Saturday, December 04, 2010

Oh the weather outside has Christmas written all over it

Well today my family is getting into the Holiday Cheer. We started off going to Yule Fest, which is a holiday bazaar that takes place up at the high school every year. It was okay but everything was over priced so we went to the market to buy supplies for fudge!! :D It turned out delicious, and while we were at the market I picked up a little movie called Eclipse. I don't know if you've heard of it but although I am not as big of a Twilight fan as I used to be, I do enjoy that movie :)
Anyway I watched that for an hour and eight minutes until I drove down to the Tree Lighting to sing with Choir. It went okay I guess; we were standing in the cold wearing polyester Santa hats that were two big for my head. When all was sang and done, my friends and I left for my neighbors house. We just talked really and then went to Naomi's to watch Eclipse.
Tomorrow I get to go skiing :D That's always fun!
Other than that though, nothing special. Just thought I would fill you all in.
Happy Almost-Christmas!

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