Monday, February 28, 2011

March in 4 hours :D

Ahhhhh my excitement is difficult to contain!! Spring!
Wonderful, marvelous, GREEN, flowers, sweet, love-is-in-the-air, shorts are on my body SPRINGGGGG!!!!!
I look forward to breaking out the sweet little dresses and shorts, because frankly jeans and boots are starting to lack in my opinion...
It's been getting warmer and greener here by the day and simply cannot wait anymore it seems. I actually resulted to the cute new shorts I got at Target a while ago because it was so hot jumping on my trampoline today. I'm kind of getting that feeling where you feel like you might explode because of how badly you want something.
Like Greece: we are officially in double digit numbers until we have to wake up and take a flight+ a 4 hour ferry boat ride to Mykonos, Greece :D I'm so excited that I can hardly contain it, and call my friend whose coming with us or Facebook her everyday and say "___ DAYS TIL GREECE!" :)
Spring though, ahhhhhh, I frolock through a field of flowers every time...
That sounds so weird (:/
Hahaha :) I've just been in a fabulous mood. I mean I've been in a splendid mood for maybe 6 months now, but now that Spring is starting to show up that's just leading me to Spring Break and cartwheels, longer days, green grass and tullips, track, all kinds of things that don't go on in the winter time that I'm looking forward to. And that just leads up into Summer time! And Summer: 2011 is looking really good so far!
Anyway just thought I would share my thriving excitement with you all.

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