Monday, December 13, 2010

Pip Pip Da Doodly Doo!!


Lovely morning today, minus the fact of school and not having anything to wear :P I'm wearing my awesome softball shirt that I got from states (it has all of our names on the back in a form of a softball :D)
...that smiley face up there looks like it's so happy that it has a double chin hahaha.
So this morning I'm off to school to learn some stuff and relearn some more stuff because Finals are this week DX I have three on Thursday and I think two on either Wednesday or Friday. I'm begging for Friday just so I can have more time to study.
You may be wondering as to why I am still here (at my house, writing to you all) this early on a Monday, but that it's late start Monday, and I was attempting to work on my Science homework but I don't have the Chemistry book with me :/ So I've decided to take a little time to fill you all in.
I've been working on a lot of things lately, and getting ready for tests and Christmas... which reminds me:
12 Days Until Christmas!! :D
"On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, a partridge in a pear tree." (Let's picture that in key with green velvet robes in on, those giant furry things you put your hands into, and a little bonnet wrapped around my head... like a Dicken's Caroler!)
Any way, I've been awfully busy and disconnected thus I have been planning and thinking and schemeing, oh my!
Has anyone else noticed that I'm in a really good mood? For a 15 year old? On a Monday? I just realized how unnaturally peppy I am...
But here's what is to come, is what I'm getting at!:
*New Novel :D
It's titled Bohemia: The Beginning of the Bird
QUITE proud with that title. NO STEALING IF YOU DON'T MIND! I've been writing it on Once I write more of it, I'll put up the access code so that you all may read it. On there I'm half way through chapter two but on my computer I have up until chapter four written out.
This one is really more of a note to Haley:
Let's try to make it as professional as we possibly can, and be REALLY elaborate on the detail of clothing. We can do it during break, but I'm waiting to see if I get the camera fixed or just get a new one so maybe we could wait until after Christmas. And have I mesaged you on Facebook about the ideas?? I remember two of them, but I had three, I will consult my little Girl's to Women book later...

And as of right now because I have nothing better to do and enjoy writing rather random facts and such,
allw me to present you with my Christmas List for 2010 :)

*Doc Marten's because both pairs of shoes I have are depressing and falling apart
*Get the camera fixed, or get a new one.
*Harry Potter 7 Wii Game :D :D :D
*Gift Cards. Oh the lovely giftcards
*Clothes haha

...That's all really.
I'm off to eat a toaster strudel. (HAHAHA to Haley if she's reading that.)

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