Tuesday, December 28, 2010

An Epiphany of Sorts

"Human is beautiful; perfect is boring."

Mistakes are so human that it's hard to think people judge us without realizing they've made choices they regret too.
Love hurts. To look beyond the clouds and into the sun takes a great deal of strength.
We all have a story. Judging people before seeing beyond the likes of skin and mind is a horrid mistake we make as humans. Again though, this leads to the set of beauty and mind.
"Listen and hear me"- Maria West Side Story. Something to learn from and a passage to understanding the way of people.
Choice is a key to the future we take for granted.
Speaking out to the people you love is something we are unable to do for years and years. It takes courage to speak not only your word to others, but your word against your friends is the only heard when you find your own voice.
Being yourself is something difficult to realize and attempt each day. It takes great courage and understanding of the people around you to realize this is who you are.
I've learned this much, yet the courage to do so feels so impossible.
2011... I'm ready to be myself :)


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