Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What I wore to my friend's Quinceanera

New outfit that I wore while taking pictures.
The softest shorts on the whole planet- Forever21
Shoes- Payless (FIFTEEN DOLLARS)
Earrings- Rue21
Facial expression- Smeh.... smug/entertained??

♥ her skirt :)

Oh hey there's a blog here!
Wow okay so I realize that I have not posted anything lately, and I am truly sorry about that but to be perfectly frank- there is nothing you new anyone needs to know unless you want to know about two-a-days for softball and going out to lunch with my friend Shay. But that's pretty much irrelevent soooo yep :)
I went to Denver last Monday; got quite a bit of new clothes, crocheted a scarf for Haley- we're doing a trade and I'm pretty excited about the scarf and the shorts she's going to give me- went to pottery place whilst waiting for my dad to finish up with work when we went shopping and I painted this super cool tea pot. Ummm... OOOH Getting Doc Marten's soon! (finally!!!!) If you would like to see them, here they are:

They're quite amazing I think, I'm pretty excited. So I promise to post pictures of:
*new clothes
*multiple pairs of new shoes, including the Docs when I get them in the mail :)
*the tea pot
*the scarf
*anything else TRULY signifigant.
I'm going to do a quick post on my tie-dying experiences and then go to bed; I've got practice in the morning followed by Sophomore Registration and Glenwood extravaganza (NOT REALLY) with Shay. I have to go get batting clothes and moccasin boots (>*v*<) (credit to Haley for that fantastic emoticon) and probably black socks because trolls just be trolling up in my laundry again.
Prepare for a wacky day tomorrow :P

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