Monday, February 21, 2011

Spring in 27 Days :)

Okay so I've spent the past few hours looking back on my posts from October, September, yeah you get the idea, back to July, but I noticed in the October/ September ones I was practically begging for snow. Now I'm thinking dresses, tulips, and a little spring fever. It's been really warm here but it's still too cold and unpredictable for bare legs. I'm getting to that point that I have every year when it's so close to spring but I'm not authorized by my morals to whip out the flip flops.
I have photos for you all from the March VOGUE, but alas my cord to my camera is at my mom's. I also came across a curious little quote in TeenVOGUE where someone said:
"All I want this spring is a pair of wedges and a good book."
Well said whoever said that. That got me thinking about my Spring wishlist/ Must-Bring-To-Greece-List (Oh yeah, I'm going to Greece early June :D I don't know if I've told you all, but it's true!)
Anyway, two quick lists here... maybe three because I'm finding/rediscovering all kinds of music... and television shows + latest shopping grabs too.

Spring Wish List
*A Pair of Wedges
* Red Keds
*BoHo Magazine under my arm
*iPod 4
*Cloth, Gladiator, ACTUALLY HAVE HEELS not just a piece of plastic to cover the bottom of my foot, sandals.
Lots of shoes I know, but these things are helpful you know.

Greece Pack-This List
*Floppy Hat
*Cute Denim/White swimsuit I saw at Target
*Yoga "Pirate" Pants
*Beach Tote
*Endless literature with equal amount of time on the beach and that crystal clear ocean :)

Television Obsessions/Must Watch/ Movies
*That's So 70's Show (I've been watching A LOT of that lately)
*The Secret Life of the American Teenager
*30 Rock
*The Office
**Those past three things have been burning in my instant que for two weeks now unwatched.
*The Runaways
*The September Issue
*The Duchess
*The Last Song
*Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

Today's Shopping Finds
*White, stretch Converse blouse
*New Jeans!
*Beige Shorts that I am deeply in love with
*Papasan Chair with turquoise cushion :D
(Intermission at Chilli's where I had my first REAL Hamburger (like mor ethan two bites kind of thing) Yummmmmm
*Black and White sweater- $5 at Rue21

Couldn't find any red keds, and I didn't like any of the wedges. I was also on a hunt for Character shoes for West Side.

And my dad also got me some cute ankle boots from Forever21 while he was in Denver for Valentine's Day because as we all know my favorite moccasins are cracked in the bottom. This will not prevent me from wearing them though!

That's that, a very productive day. I'm hatching a quick photoshoot idea tomorrow or asking my friend if we can go to her mom's work a.k.a the Glenwood Caverns but I don't think that's going to work out sooooooo.
Okay, um, 1:59. So long!

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