Thursday, April 21, 2011


Interior design for my new room I'll be moving into as of May 30th :) and just some Boho fashions that make me sad with my wardrobe. Web cam is not working, still can't find camera OR phone charger. What the holy hell. Found my $5 sunglasses though- freaking stoked! Dress and Tie my current musical love, and Darren Criss the center to an entirely new world of "holy sugar coated chicks with yellow dye." He's far to amazing to not have his own album yet. I digress, and go to write my real world issues in my journal. My heart is thudding against my ribs in annoyance, due to:
*hyperventilation at Darren Criss's voice.
*lack of action in the art of creativity
*general frustration
*my sitting position in my papasan chair.

XO Internet Fiends

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