Saturday, October 09, 2010

Thoughts... On Hold...

The cat's gone, my camera is broken and all I'm left with is school work and partaking in things that will only benefit me with something to do during high school.
When is this amazing life everyone keeps talking about going to show up?
I'm bored.... I've said this to people before, "Yes I like it much better than middle school but I'm afraid I find it absolutely dull."
They don't understand according to their facial expressions.
I am alone. Inspiration is on hold. And yet I still manage to find happiness in little things such as ideas that I can find, or an event of dresses and dancing that won't partake for another month. There's just something reassuring about having things to look forward to...
I leave you now.
Good luck with your own lives, hopefully it's eventful.

Life of a Bohemian High Schooler


  1. How did your camera get broken?

  2. my mom went to a wedding and at first it wouldnt retract and now it just want turn on >.<