Friday, December 17, 2010

Halelujiah... I know I didn't spell that right.

Awesome. I'm up at midnight and a half, listening to Steve Miller's True Fine Love right before I go to bed, then get to wake up in 7.5 hours for my last day of school before winter break! :D I'm going on a Hut Trip Saturday/Sunday then off to Denver Monday with Haley!!!!! :D :D :D SOOO EXCITED!
I finished finals... well okay I have a page left on my math final but other than that, WOOT! Darn that History final though should have studied my amendements >.< I passed though, thank goodness!
Shucks, my song is done (shucks, ahahahahahaha).
Off to bed, sorry if this wasn't what you were expecting but I just thought I would let you all know that I want be posting much... I haven't been posting much lately anyway but these next two weeks are sure to be beneficial :)

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