Sunday, May 01, 2011

A Montage of Whimsical Sorts

Latest item to add to my list of "most treasure things"

Love these :)


Ahhhhhhhhh why is this so wonderful?

Awesome. Photos uploaded. Camera's charged. Webcam's working. History paper is done. Summer in 22.5 Days. Moving on the 30th. Found the cutest bedspread :). Greece in a month and 7 days. Yeah: life's pretty rockin'.
Oh and this is completley irrelevent to the usual for here, but I don't know if you've heard (and if you haven't, sweet I told you some good news!... Well I take it as good news anyway, I don't exactly know everyone elses take but anywayyyyyyyyssssss) Osama Bin Laden is dead; I first heard about this on Facebook and you kind of get this reaction like:
Woah... for realzzzzzz???????
But yeah you know, now it's chill. Hopefully the war'll end cause that has been dragging on for wayyyyyy too long.
Anyway: pretty solid day. So happy it's finally May. Maybe this bipolar weather will finally figure out it's Spring 'cause I'm so sick of snow that I'm considering another vacation to Florida for a solid three weeks. But unfortuanatley (putting both a downer to my day and my beach plans)
  • Finals in... 3 weeks? I don't know, say what you will, but yeah. It sucks. I hope you go to a school or some place that doesn't have them. Cuz guess what. They suck. I mean seriously: why can't you just look at my other tests and figure out I actually learnt something  this year. And if I haven't done so hot on those, then maybe give me that final. But guess what people: I'm a pretty solid student and don't need that kind of service. But does the school know that? Guess not. Waitta be High School, you officially go down on my list for the billionth and one time this year -.-
  • English story isn't done either- that would probably be a good thing to get going on, seeing how the draft is due tomorrow...
  • My History Teacher assigned the most intolerable, open ended question for an essay. It's a miracle I even finished. I don't mean to sound sort of snotty, MUST GET A'S, but seriously- if I don't get an A, crap the size of an elephant's might hit that fan.
  • I actually have to pack my room, and paint over my pretty hand prints that decorate my wall :( How sad. I can't wait to move though.
  • Summer is being as slow as snail poop.
  • So is my summer shopping that is due to take place on the 28th. Although personally, I don't know if I'll be needing shorts and sundresses if the weather continues to keep this shit up, pardon my language.
But yeah- enough with the pessimistic aspects of these final weeks of school- "just focus on the positive" as my mother keeps saying.
Course she hasn't been in school for 30+ years...

Well I'm just going to go work on that story I mentioned before. Don't want my English teacher to get mad at me- because that's never pleasent.

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