Monday, November 29, 2010

2 Minute Thinking Session GO!!!
Funniest display of comedy I think I've seen in years.
Bohemian Moments.
Doc Martens.
Petti Coats.
My new obsession: AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL!
Ski Season!
Driving is a no go 'til the rents get their snow tires... Grrrrrrrr.
I think I've gained like 3 pounds this week. Time to hit the gym!
Dog Days Are Over Florence+The Machine
Never Grow Up Taylor Swift
Brick By Boring Brick Paramore
Love. Don't get me started.
Tea Parties.
Lace Dresses.
Pixie Hair cuts (I seriously might get on freshmen year of college...)
Chanel Lipstick.
Damn, my two minutes are up, it's midnight, I have school tomorrow.... Oh well :P
Bohemian Manifesto!
New Shirt(s) [If you count cardigans]. Will post pics soon!
Harry Potter!
Book hunting.
My list for Santa!
*Doc Martens!
*My own copy of Bohemian Manifesto, and Women's Hat's. *Haley I may need to borrow that too, I was fascinated with it...
*Harry Potter 7 Wii Game :)
I reak of the Hot Springs Pool and my shampoo. Blek.
My nose itches!
Buddha and the Chocolate Box (not the CD just the title)
My Bohemian Lifestyle story idea,  but I'm worried it's got a Rent feel to it...
If I could draw "tattoos" on my hands with Sharpee without mom freaking out, I would.
Photoshoot ideas. <--------*HALEY*
Room needs a clean. Too bad I'm leaving tomorrow XP
fire place
Japan/China. Mostly Japan.
diner, juke box, strawbeery milkshakes, poodle skirts, greased back hair, drive-in movies, OH YEAH!
Drive In Movies/ sheet+projector set up
^Well okay more like... smokey... ivory... sparkley... Okay basically Edward Cullen's skin for an eye shadow but more on the ivory side... Ew imagine Edward Cullen being on the powder like on your eyes.... >:P
Kitty :(

Holy crap, okay this turned into a 10 minute thinking session but oh well. I seriously need to go to bed though.
Will post tomorrow (hopefully).


  1. Is your kitty still missing? :(

  2. well yeah but like a week after her missing, there was a dead black cat on the side of the road and we think it's her :'(

  3. aww im so sorry!!! ive been hoping she would come back..but i guess not :(
    I feel so sad for you!!