Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Perks

Blueberry muffin, NYLON, and the Karate Kid. These are my Sunday perks :)
Thank you Jesus for this lovely muffin... dear me, I look awful and the glint off my glasses is so bothersome.

Woke up this morning feeling like I've finally slept after a month of insomnia... (well what do you know it was only a week.) Took a hot shower, ate a muffin and am watching this odd comedic war movie because Dad won't change the channel. It's odd though; the Navy has a pink submarine, sunk a truck, and keeps getting scowled by the Army. Yet it's weird cuz my dad was a Marine.... It's rather odd how these things work. It's also weird how I connect these things.
Well today looks like a scrambeld mess I can't figure out. I have multiple scenarios. I realize now that I haven't really written all week. Not to worry; wait for Thursday, we have the day off and I don't have anything happening really until 3:30 that day :)
So Today:
*drive for a while
*hang out with Haley
*do home work

What I want to do:
Hang out with Haley and then write, draw, and read before I head off to my mom's
What I should be doing:
All this damn homework my teacher's have assigned on the weekend. Do these people have no shame??
Well... we'll just see how that goes then. Ta-ta for now.

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