Friday, March 04, 2011

I can Only Be Me.

Boho maddness to Disney Princess, my life is upside down. Recreate the unique, explore the mind all you've got to do is imagine a time. Imagine a time with love as a drug and Harry Potter the bible to my world. 20 dollar perfume rising up to the sky like my feet when I sit on that swing. I'm lost in the world, and lost in my mind, only look forward and leave no one behind. Wanna rock those hipster glasses and kiss ice cream everywhere. Sun so sweet it blossoms on my cheeks, and a hug is all I ask for. We are the rebellion, the youth, the who-gives-a-shit. We're the foundation for tomorrow who lives in the past. I want the skirts that twirl and I want some love. Creation is my power, and I don't need it all. 15 years young and stll growing strong. What have you done to become your own?

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