Saturday, July 16, 2011

I've been wallowing in Post-Potter Depression.

Not much details on that day... actually I take that back now that I think about it. It was a very productive day. Haley and I went to Glenwood where I got four packs of tie dye- pink, purple, yellow, and blue-, polka dot tights (what kind of word is polka? I mean where did that even come from????), purple yarn, and glow in the dark puff paint. I was going to get Keds but I was tricked into leaving...
When I got home, Haley and I ate pizza then had a rather interesting tie-dye session that did not involve gloves or anything coming out yellow. However it did involve our hands being dyed purple, lots of yelling (PASS THE BLUE! QUIT SPLASHING ME! NO I DIDN'T WANT THAT!) and spanking leggings with yellow dye that didn't even show up. That was actually a lot of fun, and the results were very nice- I'll have to post pictures soon :)
My softball game resulted to us losing to a team we usually beat, and by we I mean the team I've played with for years, I've been playing on a REC team because my high school coach says it's good practice. Which it is but it's definitely REC league...
Then the premiere.
Oh the premiere- how many melancholy feelings can you make a person experience in a single evening, in just a few hours?
It was fun before the movie started because everyone was dressed up, singing songs from A Very Potter Musical (which made my life!), and making saucy comments at dirty muggles who were there, despite the fact that they hadn't read the books, or just because their friends with. Some people's dirty little following children....
But as soon as the credits rolled, my heart sank a little bit because Harry Potter was and IS my childhood. I mean I learned how to read from Harry Potter, the movies would come out on my birthday so I probably had like 3 or 4 Harry Potter parties. I've seen every movie (except for the recent one) a million times and have read all the books at least twice.
I cried a little bit but at the end of the film, crawling into my bed, I thought about when I was five and my dad reading the first book to me every night before I eel asleep a few weeks before Kindergarten, and then reading it again in my bed fort by myself. It's like I don't have anything to look forward to anymore, like I've lost a few good friends...
I will say however I joined the few people who stood up and cheered like crazy at the Ronmione kiss.
I say no more. I'm off to eat. I'll be sure to post pictures soon.
P.S If you haven't already implied from this, I will be seeing the film again. And hopefully a third time. BECAUSE IT'S WORTH IT.

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