Friday, October 15, 2010

Lazy Autumn Days that you all have been missing out on AND 10:10 on 10/10/10 :D

Pretty in Pink for October I take it

I was excited to witness this moment :) 10:10 on 10/10/10
cue Angels singing pretty please. Brownies+Milk= LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!


This is the view from my porch. You're jealous.

Making pizza in the kitchen with Mama :) wearing my BA Softball Sweatshirt (IT'S SO SOFT!!)

I had just caught it, and Sammy missed it. Waita go Sis.


After! Sorry I was hungry so I ate two.
So no school today or yesterday which is absolutely LOVELY! I've been off doing school and playing softball, you know, the usual, BUT: GUESS WHAT?!
You're guessing.
Begging me to tell you.
You're getting closer.... JK you're not.
Should I tell you?
Okay I will, stop begging!
I know it's exciting and if you don't think so...
Party Pooper *COUGHYOU*
I am SOOO excited!! because if we won State, I would probably go crazy with excitement.
Sooooo without further ado: my break.
Yesterday I hung out with Rachel and Haley at Rachel's, watching movies (The Breakfast Club, Juno, and two episodes of The Office) *The Breakfast Club was an amazingly good movie. Yesterday was the first time I had ever seen it :)
Then softball practice then team dinner at our pitcher's house. It was delicious and full of laughter; and curious wonderment because our right fielder showed us this freaky cool levitation thing she learned in Costa Rica. (IT WAS SO FREAKY!!!!!! I would show you, but I lack a web cam and 4 people who I need to help me. But any way...
And today... so far... Nothing.
my outfit though is simply this:
It's a little dark so you can't see my shoes but: rue21 brown scrunch boots. Although I must say that I think black Doc Marten's would be suitable here.
*which I just might be getting for my birthday*
And that's that. I've caught you up and now we see how the weeks of Autumn continue.
So long!

P.S On the same night we made pizza, my mom made Sliders (mini Hamburgers) and I tried my first hamburger ever with home made dough. And it was delicious. I just wanted to share this life changing moment with you.

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