Monday, October 04, 2010

A Fit of Exploding Brains- Tray EW

Nothing. Is. Happening.

My mind feels like it's going to blow up any second of how massively crowded my brain feels from all of the ideas floating in and out of my mind yet at the same time I am trapped in this hopeless little state of mind, not choice but to hide and relearn the basic of things that I have come to know in my life.
This is completely antagonizing, I won't have it. When will life finally decide to treat me kindly, huh?
I digress.
My heart has shattered, from undeniable pain and loss of nothing related to your average teenage girl sadness, and as I mentioned, my brain is on the brink of exploding and spraying several bystanders in the process (ummm... Ew).
This whole post-homecoming feeling with nothing to look forward to (that I know of) and trapped to do pointless work that will not benefit me in the future for eight hours is making me want to pull my hair out.
Can anyone say "help?"
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