Sunday, May 16, 2010

Far isn't Far Enough

I'm not going to lie: I love living where I do more than I can describe. It's like every child's playland and  I wouldn't trade it for anything. But sometimes it feel like I'm trapped here; life gets the better of me up until the point where I'm ready to run so far away that far isn't far enough. I want to meet new people and go places that are unique and different from the place I know. I want to start fresh and switch shoes with someone for a day (or maybe a life time) every now and then too. But like so many I know who also feel trapped, helpless, frustrated, we can't exactly drive to far away places and live the life we want. Baby steps; that's all we're taking, nothing more. I've cried for a change in this life more than once, but there's no other way but forward....
I guess I'm just... lost.

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