Tuesday, May 03, 2011

10 Things I Hate About You: Kat Stradford.

Okay so I used to watch this show the summer before 7th grade and then I guess I just sort of dropped it (by the way I'm referring to the 2009 series, not the movie... which is on my most see list) but anyway: I refound the only two seasons of the show on my Netflix Instant que, and I've been watching it since maybe 6 pm. It's much better than I remembered! Especially in the case(s) of:
*Patrick Verona is now up there on my hottie list, along with Darren Criss, Rupert Grint, and that cute guy who plays Todd in Easy A :) How is it that a man can play such a bad-boy/sweet, romantic boyfriend so smexily? <-- is that a word, no, but it works for this occasion.
*Bianca: stupid bitch who's wayyyyyyyy too conceded.
*Chasity: Even bigger stupid bitch who would be slapped up the head if she lived in my world.
*Walter, who is much more over protective than I remember. I feel sorry for those Stratford girls, if my dad was like that, all hell would break loose: I'm sure of it.
*And NOW we come to the marvelous case of the oh-so sassy, marvelous, pretty much an inspiration: Kat Stratford (golf claps: pitter patter pitter)

How do I even begin to describe Kat Stratford? (No not Regina George: if that's what your mind jumped to then lay off the Mean Girls for a while.)
First of all: her attitude. Pardon the somewhat inappropiate, Easy A refrence but, damn- does that girl have lady balls. I mean she's so set on her beliefs to help the world and beat the crap out of anyone willing to get in her way. And also- she just doesn't give a shit about any judgements people have about her. I'm kind of inlove with the moment when she stares down Patrick Verona (a.k.a the equally sexy Ethan Peak) and how he just takes off. AH. I wish I could do that, but sadly, I would probably crack a smile and start laughing.
Secondly, jumping back to Patrick Verona- they're relationship is just so darn cute, may I gush about this for a mere moment please? I honestly wish something like that would happen to me, not gonna lie, cuz you know it's pretty romantic... apart from the one episode where it starts off that she's singing in her bedroom and she turns around and he's just THERE. I kind of screamed... yeah I know, shut up. But if that happened to me, I'd probably drop dead on the spot due to a heart attack.
And nooooooowwwww I come to my favorite part of the subject: her hair. Yeah this is basically the core to my envy for her. Can my hair please just grow out into those perfect wavy/curly locks of hers? Because that would be super. I also like her punk-ish wardrobe but I'm more of a "vibrant colors" person...
Anyways, that's my quick lil' spiel on how Kat Stratford is slowly turning into my new role model for personal beliefs and shwoing no weakness, etc. etc.
I leave you now to bask in her marvelous hair and quirky smile.

fml. why is her hair so wavy. why isn't my hair like that. why is she so amazing. ugh.

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