Sunday, October 03, 2010

Calligraphy/ Chi is in the Universe, and within us :)

Kay so on Friday everyone at school got assigned to these classes that we picked before hand and so we got to go do that. My class was calligraphy :) At first I was like "Oh goodie I get to go write all fancy like all day, whoopee" but I stand corrected; it was SO COOL! We were learning how to write three characters... well okay two and those two made up another sign but whatever, and we got to grind ink, listen to ancient Chinese music and had tea that sprouted into flowers! Also I discovered my inner chi (qui).
It's blue; trust me. I know. But we did these energizing movements that reminded me of Avatar The Last Airbender :) I wasn't the only one who thought that and I was so stoked to realize I wasn't the only one :D It was... just so unique!!!!!!! I've been doing my energizing movements to help center my balance lately :) Also because I feel like a total B.A when I feel like I'm harnessing the energy of the world, like an Avatar.
Yes I am SUCH a nerd! It's a little embarrassing at times but lately I've been embracing it. So thumbs up to that.
Now of course I have pictures so: I shall begin.
Just for the record there's like so much I have to say but I can't say it cuz it was just so empowering that it takes the words out of your mouth. I can't explain it, but just take my word for it I suppose!

My practice sheet!

Tea flowers!

My final piece!

My tea cup and Cutie Flower

I got bored with doing Happy dots, and I was sad... :(

Lovely set up!

I want this tea pot

So there you have it. I can't even begin to describe what it was like to hear and experience all of these amazing things about the traditional Chinese culture. 
Not saying this is definite but I would SO become a Buddhist after this! Except I would keep my hair... and wear pants, not a robe, cuz you know, pants are nice. :)

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