Friday, February 04, 2011

This has to be the most interesting thing that's happened to this school all year BWHAHAHA!

This is completely off topic from what I usually writ eabout, but that ^^ Ladies and Gentlemen is the best senior prank I believe I've EVER seen in my entire life :D Someone decided to park a car in the middle of the hallway at school, and we all arrived this morning only to be herded into the gym to be told that:
"There is a car parked in the Hallway."
I have no idea how this was accomplished... Whoever did it took off the wheels and the liscense plates and wrote "2011" on the back winsheild which is pointing in the direction of my locker... which I am unable to get to because no one is allowed through the hallway and so we must all walk around outside...
Words cannot describe how much I think/WISH we could go home. I mean they never know, that car could be rigged or something and we could all be in serious danger but alas the school system "requires that we go to class and work around the problem."
I could be in Glenwood right now dress shopping or getting some of the sh*t I need to get done, done.
Oh and yesterday, the power went out, and the school has another policy that if the lights are out for 2 hours we all get to go home.
And of course, they come back on with
That's TWO oppurtunities of forced dismissal we've all missed out on! >.<
SIGH frustration, frusssssstration.
*The dress shoppign comment is because I'm supposed to go shopping with my two friends for the Winter Formal dance that's a week from today, but seeing how we've had two oppurtunites we keep thinking "Let's go today!"
But, again, alas at our unfortunate inability to learn....
Okay well that's that, I'm done rambling about the ingenious prank of the year.

That had to be the worst EXIT ever.

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