Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Summer :)

Finally Summer has made itself visible to me and I am loving every second of it: sleeping in, reading by the pool, swimming, hanging out with friends, late nights. And let the record show that in 3 months time I'm going to be a freshmen is High School! There's a whole new mindset to summer this year ladies and gentlemen.
This was only week one so it's been pretty lazy and chill. Mostly hanging out with friends and one sleepover. Yesterday was a little to lazy for me, it was all Polyvore and my new book Evermore. And Rent, lots of Rent Music. I've never seen the movie but I love the music. We sang Seasons of Love in Choir at my 8th grade graduation and I am undeniably in love with the rest of the soundtrack. I still get a little teary when I listen to Seasons of Love, I have a weakness for memories.
Just kind of waiting for this summer to unfold into the best ever :)

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