Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Heat Makes You Drowzy...

Well readers, creepers, and peepers (you know, for those of you who Read and Run)
Spring is here at last :) the snow is mostly melted, the sun is in the sky, and I have accomplished wearing shorts atleast 10 times this past month :) It's been pretty amazing. However being trapped inside all day is in simpler terms making me feel like a caged animal. I want so badly to go run around outside instead of learning all day. The antagonizing knot in my stomach is most bothersome.
West Side Story went fabulously/amazing/magnificently well!!! :D I'm so proud to have been involved in such a production. We went out to breakfast the day of our last performance, I cannot fathom how many people walked up to our table telling us it was the best high school play they've ever seen :) I miss it so much already, I can't wait for next year. The only real down side to this is not seeing all of the new friends I've made that feel like a second family :/
Aside from that, I have pictures and slight lists that have been dragging on my mind like cat nails on a chalkboard. Pictures involve my latest finds that I have yet to even upload to my computer. The sheer horror of it makes my skin jump. There's also the plentiful lists of music, books, clothes, and the simple thoughts that travel in and out of my ears on a regular basis. More or less I'm making this an introduction to further posts simply because I have nothing better to do with my study time in Science because I think I know more about volcanoes and plate boundaries than the average high schooler should.
TTFN my fellow bloggers

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