Wednesday, July 13, 2011


want leggings like these

I want to do my leggings like this.



Want the dress




Want the suspenders/shorts

I want to tie dye a pair of leggings like this
Want the boots.

So I made these while I was bored at home and also to give myself an idea of what clothes I want to get while I'm school shopping. Stuff like this mostly, but there are definitely items in here that I would really love to know are in my wardrobe. I'm kind of shocked what little amount of clothes I have/like. I also want to go get some new clothes as I said earlier to dress how I please and not feel like I'm down playing it because I'm scared of judgement. I mean let's face it, if you get one person's approval you're not going to get someone else's; you'll never be able to please everyone. So it's pointless fearing judgement because you'll never be able to please everyone.
There's another one of those life lessons that I came to accept this past week. 
It's also because I cleaned out my closet and I only take up 1/4 of this huge closet, most of it I can only wear in Winter. This is a dilemma in my situation.
P.S I'm not cruel to animals for wanting a pair of Uggs... or some kind of shoe that would keep my feet dry and warm this winter.

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