Thursday, February 17, 2011

Study Hall: They're setting me up for procrastination.

Gooooooooooodddddd almost-after-noon!
I apologize for my lack of material these many a day seeing how I've been cut off from the outside world after 3:15 (I'm at my mom's house you see). That's soon to change though because we're getting Internet today/tomorrow! :D My life just became an infinite amount more convenient, yes yes. As of right now I'm in study hall, procrastinating Math and Science homework that would actually be easier to get out of the way now but the urge to check things like Facebook and Blogger and Polyvore is just calling to me at a greater level of creative communication.
I'm swimming in thoughts right now, scatterbrained and reaching that climatic point of must-bash-head-into-wall sort of mood. School continues to be the downfall of my time spent on things that I actually somewhat have a give-a-darn attitude towards. The list refers to the below:
(I literally JUST found the color change, text thing on here....)

1. Eating Tigger-Tail noodles with lots of Parmesan sounds really good right now
2. Paper dolls: An idea of sorts I had last night, lying in bed with my feet where my head usually is and my head where my feet usually go.

One thing you should know about me: I get most of my ideas at night lying in bed opposite of where my body should actually be. Just a heads up.

3. This cool Diversity movie idea I had (also late last night)
4. Making a red scarf
5. Sketches of a few things, similar to my Paper Dolls idea only less work and scissors.
6. Thinking about what I should take for electives next year
Okay so hold up:
So in as few words as possible I'm registering for Sophomore year on Tuesday, and I have absolutely NO idea what I'm taking for electives! I'm technically being forced to take Spanish because it counts towards college, and hopefully I'll be in Chamber Choir next year, if so, I'm taking two of the same classes that I'm taking this year. We get three electives so I have to choose photography or creative writing. Photography: I suffered through ArtI So I can take you next year. But creative writing sounds a lot more beneficial on college applications. I'm thinking creative writing because I have more, what my teachers call, "wiggle room" as a Junior. If I don't make it into Chamber, I'll be crushed and everything but then I can take both, or I'll have to take Computers... So both.
I'm so stoked they're letting sports count for P.E credits, that's less work for me! I wish they could have done that this year...
Oh yeah I think I'm doing track, on top of the play, but yeah.

Yeah so there's my latest brain scattered summary for the week. 10 minutes of study hall left before History. I hope we watch "Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee" again because that was much, MUCH better than taking notes and everything else we do. I'm so ready for the four day weekend coming up, especially now that it's been snowing like crazy since this morning (WHITE OUT). The thought of "snow day" has been whispering in and out of my mind all day. Is it hopeful for tomorrow? Sure. Will it happen? Probably not because my school lacks in intelligence when it comes to calling snow days.
And lots of other stuff....
BUT anyway I'm going to get a lot done this weekend, I can sense it.

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