Monday, October 18, 2010

Giddy... does that supply as a word??

I am in a exceptionally wonderful mood tonight :) I managed to make a bag made of left over jeans and sew on a button. We kicked out part of an amazing idea turned into a reality [photo shoot I've been gushing about for God knows how long]. Home work's done, along with the watching of Hitch (Boys: this is a must see. Take notes, might do you some good) and I filled up on a three scoops of ice cream and a molten chocolate lava cake. Call me a fatty if you want but I'm a growing, softball playing, skinny girl; fatty is not in my job description :P
Also it might be because the colors are lovely, the temperature is hanging in there, giving the valley a nice chill but not to the point where I need to break out my Peacoat, and maybe because my birthday is in a month....
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D 15!!!!!!!!!!! I. Am. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shall I create the little lists that have been floating throughout my mind lately???

Birthday Wishes
*Black Doc Marten's
*Camera (that's all mine!)
*Runaway Movie Soundtrack and Paramore's Brand New Eyes

In that order of importance/ need.

Music- Four Day Break of Sitting At My Mom's Reading To Kill A Mockingbird for English in the sun on the floor eating smoothie pops hoping for love and my cat (yeah that's a nice play list name)
*Secrets- OneRepublic
*Only Girl- Rhianna
*Pump It- Black Eyed Peas
*All I Wanted- Paramore
*She's Got Her Ticket- Tracy Chapman
*Dumb Love- Sean Kingston
*Teenage Dream- Katy Perry
*Clumsy- Fergie
*Harry Potter themes and such

*ALL of the Harry Potter movies times like 3
*Breakfast Club
*Nick and Norah's Infinite Play list

*Denver Shopping Spree
*Writing Ideas
*Lace Dresses
*Saddle Shoes/ Poodle skirts/ Greased back hair, you get the idea
*Jane Austen days
*ivory tea sets with pink roses, sipping tea under a golden tree wearing floor length baby-colored petticoats, holding thin umbrellas and gossiping (very Jane Austen)
*skiing/ mittens
*My poor Kitty :(
*chocolate chip cookies
*Doc Marten's
*roller coasters
*tattoos- whimsical ones, not drunken acts or your first love's name.

And then there's things like Halloween and my birthday and Thanksgiving and Winter and day to day thoughts but alas it is 12:15, tomorrow's Monday and I have lacked to brush my teeth!!
Night everyone!!

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