Sunday, October 17, 2010

Accessory Shoot ANNNNDDDDD 200 posts 2,000 VIEWS!!! Oh my goodness gracious! :D

That last one is so funny, especially with Umbridge's face lol. Sooooo AT LAST Haley and I have pondered up the time to finally do a fraction of our Accessory Shoot! I only have a few of the pictures because I am still lacking a camera and Haley has that sort of resource soooo yes; shall I go in order?
Photographer: Haley.... Haley.... Me.... Me.... okay basically all the rest are me. But as soon as Haley puts the other's up, I will also and then we shall explore the wonderment of fall accessories :)
Also today: I made my own denim over the shoulder bag with a button! (and lots of help from mom) and I'm so excited to post pics of the final product because I still have to sew on the buttons :)
Also: 200 posts and 2,000 Views!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOT WOOT!!
okay well that's it, I'm here this week but I'm busy busy busy until softball ends on Saturday :( but then I have the fall play sooooo yeah.

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