Friday, November 05, 2010

15 (nearly! 12 days!!)

"Flash forward to November, days of skinny dipping at 2 am and a cold Coke in a bottle under the maple tree long gone to the days of August.
Sitting alone in Math, car back at home, permits burning in your back pocket, dying to get on the road and go.
Birthday crown on top of your head, cupcakes getting warm with the junk and papers in your locker.
Look around, breath deep let go.
Bell rings, hallways zoom. You see him, flash a smile, color blooms like a summer rose on your cheeks, chilled by Autumn frost... and his attitude. He'll never know...
iPod in one ear, reality out the other, Vogue's burning a whole in your school bag.
Tay Swift comes on with 15, and your heart starts to melt.... a melancholy mix of irony, happiness, and love sickness.
Claps on the back and off key singing, you devour your mini cake and go home to an ant hill of presents, its not much but it'll do.
Sleep is a blessing. You pull the covers to your chin and you mind wanders.
Princess dresses, teddy bears, and crayons before the days of sex, drugs, and rock and roll.
Eyes snap open you jump to the closet pulling Teddy Bear out of the mess. He's the only man besides Daddy that you can you really love...
You snuggle close to your lost friend while singing love songs you never liked under your breath.
Nearly 15 years young and I can still remember lying in the grass with my princess dress on too :')
Almost my b'day pretty excited but can't help but think..."

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