Sunday, December 12, 2010

It's Beginning to look a lot like Christmas

First of all some of you may have noticed in the Blog Views box down yonder
--->that way you'll see it, but it has the numbers 3,083 in it and so I just want to thank all you watching for taking your time to read my blog :) Secondly, this is really more of an update post because I haven't been able to write anything extravagant if you will in about a month because I've been at my mom's buuuuuttttt
*I'm sick :P as of now which sucks because
*Finals Week starts as of tomorrow D:
*this isn't going to matter to you all as much but recently I had a HUGE History essay AND a To Kill a Mockingbird essay in English, both of which are large contributors to my semester grades and on the history one I got an A- and on my TKM one I got an A+ :D Things are looking good for report cards!
*Christmas in 13 days! Pretty Excited!
*Might go to Denver soon with Haley, getting there by train which is always an adventure :) I'm not sure if that's for sure but if so, sounds amazing!
*Haley and I are slowly coming up with the details for the few photo shoot ideas I had. I'm excited for that to happen
*Thrifing possibilities next weekend :D
*I'm eating fudge. That's always awesome
*My sis and dad just got back from their Christmas shopping in Denver and got me two shirts from American Eagle :)
*My Vogue literally JUST showed up
*I watched Twilight with Spanish subtitles on earlier and understood some of it. I'm rather proud.

All of that ^ may not matter to you but to me its kind of significant.
That's all really.

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