Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Complexity in Simplicity.

I'm in a box. A plain white box.
The walls are smooth, but cold.
I'm sitting in the middle of this giant box cross legged, staring into the wall ahead. 
My eyes narrow.
I stand.
I walk towards the wall and continue to stare.
My toes are cold now.
I hold up my hand and graze the wall lightly. 
A burst of color explodes over the wall at my finger tips.
I jump back, and color erupts from my toes too.
The universe is caving in on my box, but I smile.
I run around the box, running my hand against the side, the galaxy continues to poor in.
When I stop running, I stand in the center of the box again.
I'm surrounded now by the stars and smokes of every color.
I sit down and look around for a minute more.
Then I close my eyes.
And I wake up.

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