Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I mean this from the bored bottom of my heart.

Well readers, as you can tell from the above sentiments with which I bound to pay (spin on a Pride and Prejudice line :)... Haley: I know what you're thinking. Stop it.)
That was super, I just got smacked upside the head with a poster, and my computer also paid a similar price. So many inconsiderate people -_-
I'm in school. Study Hall to be exact. Of course I'm not really studying because I don't have any homework or test coming up. I'm just sitting here at my lonely table typing to you all about my absolute intolerance of doing nothing that needs to be done and being forced to sit here for another half an hour...
I would like to watch a movie. Or crochet the baby blankey I'm working on for my Choir teacher. Or work on my audition son (WHICH I HAVE TO SING TODAY).
But no.
I'm stuck in the "silence" of piercing rabble and ailenation because friends are not known in this classroom today. One friend is sick and the other is at another study hall for work... course he never talks anyway...
Taking my frustration out of simple text is really unhelpful but I like sharing my current sentiments for no particular reason over writing.
...I'll jut go on Polyvore.
If you read this: Thank you for taking your time to read my heated-almost-rant :) you are a rather sympathetic person I do believe!!

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