airbender: you sir have some strong morals to live by.

I mean this from the bored bottom of my heart.

Well readers, as you can tell from the above sentiments with which I bound to pay (spin on a Pride and Prejudice line :)... Haley: I know what you're thinking. Stop it.)
That was super, I just got smacked upside the head with a poster, and my computer also paid a similar price. So many inconsiderate people -_-
I'm in school. Study Hall to be exact. Of course I'm not really studying because I don't have any homework or test coming up. I'm just sitting here at my lonely table typing to you all about my absolute intolerance of doing nothing that needs to be done and being forced to sit here for another half an hour...
I would like to watch a movie. Or crochet the baby blankey I'm working on for my Choir teacher. Or work on my audition son (WHICH I HAVE TO SING TODAY).
But no.
I'm stuck in the "silence" of piercing rabble and ailenation because friends are not known in this classroom today. One friend is sick and the other is at another study hall for work... course he never talks anyway...
Taking my frustration out of simple text is really unhelpful but I like sharing my current sentiments for no particular reason over writing.
...I'll jut go on Polyvore.
If you read this: Thank you for taking your time to read my heated-almost-rant :) you are a rather sympathetic person I do believe!!
"Honey you're so in that you're out."
Thank you for that campaign ad on Gmail.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Anyone Else But You - Michael Cera and Ellen Page

This song... *Heavy sigh and flashback* <3

Disney 2011 :D

Well right now I'm rocking out to Disney Music haha and listening to "A Whole New World" way too many times than necessary because I'm singing it for my West Side Story Audition tomorrow!! :D I want to be Velma, so fingers crossed. I'm kind of nervous but it's more of an excited adrenaline rush... does that mean it's just an adrenaline rush then? Hmmmmm....
So Florida was amazing to the point where it was truly a dream come true. Yeah there was some drama, but I got to tell you, being in a cute little town 15 minutes away from Disney with my best friends and wearing shorts in January is the most extraordinary memory ever. We were right near this place called Old Town/Kissime, Florida. It was SO cute! There was  haunted house that was REALLY FREAKING SCARY. A 50's store with this huge Marilyn Monroe statue, a surf shop, and a cute little theme park where I was a bad ass at driving a go-cart ^.^ I loved it there so much. I found it funny though how many locals came up to us (most wearing jeans and even down coats in 80 degree weather!) and asking us, "How are you wearing shorts?! Aren't you freezing?!?" Then we'd say "No we're from Colorado," and everything was just suddenly explained. They had a lot of good french fries/milk shakes in Florida too I noticed....
I LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED Disney! I wish I could go back :(
Animal Kingdom was so cultural and unique, and just seeing all the different African animals on the Safari we went on :) And Expedition Everest was CRAZY. I loved standing in line, as weird as that sounds. You walk through the Base Camp, Lab... Thing and the Yeti Museum it was so cool! And very Tibetan. I think I want to design sets and things like that for Disney haha :)
Magic Kingdom was crazy, holy crap. We had to stand in like 45 minutes compared to Animal Kingdom where we only had to wait 15 minutes, or just run up to the front even. The fireworks were lovely, and The The next day we went to Epcot, and that was so cool! My friends and I mostly explored the countries and went on a few rides. The fireworks show at the end of the night though was insane!! It was amazing to be so close and all the special effects and ahhhhhhhhh.
Monday: Kennedy Space Center. Saw the coolest IMAX feature on the Hubble telescope. I feel so insignificant compared to all of those stars though hahaha :) And we did a rocket ship simulation, it was okay. You just got turned vertical and shaken. Then we went to Cocoa Beach!! Ah God I loved it so much, I miss the beach. Then we went and saw Blue Man Group and I'm telling you now: If you have the opportunity to see them TAKE IT! Holy sh*t, that was the most amazing show I have ever seen in my entire life!! :D It was basically a mini rave at the end with strobe lights, fist pumping, toilet paper, paint, swirly tube things, music they made with pipes, cereal, Twinkies and endless amount of cheering from our choir :) LOVED IT!
And last but not least: Hollywood Studios!! That's was SOOO much fun!! Tower of Terror: HOLY SHIT. My stomach was jumping all over the place. And on Rock N' Roller coaster we went from 0 to 60 in a second, not kidding, and then three loop-de-loops right in the first 30 seconds. My internal organs were pushed against my spine and my heart was in my throat. We went on Tower of Terror twice and Rock N' Roller coaster three times :) then we explored, got ice cream, saw The Little Mermaid. We got home at 2 am, and the next day at school was HORRID.
But now I'm on to my last full week of January 2011, and tomorrow I'll be auditioning for West Side Story!!! :D SO EXCITED! And contacts I think on Wednesday :)
Life is good my friends!
Photo shoots and writing and sketches (Oh my!) to come! I'm off to bed. Or crocheting... no bed it's late. There are not enough hours in the day!!

Anyone Else But You

2:32- does she really say "shook a little turd out the bottom of your pants?"

I like the Micheal Cera/Ellen Page version better (No offense Moldy Peaches)

Detail Shots :)

The best bag ever :) It carries a bunch of stuff, it's cute and it's got Disney buttons on it!! I made this in October, I never posted pictures of it but here you are at last!!

Pins I got in Disney :) That top one is Buzz and Woody if you can't tell

Buddha button, Anchor button, Crest button (All swed on by me. Two buttons fell off I need to re-sew them) and an "Imagine" button from my little sis for my birthday :)
Badge's on today's amazing sweater from Forever21 from my spree :) It is by far the most amazing shirt in the world just because of these adorable badges here.

Gold Nail Polish. HALEY ARE YOU SEEING THIS RIGHT NOW!? It's amazing. If you ever come across gold nail polish BUY IT no matter how expensive. That up there, ladies and gents, was $7 at Target.

Ignore that horrendious zit on my lip >.<... I shouldn't have said that.

The best shoes in the world. (Minus the huge crack on the bottom of the left)

Rampage shoes from Macy's for $20. Love these too :)

BEST PUZZLE EVER! The pieces are really cool shapes (shown below). It's very Pacific North West. It reminds me of Seattle/Canada

That one piece is shaped like a seahorse (obviously.)


****Shooting star****

This wolf was my focus of determination for an hour hahaha :)

The fisherman taking on the fish...

Mickey Mouse chillen on my backpack in his wizard's robe :)

XO I'll write an update post in a sec.
I just wanted this for Polyvore :) Telephone booth in the U.K in Epcot.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Haley I'm with you on the gold nail polish sitchyation.
The word bohemian makes my heart sing (especially when it's in those sexy italics!)
The word school makes me want to scream.
Shakespeare in Love.
Thelma and Louise.

Disney put me back into my cliche childhood. How I miss it so. Coming home to familiar surroundings is nice though.
Can we just sigh heavily?
That'd be super.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"Life isn't a Nintendo Game; you don't get another life or chance!!"
Haley I did enjoy this. Indeed indeed. Rocking some cookie dough eatin'/nibbles right now while I'm watchin Avatar: The Last Airbender. Life is good. Indeed it is. (Click on it. It gets better!)
Florida in ONE day. Bitches... I'm sorry.
"Your pessimistic attitude is turning into a quite a piss-off."
Oh and get this, my amazing black moccasins from Forever21 have this amazing crack in the bottoms allowing snow to come on in! Isn't that super?? Gorilla Glue, don't dissappoint.
I still need to raid magazines and whatever else I can get my hands on. Scrap books of paper dolls is in your future. And birds. And... shoes...
Look at this B.A picture I took of Haley and her lover! (This is a distraction for my loss of words.) I will continue such writings until I have a quick photo ses ;)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Cute Picture on a tee shirt

Got this a while ago when I went to Glenwood (the blue sweater). Nylon cotton that feels quite lovely on one's skin :) and on sale too! The wallet and nail polish I got on Sunday when I went with Haley thrifting. I also got a brown sweater, two wallets (one of which is the one in the picture), a new math notebook... which I realized today is just graph paper :/, a folder with that snazzy blue vespa on it. Also, that lovely bottle of nail polish you see there that I just so happen to be wearing.
I found my favorite necklace, hiding in a box. Amazing what you'll find when one cleans her room!
So speaking of thrifting... dear lord that's a horrid transition, but anyway, Haley and I managed some amazing fines and quite the amount of laughs :) I've never had such an interesting bus ride.

Haley: These be my bags and no one gets between me and my bags!
Haley's Denim Bag that I am in love with and want something like this very very much.

Katie: What, what is that... that splotch over there???

Matches ma sweater :)

Soo that's all for now. I have plenty more photo's and words and la la la. Before I go:  FQNER-2D3EF-7ZYBC, enter the code, and wa-la! My so called novel with four chapters!! So far!! :D Check it out, I suppose. Or don't, I don't care. Choir Concert tonight, going to sing some Baptist-like songs singing with soul and clapping. Good stuff :)
2.5 days until Florida biotches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D So effing excited that it's unrealistic and unbearable.

Sunday, January 09, 2011


By far my favorite part in the movie, apart from my other favorite scene :)

Toy Story

My childhood friends right here. Dear God this movie makes me ball. Say what you will but I'm stable enough to admit it: Toy Story 3 made me ball uncontrollabley. There.

Cute Shirt at Target

Picture on the front of my new folder


He was always my favorite :)

My Christmas Present from Haley and a necklace I got from Rue21 for a dollar :)


Book my Mom got for her Birthday

Look at that detail

Happy New Year Lovelies!! Oh my goodness, how 2010 flew by! I have some pretty high hopes for 2011, I don't know about you, but I feel like this is going to be the year of a life time :) Especially considering
*Vampire Weekend Concert in March with Haley
*Disney World on Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
*Choir Concert Tuesday
*Summer 2011
*November 19th, 2011: The Day I WILL get my Liscense. I am counting the days :)
*The rest of Freshmen year
*Shopping extravaganzas, like the one I had today with Haley which was remarkabley hilarious. I've never had a more productive bus ride!
Haley: *takes pic of her lips*
Me: what are you doing?
Haley: seeing if the lipstick I had on earlier is still there.
Me: Oh, no it's gone... where do you think it goes?

Dear me, the things we do with our time. I love every single bit :) Life's been good folks, I'm not going to lie. Negative moods covered with fake smiling posts does not seem to be in your future. Pictures are though! My new camera is sort of amazing :)
The potential this year has is kind of freaking amazing. For now though I leave you with that much, I realize I haven't written in forever but no worries, more is soon to come!