Saturday, June 05, 2010

I'd Run

All I really want is to sing on a stage for people who I don't know, yet they know my name thanks to the playbill they received at the door. I wish I could ride that Blue Cruiser that I've wanted since sixth grade through town on  a hot summer afternoon with my RayBan's covering my eyes from the smoldering sun and all my books, magazines, and pool stuff in the tan wicker basket at the front. A camera to take pictures of all the memories I love to remember wouldn't hurt either. But more than anything I wish I could run. Run far away from this place I know all too well so that I can escape the anger and annoyance and pain I can feel hidden deep within. I would run to the beach across the country and jump into its warm welcoming waters. I'd run beneath the stars in a cool grassy feel, and fall down winded to look at the sky. I would run into the arms of a summer love who I have never known before. Or into the arms of a friend who I haven't seen in the years that have passed all too quickly. I'd drive away, I'd run far, I'd sneak out, I'd float, I'd dream, just anything to have the true life worth living and to be far, far from here...

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