Friday, February 11, 2011

Courtesy of a la: from the Fashion Bloggers.

My God I love all of these to a point where it's ricidulous. I've been thinking and thinking and I'm telling you all that the second spring hits this Colorado snow I'm going on a photo spree and working on all kinds of new material and what not. I know I've been saying that since September or something like that but now that I've got my own camera and some money (and my mom to help me with my sewing stuff) I think there's going to be a new sort of theme if you will to the blog.
Those were just sentiments after finding the pictures, anyway:
Thank God it's Friday! :) All- Valley Dance tonight at Nine. I'm still not really sure what I'm going to wear because it's "casual" and you "have" to wear white :/ I got a dress last weekend with Haley at the amazing price of $10.80 :D but alas it will not be debuted today. It's perdy though, I have one picture despite my jeans and moccasins.

Cute no? I love the flower no matter how big it is :) It was $60 but I got it for $10.80! I'm still pretty stoked. Right now I'm rebooting myself mentally after a day of flouresent lights and crazy children who I have to be educated with for three more years. Yesterday night was pretty fun though, playing dodgeball! About 25 kids from each grade showed up and we had this huge tournament. We (Freshmen) beat the Juniors first! And then we had to take on the Seniors and we lost.... bad. My poor friend Bella, who's pretty tiny, was left all alone to defend herself from basically ALL of the seniors. It was hilarious, God knows it was. Good bonding moment... hour.... yeah hahaha :)
*I know none of this is fashion related but you know if you want fashion I wore some pretty B.A lightning bolt knee socks ;)

I'm thinking of all kinds of photos and outfits right now, I'm completley scatter brained, so if I'm rambling: give me a break.
I'm also thinking of rocking a chocolate milk mustache in the next five minutes here...
Be right back.

Yummmmmmmmmy :)
 Ah ma gawd I'm watching Cake Boss and they're making this giant cannoli and AHHHHH!
Dear me.
Okay sorry! I'm totally rambling right now I know I know I know, but I can't exactly give all my ideas out right now for the sake of your boredom. I don't know about you but I like surprises... sometimes.

Okay so I have some pictures I'm going to pit up here in a sec and uh yeah, I'm done with my rabble.


  1. 1st, I like the 1st picture ( I totally WANT that outfit)
    2nd, love the dress :)
    3rd, lightning bolt socks?

  2. Thanks :) I didn't end up wearing it though hahaha
    and yes. lightning bolt socks :D