Tuesday, May 31, 2011

summer....Summer....Summer... SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!! (what the hell I just started to wonder if that's actually how you spell summer, but it is???)

Okay well I have nothing better to do, and don't have any new pics that I can share at this exact moment (oh no believe me I have pictures but they are on my laptop, which is not here right now, I'm just using my dad's girlfriends and so yeah let me back all this up....)
Okay- Hi, Hello, Shalom... yeah. So: I am home from my family reunion/ not so shopping trip and am all moved into my Dad's new house!
I'm home right now because guess what- I'm done with math and Spanish for the rest of the year!! YAY!
And by the rest of the year I mean the classes I'm not at right now and the two tomorrow that make up the last half day of school which I am also not going to because why the hell should I wake up at seven just to go to school until noon and do nothing?
I really don't get why schools have that half day equals the last day. I mean seriously, end it with a full day and call it good. Okay I'm going of an a rant/tirade/ramble-whatever.
So yeah- going to school at a half day today because I have a frickin history final 3rd hour. But then at 3:30 I'm going to my first softball game- Woo!
So excited :D
So Shopping/Moving.
The family reunion was fun, but the shopping aspect that I was excited for three months for was a downer. I was relying on most of my new wardrobe to come from this trip and uh, guess what?

Go to favorite store ------> Find all this amazing stuff that I've been looking for for like a year and a half.--------> *person* yelling at me because I'm slowing everyone down (WHICH I WASN'T, everyone else was taking up just as much time and we all left at the same time or at least within five minutes of each other-----> end up having to put a bunch of stuff back because my sister and I together went over a hundred dollars (and by the way- when we went there in December we went over $500 together and *person did not care.)----> Go to some poorly lit fluorescent store that had some cute stuff but mostly looked like tramp clothes and "punk" items pre-pubescent girls like------> All in all get three shirts, a romper, a bracelt and a dress that had to be returned because I couldn't breath (exchanged.)

Next day: Spend an hour waiting in line to eat in this egg place for breakfast, while getting made fun of by *said person* and getting more pissed-----> stay at the gross egg place for like two hours-----> return my dress, and don't even get to go shopping in this HUGE Forever21 that I saw so many things in, and did not get my shorts that I put on hold DX-----> Got yelled at again because I took five minutes in the damn store trying to return the dress-------> Go get luggage for Greece, don't get anything there either----> Eat a goddamn McDonalds where I might as well eat raw fat-----> drive home.
No amazing neww wardrobe.

Next day: Move.
The house is really nice, I just wish we were unpacked already.

As soon as summer gets here, I'm taking a little pre-vacation from my family before I'm forced to be with them for 10 days, some of it on a plane for 9+ hours.
Let's just say- this summer better be fantastic...
I'll have pictures up later- laptop is at mom's and photos on camera here. See the dilemma??
Lots of good/cool/amazing/ whatever you want to call them pictures coming up :)

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