Sunday, June 27, 2010

Need to Work on this More

Alright so I haven't posted anything in a while. But the world has been much to dull my friends; there's the occasional here and there but not much is really happening that I think is Blog Material. Will keep you posted for anything that is truly worth writing. ECLIPSE IS COMING OUT IN 2 DAYS! Do you understand the enjoyment I am witnessing at this very moment?? Probably not, but that's okay. Going to the midnight premiere with my many friends, hopefully. Need to find a ride home/ a sleepover. Crazy but I want to go SO bad!
Thinking (there's a shock):
*about him
*writing material, blog, books, stories, poems, you name it
*Paramore (a.ka the most amazing band besides Queen and the Beatles)
*bit jealous of my friend and her newly found long-time love
*my bathroom is DARK blue. it clashes with my shower curtain. Not O.K
*My friend Haley's A-MAZE-ING phtography skills
and there you have it. Will stay in touch!
P.S trying to post some photos here soon :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Oh Wow

Just filling everyone in on the basics as fast as I can here, seeing how I haven't posted in a while but I need to go to bed because I have work in the morning. Crazy weekend. Went on a supposed raft trip that turned into a camping trip because of the rain, didn't get on the river once, so that was a bust but it was still fun. Came home with some ice cream from Dairy Queen and went onto Facebook, Polyvore, YouTube, basic needs after a week of no WiFi. New Top Favorite Paramore Song: The Only Exception. Check it out on YouTube.
Will post more tomorrow after I've slaved away all day helping feed little children, teaching them to sing, and undergoing basic teenager life.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

I'd Run

All I really want is to sing on a stage for people who I don't know, yet they know my name thanks to the playbill they received at the door. I wish I could ride that Blue Cruiser that I've wanted since sixth grade through town on  a hot summer afternoon with my RayBan's covering my eyes from the smoldering sun and all my books, magazines, and pool stuff in the tan wicker basket at the front. A camera to take pictures of all the memories I love to remember wouldn't hurt either. But more than anything I wish I could run. Run far away from this place I know all too well so that I can escape the anger and annoyance and pain I can feel hidden deep within. I would run to the beach across the country and jump into its warm welcoming waters. I'd run beneath the stars in a cool grassy feel, and fall down winded to look at the sky. I would run into the arms of a summer love who I have never known before. Or into the arms of a friend who I haven't seen in the years that have passed all too quickly. I'd drive away, I'd run far, I'd sneak out, I'd float, I'd dream, just anything to have the true life worth living and to be far, far from here...

Friday, June 04, 2010

Looks like a Pool Day

Summer is going wonderfully well. The sun is shining the grass is green, and it looks warm and sunny enough to go to the local pool and swim! It's been nearly SIX months of winter, it even snowed here in May a little bit, which is torture beyond belief. So going to the pool and wearing shorts and flip flops, and not having school is by far the best feeling in the world right now. I can't help but think of all the little summer visions when I think of the word Sun and Summer, like long nights out with the stars and the moon, all day at the pool or rafting, or swimming in the lake. Barbeque's, movie marathons, shopping, hanging out with friends, I'm so excited for the summer ahead!

Starlight- OneWord

The starlight is visible in the night sky even from so far away. It's up in e the endless night sky where nothing is wrong and I'm down here, wishing I was that far away. I'm lying down on my trampoline looking up at the stars thinking about you and the rest of the world around me. I'm thinking of writing words that are so meaningless that not even Shakespeare could understand it. You don't what it's like to cry almost every night over you without shedding a tear, and you don't know how it feels to feel like there's a hole in your chest, because you know someone else has your heart. I tried to get over you, I really did, but sometimes trying isn't enough... I didn't ask to love you, but it's hard not too.

This is just a oneword!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Summer :)

Finally Summer has made itself visible to me and I am loving every second of it: sleeping in, reading by the pool, swimming, hanging out with friends, late nights. And let the record show that in 3 months time I'm going to be a freshmen is High School! There's a whole new mindset to summer this year ladies and gentlemen.
This was only week one so it's been pretty lazy and chill. Mostly hanging out with friends and one sleepover. Yesterday was a little to lazy for me, it was all Polyvore and my new book Evermore. And Rent, lots of Rent Music. I've never seen the movie but I love the music. We sang Seasons of Love in Choir at my 8th grade graduation and I am undeniably in love with the rest of the soundtrack. I still get a little teary when I listen to Seasons of Love, I have a weakness for memories.
Just kind of waiting for this summer to unfold into the best ever :)