Saturday, December 04, 2010

1:08, someone's going to be tired tomorrow...

Okay well I meant to do a 2 minute thinking session at 12:58 but it's now 1 so that kind of defeats the purpose but oh well!
*Photoshoot Ideas (Don't copy please! This is really only for Haley's eyes!!)
a. Heartbroken princess
b. hand messages.
c. Tea Parties

*Writing ideas
*My apartment when I'm older
*Lace Dresses
*Knitted Sweaters
*New Shoes
*Sweet Dreams
*Bree :( I miss her so much (she's one of my bestest friends)
*Christmas soon!
*Finals >.<
*Peter Pan/ Tinker Bell's Fairy World
* Sleep
*rocking horse

1:03 STOP!!

Oh yeah so today... well yesterday, was Friday. Luckily it went by quickly. I went driving at night for the first time after we dropped my friend Naomi off at her house (Her and my friend Lucy came over, we got Chinese and then watched Vampires Suck :D) It was scary though! There was ice, and animals, even though we didn't see any, and I kept seeing all these cops and I was freaking out. Oh and 1. There's this one house that has A LOT of Christmas lights and it was burning the crap out of my peripheals, I can't believe I managed to stay on the road. 2. While we driving to drop Naomi off (I wasn't driving, but I was in the passenger) this little girl and her mom were out walking and the girl shines her flash light RIGHT in me and my dad's eyes. He didnn't seem to notice it much, but it really bothered me. I mean seriously that's like saying "Hey look! I'm going to blind you and you can come hit me!!" Honestly, people these days.
Okay it is 1:08 I'm barely awake. Time to go!

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