Friday, December 24, 2010

The Christmas Eve Santa Got Me a Fuggie!!

So I went to my mom's for dinner tonight. And I started my Christmas off with a Cozee, a.k.a a fake Snuggie. A.K.A something I would like to call a Fuggie. Say it out loud, helps to understand why my mom was laughing for like 20 minutes hahahaha :) Also got "The Boorow" Harry Potter Legos which was completed in an hour and is sitting on my dinging room table, along with
*Harry Potter 7 Wii Game (CAN'T WAIT TO PLAY THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!)
*Dream Girls/ Ferris Bueller movies
*pens and journal
*and movie tickets and a bus pass. There's more little things but I'm blanking out.
Pretty excited for tomorrow even though our Christmas tree is, well... I'll post a pic tomorrow and you'll understand. and there's about 7 gifts under the tree. Yeah it's pretty exciting :P Still really excited though!!
Xo and Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!!!!

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