Wednesday, May 18, 2011

This song feels like a haven. Summer. And MARVELOUS.

Hello regular Haunts and not-so haunts.
Well for starters I'd just like to say I got over the embarrassment of my sunburn and decided to wear my new (possible favorite) tank top- the one I told you all about?? I'll be sure to take a picture or two later because, well, you haven't seen it.
I'm in a particularly good mood right now, unlike yesterday where throwing a softball as hard as I could through anything was an option. It's a long story. But I think my good mood mostly relays back to the new painting I started in Art, softball tonight, and oh yeah, I'm listening to Darren Criss's angelic voice sing Somewhere Only We Know from Glee.
By the way fellows, I know there have been a few posts where I've stated "I am not a Gleek."
But I'm pretty excited to say that that statement is FALSE now. Yes I just finished the first season yesterday, and it resulted in over joyful, one tear down the cheek.
Now granted I've never seen the episode where Blaine sings to Kurt, but Tumblr and gossip pass that sh*t along hahaha :) I love this song though. It's just... butterflies, or sun, I don't know. But it makes me happy, and that's always marvelous right? However, I cannot find the second season. Anywhere. For free. And it's like:

so that's that on the Glee side of this post.
Anyway: moving in a week and a half. AHHHHH! So excited!! :D My room is going to be marvelous. I can feel it like "butterflies in my tummy." (Draco Malfoy, AVPM) And then there's shopping. But let's not go there, I might slam my head against a wal, dying to be shopping right now. I cannot wait, because I don't know if I've told you all, but I'm trying to update my wardrobe to suit my boho mindset/ school/ town scene. Summer's coming so I can dress however the hell I want without being judged. I mean I could do that now, but I guess I 'll just start next year, fresh start and all as a sophomore.
So excited for summer. I mean it's like that fingertip feeling you get when something is close. I'm hardly even motivated to go to school and do anything now. I just want to run outside and take pictures, and go insane with the Internet like there's no tomorrow. School is cutting into my personal agenda -.-
So that's it: I was bored in study hall and thought I would share that marvelous piece of information.
Keep Calm, It's going to be totally awesome (another AVPM quote- get updated kids.)

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