Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Cute Picture on a tee shirt

Got this a while ago when I went to Glenwood (the blue sweater). Nylon cotton that feels quite lovely on one's skin :) and on sale too! The wallet and nail polish I got on Sunday when I went with Haley thrifting. I also got a brown sweater, two wallets (one of which is the one in the picture), a new math notebook... which I realized today is just graph paper :/, a folder with that snazzy blue vespa on it. Also, that lovely bottle of nail polish you see there that I just so happen to be wearing.
I found my favorite necklace, hiding in a box. Amazing what you'll find when one cleans her room!
So speaking of thrifting... dear lord that's a horrid transition, but anyway, Haley and I managed some amazing fines and quite the amount of laughs :) I've never had such an interesting bus ride.

Haley: These be my bags and no one gets between me and my bags!
Haley's Denim Bag that I am in love with and want something like this very very much.

Katie: What, what is that... that splotch over there???

Matches ma sweater :)

Soo that's all for now. I have plenty more photo's and words and la la la. Before I go:  FQNER-2D3EF-7ZYBC
Figment.com, enter the code, and wa-la! My so called novel with four chapters!! So far!! :D Check it out, I suppose. Or don't, I don't care. Choir Concert tonight, going to sing some Baptist-like songs singing with soul and clapping. Good stuff :)
2.5 days until Florida biotches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D So effing excited that it's unrealistic and unbearable.

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