Monday, January 24, 2011

Detail Shots :)

The best bag ever :) It carries a bunch of stuff, it's cute and it's got Disney buttons on it!! I made this in October, I never posted pictures of it but here you are at last!!

Pins I got in Disney :) That top one is Buzz and Woody if you can't tell

Buddha button, Anchor button, Crest button (All swed on by me. Two buttons fell off I need to re-sew them) and an "Imagine" button from my little sis for my birthday :)
Badge's on today's amazing sweater from Forever21 from my spree :) It is by far the most amazing shirt in the world just because of these adorable badges here.

Gold Nail Polish. HALEY ARE YOU SEEING THIS RIGHT NOW!? It's amazing. If you ever come across gold nail polish BUY IT no matter how expensive. That up there, ladies and gents, was $7 at Target.

Ignore that horrendious zit on my lip >.<... I shouldn't have said that.

The best shoes in the world. (Minus the huge crack on the bottom of the left)

Rampage shoes from Macy's for $20. Love these too :)

BEST PUZZLE EVER! The pieces are really cool shapes (shown below). It's very Pacific North West. It reminds me of Seattle/Canada

That one piece is shaped like a seahorse (obviously.)


****Shooting star****

This wolf was my focus of determination for an hour hahaha :)

The fisherman taking on the fish...

Mickey Mouse chillen on my backpack in his wizard's robe :)

XO I'll write an update post in a sec.
I just wanted this for Polyvore :) Telephone booth in the U.K in Epcot.

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