Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Usg (like the usual.........)

Forever... (Judy Blume) HATED the ending. Didn't particularly like it much anyway
Romeo's Ex (Lisa Fiedler) Read this last year, loved it, still do. It's freaking me out though because it's basically Romeo and Juliet through Juliet's cousin's, Rosaline's eyes, but I keep subconsciously thinking oh my God this is like West Side Story! When in reality West Side Story is like it.... does this make sense.
Burned (P.C and Kristen Cast) House of Night series book I tried reading last summer, but stopped. The writing is simply to detailed that it makes everything boring....
The Secret Life of Bees (Sue Monk Kidd) AH. THIS BOOK. Read the beginning at the cast sleepover, and I've been trying to hunt it down ever since :/ No such luck. Soon though... soon.......
Peaches (Jodi Lynn Anderson) Read this last year too, and am now trying to hunt it down.

(Brace yourselves for CAPS LOCK)
Guess how I'm spending my weeked :D :D Call me a nerd if you want but I prefer the term PotterHead.
*Tangled- New Favorite Disney?? I think so :)
*The Secret Life of Bees... well I would LIKE to watch that anyway...
*The Runaways- need to watch that.
*Driving Lessons
*Nick and Norahs Infinite Playlist
*500 Days of Summer- want to see this
*Burlesque- watched maybe a 1/4 of it at the Cast Sleepover, and it was really rather quite good...
*Shakespeare in Love <3
(yeah this is going to be a little diverse)
*E.T- Katy Perry
*Blow- Ke$ha
*Power- Kanye West (good song, but I personally don't like him)
*1000 Things- Jason Mraz
*Imagine- The Beatles
*Feel Good Inc.- The Gorillaz
*You and I Both- Jason Mraz
*Just Can't Get Enough- The Black Eyed Peas
*Innocent- Taylor Swift
*Dance at the Gym- West Side Story
*Ke$ha music in general
*Erase Me- Kid Cudi
*Playing God- Paramore
*Careful- Paramore
*Shooting the Moon- OK Go
*Lean on Me- Glee Cast

Necessary Items for the Near/Distant Future
*All of my favorite books
*silk kimono??
*Knit hats
*a red scarf
*excessive amounts of  colorful yarn and string
*a nice beach bag
*the entire Secret Life of the American Teenager series on DVD
*Sunglasses (gold rimmed Aviators to be exact.)
*Sun dresses

* (just to be clear, the actual wed address involves the actual f-word but let's keep it G)
*Haley's blog (

On the Mind
*New York
*the amazing purse I got last time I went shopping that I left at home today which I am now regretting because it has my camera in it >.<
*Harry Potter
*Picture ideas
*Prom (next weekend for my school, but being a freshmen- no I have not been asked. I'm just contemplating the idea of my own prom
*Writing Ideas
*English Paper (rewriting a fairytale in your own words- Beauty and the Beast in my case... I wanted Rapunzel...)

Quick Little Wishlist to Wrap This Up
*iPod 4
*a multitude of bracelets (yarn/bangles)
*Boyfriend Shorts
*more bags like the one I got
*A really legitamite camera
*sketch book
*art skills
*a best selling novel.....

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