Sunday, October 17, 2010

a few more Accessory Shoot photos- ALL TAKEN BY HALEY!!

This be my eye :) I never knew how green it was!!... it looks like a little firework...

Moi with no glasses... gosh it was blurry, I think I'm slowly going blind >.<
Contacts are sounding better by the day...!!!!

Haley's amazingly lovely clutches that I am dying to have... GAHHH I want one :( Thrifting anyone??

Hands Off. I'm loaded with a water gun... an empty water gun...
Top: Forever21 from Seattle Trip that I got for $7, a lovely selection if I do say so myself.
Pants: Rue21 (what's up with 21 at the end of everything???) size 0 skinny jeans I have worn out to faded knees and drawn my personal sign on time and time again on. My friends say that I should get my DREAMER sign tattooed on my ankle. This I am sketchy about (Mom please don't go ballistic, not making any final decisions!)
Shoes: Target flip flops I have worn down over the summer. I've had them since seventh grade, wearing them for Easter cause they matched my dress but sad to say it was snowy and rainy that entire holiday of chocolate eggs :[

Hair flip!

Hipster Triangle, even though I'm Bohemian :) we had a few great ones like this today that I am SO excited to see!!

thank you :)
P.S visit, or I shall be disappointed with all of you. thank you.

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