Friday, December 03, 2010

Delaney Quiz!


1st Grade Teachers Name: Mrs. McDonald
Last Word You said: Either God or Up, as in Oh my God/ Shut up. Something with an irritable tone to it
Last Song you Sang: Silent Night in German :D


Whats in your cd player: ...who owns those these days?
What color socks are you wearing: Black with purple stripes
Whats under your bed: slippers, bin with clothes... yeah
What time did you wake up today: 6:55


Where do you want to go: Paris
What is your career going to be: Novelist
Where are you going to live: Where I live now, or maybe New York, but East Hamptons, idk bout the city. However the Hamptons aren't very Bohemian according to Manifesto but I just might be Bohemian towards Bohemians and live there anyway.
How many kids do you want: 1 or 2

What kind of car will you have: I would adore a purple Audi :)
-At the Moment- (Isn't that still the present?)

Current Mood: Sarcastic, Irritable, annoyed that my good mood is absent.

Current Music: Taylor Swift
Current Hair: Braids or buns with my bangs twisted and back in a clip
Current Taste: Purple Gatorade

Current Clothes: Jeans, brown cami, Miley Cyrus Floral Button Down :P
Current Annoyance: Annoying people!
Current Smell: My friend's shampoo
Current Longing: Camera. Docs. Vintage Clutch. Candles. This school day to be over.
Current Desktop Picture: My hands in a hipster triangle in the snow
Current Favorite Artist: Paramore, Tay Swift, Queen
Current Book: Bohemian Manifesto by Laren Stover
Current Toenail Polish: None.
Current Crush: No Say!!
Current Time Wasting Wish: Blogging, Writing, Photoshoot
Current Hate: Stupid People. Science. Mean People. Not being invited to things by friends who I hope are my friends. Not having everything I would like to have in order to maintain creativity throughout my general life. The usual...

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